SINISTER Director Scott Derrickson in the Running to Direct DOCTOR STRANGE; Jonathan Levine and Mark Andrews Still in the Mix

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A few weeks ago, we reported that Mark Andrews (Pixar’s Brave), Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies), Nikolaj Arcel (A Royal Affair), and newcomer Dean Israelite (Welcome to Yesterday) were all in the mix to direct Marvel’s Doctor Strange.  It’s a diverse bunch of directors, and now one more name is joining their ranks: Scott Derrickson.  Derrickson mostly has a horror background.  His previous credits include Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Hellraiser: Infernoand he recently directed the supernatural thriller Deliver Us from Evil. However, he does have a big-budget feature to his name having directed the 2008 remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still.

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First Trailer for Supernatural Thriller DELIVER US FROM EVIL Starring Eric Bana, Edgar Ramirez, and Olivia Munn [Updated with International Trailer]

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Screen Gems has released the first trailer for director Scott Derrickson’s (Sinister) supernatural thriller Deliver Us from Evil.  The film stars Eric Bana as a New York police officer who teams up with an unconventional priest (Edgar Ramirez) to investigate a series of disturbing and inexplicable crimes.  It’s tough to make a genuinely scary horror film, but Derrickson very much succeeded with last year’s Sinister and this trailer shows the director’s penchant for building tension.  Though the trailer is pretty light on plot, it does a nice job of conveying the mood and tone of the pic, and I’m hoping the full feature offers a solid story hook.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  The film also stars Olivia Munn, Joel McHale, and Sean HarrisDeliver Us from Evil opens July 2nd.

Edgar Ramirez and Olivia Munn Join Eric Bana in Horror Thriller BEWARE THE NIGHT

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Edgar Ramirez (Zero Dark Thirty), and Olivia Munn (Magic Mike) have signed on to join Eric Bana in Screen Gems’ upcoming horror-thriller Beware The Night.  The film, being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, centers around a police officer working on a case that deals with demonic possession and other paranormal occurrences.  Sinister and The Exorcism of Emily Rose helmer Scott Derrickson signed on to direct last fall, and he will be using a script he co-wrote alongside with Emily Rose partner Paul Boardman.  If well-received, the studio is said to be aiming for a franchise.  Hit the jump for more details.

SINISTER Blu-ray Review

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Here’s the thing about Sinister: it knows that we’re onto it.  A lot of horror movies evince a certain self-awareness, but Sinister doesn’t use it to nudge us in the ribs. It uses it to scare the holy crap out of us. The big reveal (which I daren’t mention here) involves one of the oldest clichés in the genre: the kind that makes audience members say “why don’t they just…?” and destroy the whole movie in the process. Sinister has our number, and is more than happy to punch it up as often as it can. Hit the jump for my full review.

SINISTER Sequel Moving Forward

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Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions is following the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” school of thought when it comes to micro-budget horror franchises.  Having seen great success with the Paranormal Activity series and with the second installment of Insidious due out later this summer, a sequel to last fall’s Sinister is now in the works.  Reportedly made for $3 million and bringing in around $80 million worldwide, the money is clearly behind forging ahead with establishing a third franchise.  Fans of the original will be happy to hear that the creative talent behind the camera will reunite for the sequel.  Hit the jump for more.

Scott Derrickson to Write and Direct DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION Adaptation

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Recent video game news has seen adaptations of Assassin’s Creed and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell land leading men, but a new project sees Deus Ex: Human Revolution progressing with writer/director Scott Derrickson (The Exorcism of Emily Rose) attached to helm. Derrickson will co-write the treatment along with his Sinister co-writer, C. Robert Cargill. Though the Deus Ex video game franchise started in 2000, the feature will use 2011′s Deux Ex: Human Revolution as a template. The story follows special operative Adam Jensen, who is technologically augmented into a super soldier in order to unravel a global conspiracy. Hit the jump for the video game trailer and the full press release. 

SINISTER Team of Director Scott Derrickson and Blumhouse Pictures to Adapt Stephen King’s THE BREATHING METHOD

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Director/co-writer Scott Derrickson’s horror film Sinister scored big at the box office this past weekend, and now he’s teaming back up with Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Pictures (the studio behind the Paranormal Activity films) to tackle a Stephen King adaptation.  Deadline reports that Derrickson will direct an adaptation of The Breathing Method, a story found in King’s collection Different Seasons.

The story opens in an exclusive gentleman’s club where the only price for membership is the telling of stories.  One man begins to recount the tale of a woman in the 1930s who was determined to give birth to her illegitimate child, no matter the cost.  She seeks out the physician author of a book on the Breathing Method of childbirth, and grows close with the doctor as her determination fails to wane.  Scott Teems (That Evening Sun) will write the script, and the film will likely follow Blumhouse’s “low budget, high profit” model.

SINISTER Releases Spooky New Images, GIFs and Clips

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In an attempt to creep you the fuck out before it opens in theaters October 12th, Sinister has released a host of new images, GIFs (which are always fun) and clips.  The film, written and directed by The Exorcism of Emily Rose’s Scott Derrickson, centers on a family who moves into a house only to discover that its been the setting of gruesome murders of families in the past.  The evidence is found via old film reels, which also house the vindictive spirit, unbeknownst to our protagonists.  Sinister, starring Ethan Hawke, Juliet Rylance and James Ransone, opens October 12th.  Hit the jump to check out the new images, clips and GIFs.

