Limited Paper: A Preview of Bottleneck Gallery’s GIZMOS AND GADGETS Show Featuring New Artwork from Godmachine, Cuyler Smith, and Dave Perillo

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Yes, gallery shows are still coming fast and furious in 2013, and this week brings us another new one:  Bottleneck Gallery’s Gizmos and Gadgets opens this Friday, and—from the looks of the preview images sent over by our buddy Joe at the Gallery’s NYC location—it looks to be just as impressive as the work we saw from that Gallery throughout 2012.  Wanna see some amazing new artwork from Godmachine, Cuyler Smith, and Dave Perillo?  Find out when you can plan on getting a crack at purchasing some of this stuff online?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

New Scribe Assembled for SHORT CIRCUIT Reboot

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In 1986, Number Johnny 5 rolled onto screens and struck a chord with audiences. In 1988, the sentient robot appeared on screen once more in the family-friendly sequel. It’s been over twenty years since a Short Circuit feature has graced our theaters, but that’s all about to change. Having secured director Tim Hill (Hop) but losing Robot Chicken writer, Dan Milano, Dimension Films was in the market for a new scribe. Enter Matt Lieberman, a recent graduate of the Disney writers program. The writer and director are expected to churn out a fresh installment of the 1980’s franchise, unless of course the project becomes disassembled once more. Shooting is scheduled to begin late this year with a release date of Summer 2013. Hit the jump to see the full press release.

HOP Director Tim Hill to Helm Dimension’s SHORT CIRCUIT Remake

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Dimension Films is negotiating a deal with director Tim Hill (Hop) to take the reins of its Short Circuit remake. Back in 2009, the studio tapped Steve Carr (Paul Blart: Mall Cop) to direct a script from Dan Milano. Fast-forward two years and Deadline is reporting that Hill will take over the project and oversee a brand new script. For those too young to remember, the 1986 original was directed by John Badham (WarGames) and starred Steve Guttenberg and Ally Sheedy. The pic told the story of an experimental military robot (known as Number 5/Johnny 5) that, after being electrocuted by lightning, develops intelligence, escapes from its government home, and strikes up a kinship with a family.

In addition to Hop and now the Short Circuit remake, Hill also directed 2007′s Alvin and the Chipmunks and has written for animated series’ such as Rocko’s Modern Life and SpongeBob SquarePants. For more on the original, or for just a little taste of nostalgia, hit the jump to watch a trailer for the original.

PAUL BLART Director Steve Carr Creates a SHORT CIRCUIT

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While I’m nostalgic for the “Short Circuit” movies, that nostalgia doesn’t extend to getting bent out of shape over a remake of “Short Circuit” nor can my outrage be summoned by the news that “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” helmer Steve Carr will direct the film.  Variety reports that the Carr will shoot the film based on Dan Milano’s script which brings Johnny 5 into the 21st century meaning he’ll probably still resemble Johnny 5 but there will be loads of unnecessary CG enhancements and “upgrades” to Johnny’s arsenal.  However, I’ll retract that statement if one of those upgrades is a detachable Steve Guttenberg.

Here’s how Variety describes the plot of the remake: “Built by the military to be a highly sophisticated weapon, Johnny 5 develops a conscience and personality after being hit by lightning. He befriends a lonely boy and his fractured family.”  Wow.  That sounds like a great movie.


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johnny_5_as_the_pope.jpgThe “Short Circuit” movies are nostalgia pieces I’ll have to go back and revisit one day and that day will most likely come as the remake comes closer to hitting theatres.  For now, Dimension just signed Dan Milano to write that remake.  Cue “Remakes, why, bemoan, accept, rinse, repeat.”

But wait!  Variety reports that this Dan Milano hails from the brilliance of Adult Swim’s “Robot Chicken”.  Yes, apparently the producers are looking for a more subversive take as they bring Johnny 5 into the 21st century.  But there’s a limit, dammit!  Producer David Foster says they’re keeping the look of Johnny 5′s despite his resemblance to WALL-E.  “We think of ‘WALL-E’ as an extended trailer for our film, because it’s the same face,” says Foster.  Yep, that’s what Pixar intended, alright.

Back to Milano, I have faith that he’ll give the film the dark sense of humor it needs to prove its existence and understands that “subversive” doesn’t mean “more fart jokes”.  That being said, I wouldn’t bet on a scene where Johnny 5 falls in love with a Fleshlight (does that count as a robot?  Does it have batteries?  Can you accidentally one?).

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