Red-Band Trailer for MOVIE 43 Starring Emma Stone, Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler, Elizabeth Banks, Kristen Bell & Many More!

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The first red-band trailer from the R-rated ensemble comedy Movie 43 has gone online.  I ran out of room to list my thoughts because there’s so Goddamned-many people in this movie!

The films in the collection were directed by Brett Ratner, Elizabeth Banks, Mike Judge, Peter Farrelly, Bob Odenkirk, Steve Baker, Damon Escot, among others.  Here’s a crazy rundown of the cast:  Emma Stone, Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Naomi Watts, Terrence Howard, Halle Berry, Jason Sudeikis, Gerard Butler, Kristen Bell, Chloe Moretz, Josh Duhamel, Johnny Knoxville, Elizabeth Banks, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Richard Gere, Anna Faris, Justin Long, Liev Schreiber, Uma Thurman, Seann William Scott, Kieran Culkin, Leslie Bibb, Jimmy Bennett, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, Kate Bosworth, Patrick Warburton, Tony Shalhoub, Chris Pratt, Jack McBrayer, Aasif Mandvi, and Bobby Cannavale.  Movie 43 opens January 25, 2013.

Jay Baruchel Tweets GOON 2 Update; Will Co-Write with Jesse Chabot and Michael Dowse Will Return to Direct; Evan Goldberg Will Produce

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We haven’t talked much about the under-the-radar hockey picture, Goon, since earlier this year, but writer/star Jay Baruchel lit up the Twitterverse today with talk of a sequel.  The original starred Sean William Scott (American Pie) as Doug Glatt, the black sheep of his brainy family who works as a bouncer until an opportunity arises for him to be an enforcer on an underdog semi-pro hockey team. There is no word yet as to the plot of the sequel, but Baruchel will return to write the script with Jesse Chabot, director Michael Dowse will also return to direct the sequel; Evan Goldberg, who co-wrote the original, will return as a producer.  Hit the jump to hear from Baruchel himself.

Canadian Features and Canada First! Line-Ups Announced for 2011 Toronto International Film Festival

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The 2011 Toronto International Film Festival has announced the films playing in their Canadian Features line-up and the seven films from first-time filmmakers in the “Canada First!” line-up.  Notable movies in the Canadian Features program include Edwin Boyd (starring Scott Speedman, Kevin Durand, and Brian Cox), Goon (starring Seann William Scott, Jay Baruchel, and Liev Schreiber), and Guy Maddin’s new film Keyhole (starring Jason Patric and Isabella Rossellini).  Previously announced films A Dangerous Method and Take This Waltz will play as part of the Canadian Galas program.

Hit the jump to check out the full line-up for the Canadian Features and Canada First! programs.  Click here for the Galas and Special Presentations and click here for the Documentaries, Midnight Madness, and other TIFF programs.  The 2011 Toronto International Film Festival runs from September 8 – 18th.

Relativity Media and Peter Farrelly Team up for UNTITLED COMEDY

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peter_farrelly_01.jpgAnd to clarify, this is not a comedy that’s currently lacking a title. Untitled Comedy is the title. The film, which is currently in production, will be composed of a series of loosely related comedic sketches, featuring a plethora of different actors and directors. If you think it sounds a little bit like those atrocious Movie movies (you know, the ones brought to you by 2 of the 6 writers of Scary Movie), rest assured that Farrelly and co. have assembled a heap of high-end talent to bring their sketches to life. Stepping in front of the camera will be Elizabeth Banks, Gerard Butler, Kieran Culkin, Hugh Jackman, Johnny Knoxville, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Chloe Moretz, Liev Schreiber, Sean William Scott, Tony Shalhoub, Emma Stone, Matt Walsh, Patrick Warburton, Naomi Watts, and Kate Winslet. Behind the camera, Elizabeth Banks, Bob Odenkirk, Brett Ratner, Griffin Dunne, and Farrelly himself have already helmed sequences, with more directors and cast slated to climb aboard as things progress.

The film is said to be in the mould of classic sketch comedies like John Landis’ The Kentucky Fried Movie, the 1977 flick penned by spoof masters David Zucker and Jim Abrahams (Airplane!) and Ken Shapiro’s 1974 skewering of television, The Groove Tube. Hopefully, that paints a picture for you. Hit the jump for the full press release and my thoughts on the project.

Sean William Scott and Adam Brody Join Willis and Morgan in Kevin Smith’s A COUPLE Of DICKS

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role_models_movie_image_seann_william_scott__2_.jpgCasting decisions are often the lynch pin of whether a movie will ultimately succeed or fail.  Warner Brothers and director Kevin Smith were off to an incredible start on that score when they landed Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan to play the titular buddy-cops of their film “A Couple of Dicks”.  See?  The movie’s about cops not penises! Although, knowing Smith, shit could still go either way…

Today two more names have been added to Kevin’s “Dicks” – which sounds way dirtier than I meant it to.  First up, Sean William Scott will play a thief called ‘The Shit Bandit’ – that name based on the calling cards he leaves at his crime scenes.  And that, my friends, sounds exactly as dirty as I meant it to.  Also on board for the Dick-side of the law is “The OC’s” Adam Brody.  He’ll play an “abrasive detective” who is not happy about working with Willis and Morgan.  Now, seriously.  Have you seen Adam Brody?  The man couldn’t be abrasive if he was covered in sand paper.  Maybe Smith is going for those ironic kind of abrasions?  Just like his ironic use of the cop slang “Dicks” in his title?  We shall see.

“A Couple of Dicks” begins shooting next Monday in NYC.

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