New Red-Band Trailer for SINISTER from Director Scott Derrickson and Starring Ethan Hawke

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Words cannot express the horrific potential this new red-band trailer for Sinister has to scare you.  Unlike the first trailer for Scott Derrickson’s upcoming horror film, no one utters a word in the red-band trailer and the effect is vastly improved.  After the exhausting runs of the Saw and Paranormal Activity franchises, getting back to basics is a relief.  While the premise for Sinister isn’t exactly original and continues to invoke the current “found footage” gimmick (though with a slightly new angle), it looks like it could be a truly scary film.

Sinister stars Ethan Hawke, Juliet Rylance and James Ransone and opens October 12th, but you can see it first by bringing an early screening to your hometown.  Hit the jump to see the new red-band trailer. 

Release Dates: SINISTER Slips a Week, THE SESSIONS Slides Up Seven Days and STARBUCK Gets Bumped Back Six Months

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A bit of a release date shuffle today and man are these titles hard on my lisp:

  • Sinister, the horror thriller from director Scott Derrickson and starring Ethan Hawke and Juliet Rylance moves back a week from October 5th to October 12th, 2012.
  • The Sessions, from director Ben Lewin and starring John Hawkes, Helen Hunt and William H. Macy moves up from October 26th to October 19th, 2012.
  • The Starbuck remake by Ken Scott (the writer/director of the original 2011 film) has been bumped from September 28th of this year to March 29th, 2013.  Starbuck stars Vince Vaughn, Chris Pratt and Cobie Smulders.

Hit the jump for synopses and posters.

Dark New Poster for SINISTER

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A very dark new poster for director Scott Derrickson’s (The Last Exorcism of Emily Rose) new horror film Sinister has been released.  The film stars Ethan Hawke as a true crime novelist who moves his family into a house where the horrific murder of an entire family took place in an effort to discover his next big story.  When he finds a box of home videos in which other families are also brutally murdered, he realizes he may have made a huge mistake by moving into the house.  Early word on the film has been positive, and fans currently have the opportunity to request preview screenings in their hometown by going to

Hit the jump to check out the rather disturbing new poster for the film designed by SA Studios.  Sinister opens on October 5th.

Scott Derrickson to Direct Paranormal Police Thriller BEWARE THE NIGHT

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beware the night scott derrickson

Scott Derrickson (The Exorcism of Emily Rose) has signed on to direct the paranormal police thriller Beware the Night.  According to The Wrap, Derrickson will also rewrite the script: “The story is set in a paranormal world and follows a New York police officer investigating real life demon possessions, exorcisms and werewolves after dark.”  The project is housed at Screen Gems, but The Wrap hears producer Jerry Bruckheimer (Pirates of the Carribbean) and Disney are involved in some capacity, Beware the Night could be a much bigger production than your typical supernatural flick.  The lead role was reportedly offered to Mark Wahlberg, but he passed.  [Update: The Wrap updated their report.  Paul Boardman will co-write the screenplay.  Bruckheimer's name is now omitted from the report, and the edited text states Screen Gems is in negotiations with Disney for the rights.]

Derrickson followed up the low-budget Emily Rose with would-be tentpole The Day the Earth Stood Still.  Derrickson returned to small-scale horror for his latest film, Sinister, which hits theaters on October 5.

10 New Images from SINISTER Starring Ethan Hawke

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Amidst horror films like The Apparition, The Possession and The Tall Man that are currently in theaters, director Scott Derrickson (The Exorcism of Emily Rose) must wait until October 5th to unleash Sinister.  His take on the found-footage sub-genre centers on a true-crime novelist (Ethan Hawke) who discovers that his new house played host to vicious murders and supernatural entities still haunt the walls.  If you’d like to bring a screening of Sinister to your town before its October 5th release, check out the details here.  For now, we have ten new images to share with you that should satisfy your need to be creeped the hell out.

Sinister also stars Juliet Rylance, James Ransone and Vincent D’Onofrio.  Hit the jump to check out the images.

Bring a Preview Screening of SINISTER to Your Hometown with Tugg

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Though director Scott Derrickson’s (The Exorcism of Emily Rose) horror film Sinister doesn’t open for a couple more weeks, fans have the chance to bring a preview screening of the film to their hometown early.  For those unaware, the pic stars Ethan Hawke as a true crime novelist who moves his family into a house where the horrific murder of an entire family took place in an effort to discover his next big story.  When he finds a box of home videos in which other families are also brutally murdered, he realizes he may have made a huge mistake by moving into the house.  Derrickson’s Emily Rose was pretty great, and early word on Sinister has been promising.

The fantastic service, which allows film fans to bring theatrical screenings of movies new and old to their hometown theater, is sponsoring the preview screenings.  Hit the jump to find out how to bring a Sinister screening to your city in advance of the film’s October 5th release.

First Trailer for SINISTER Starring Ethan Hawke

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The first trailer for director Scott Derrickson’s new horror film Sinister has been released.  The film stars Ethan Hawke as a true crime novelist who moves his family into a house where the horrific murder of an entire family took place, in an effort to discover his next big story.  When he finds a box of home videos in which other families are also brutally murdered, he realizes he may have made a huge mistake by moving into the house.  The trailer is a bit heavy handed when it comes to exposition, as characters state flat-out what everything means (“That’s the family that used to live here!” “That symbol is obviously a pagan demon who feeds on children’s souls!”).  That said, there look to be some genuinely terrifying scares and as a fan of Derrickson’s The Exorcism of Emily Rose, I’m game to check out what he has in store with Sinister.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  The film also stars Vincent D’Onofrio and James RansoneSinister opens on August 24th.

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