THE COLLISION: Episode 39 – The VERONICA MARS Movie Kickstarter

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This week on The Collision, we debate about the Veronica Mars Kickstarter, although our debate eventually turns to concerns that go beyond the points I brought up in my recent editorial.  We talk about if fans are investors, the consequences of lacking details at this point in the film’s development, and more.  As always, we finish up with our recommendations.

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Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal Talk About Their SHELF LIFE Web Series, Their Comic-Con Experiences, Tips on How to Succeed in Voice Acting and Much More!

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I recently had the absolute pleasure to interview voice actors Tara Platt (Naruto) and Yuri Lowenthal (Ben 10) for their ongoing web series, Shelf Life. The hilarious series features Platt and Lowenthal, along with Travis Willingham and Bryan Enk/ Dee Bradley Baker, as four action figures confined to a little boy’s shelf.  When the kid isn’t around, Hero Lass, Hero Man, Bug Boy and Samurai Snake get up to all sorts of hijinks that are definitely not intended to entertain children.  Hero Lass develops a drug addiction, Hero Man and Bug Boy deal with varying masculinity complexes and the mysterious Samurai Snake may or may not be planning global domination.  The series, currently in its third season, is kicking off a fundraising campaign to allow the characters to go “off the shelf” in their ambitious fourth season.  Hit the jump for my extended interview with Platt and Lowenthal, where they talk Shelf Life, Comic-Con, tips on getting into voice acting and much, much more!

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