HBO Developing SHUTTER ISLAND TV Series ASHECLIFFE; Martin Scorsese to Direct the Pilot

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Though Boardwalk Empire is coming to an end this year, it appears that Martin Scorsese will definitely be staying in business with HBO.  He recently shot a pilot for a potential HBO series set in the 1970s rock and roll music scene of New York City, and now HBO is developing a TV adaptation of his film Shutter Island with Scorsese’s involvement.  Titled Ashecliffe, the Shutter Island TV series will be written by novelist/screenwriter Dennis Lehane, and the plan is for Scorsese to also direct the pilot.  Lehane penned the source material for Scorsese’s twisty 2010 psychological thriller, which starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo.  DiCaprio will also be involved in the Shutter Island TV series as an executive producer.  More after the jump.

Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio Talk THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, THE DEPARTED, THE AVIATOR, GANGS OF NEW YORK, Jack Nicholson, and Much More

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Drawing a fully packed house, the 29th Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF) presented the prestigious Cinema Vanguard Award to legendary director Martin Scorsese and award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio, on behalf of their working relationship.  Having collaborated together five times now, on Gangs of New York, The Aviator, The Departed, Shutter Island and The Wolf of Wall Street, the two have brought some intriguing stories to the big screen, with the promise of exciting things still to come.  Collider was there to cover and attend the event, and we’ve compiled the highlights of what they had to say during the Q&A.

While there, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio talked about how they first came to work with each other, the experience of making Gangs of New York, how The Aviator came about, playing a real-life person versus a fictional character, what led them to make The Departed, the experience of making Shutter Island, how they almost made The Wolf of Wall Street first, and what took that film so long to get made.  Check out what they had to say after the jump.

INCEPTION, LET ME IN, TRON, and THE WALKING DEAD Top the 2011 Saturn Award Nominations

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If you’re among the folk who believe the Academy Awards are too stodgy, too reluctant to embrace sci-fi, fantasy, and horror — the Saturn Awards are for you.  Sure, Best Picture nominee Inception led the field with nominations, but Let Me In and Tron: Legacy (just one Oscar nomination between them) fall close behind with 7 Saturn nominations apiece. Hereafter, Alice in Wonderland, Black Swan, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1, Never Let Me Go, and Shutter Island all landed 5 or more nominations.

The Walking Dead racked up the most television nominations with 6, followed by Breaking Bad, Fringe, and Lost with 5 each.  Hit the jump for the full list of nominees and a breakdown of the number of nominations by film/series.

Top 10 Films of 2010

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I won’t deny the vanity of year-end lists.  Most professional critics will sit through over 100 new films per year and the year-end list is a badge of honor that says, “These are the films I appreciated the most.  Behold.”  Despite the vanity, I continue to think that the year-end Top 10 provides a valuable service to the average moviegoer.  Most folks don’t have the time, cash, or inclination to see every movie released in a given year and a Top 10 list says, “Here are the must-see films from the past 365 days.  Netflix them or something.”  I didn’t get to see every film that could have potentially made this list, but I feel confident in my choices.  So forgive my indulgence and hit the jump for my Top 10 films of 2010.

Best Performances, Directors, and Other Miscellany of 2010

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In my profession, there are two very important things you must do: watch movies and keep notes.  I did an alright job with the first one, but admittedly fell short on the latter.  While last year I was able to confidently provide what I thought were the best kills and quotes, this year I didn’t do a good job with record keeping and so I’ve omitted those categories.  Next year I’ll be more meticulous and make it a point to see movie where people get destroyed while saying witty things.

However, I did see enough movies to confidently make a list of the folks I thought were the best actors, directors, and other miscellaneous greats.  Hit the jump to check out my picks.

Friday Box Office – INCEPTION Opens On Top with $21.3 Million

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It’s been exactly two years since Christopher Nolan made box office history with The Dark Knight. Though we’ve known for months that Inception wouldn’t measure up to TDK in terms of grosses, that hasn’t stopped Nolan’s fans from speculating about how much money the director’s follow-up might take in. Well speculate no more! From its 3,792 locations the PG-13 mind-bender took in an estimated $21.3 million, including $3 million from midnight previews.  That’s solid for a non-remake/non-comic-based property and well above the $14 million Shutter Island made on its opening this February. But that’s not a fair comparison. In fact, because of Nolan’s reputation and his insistence on keeping his film’s concept under wraps, you would have to look all the way back to August 2002 for a film that feels comparable. Back then a hot director named ‘Shyamalan’ opened Signs with $20.8 million on Friday on its way to a weekend worth $60 million (not adjusted for inflation). As with everything concerning Inception, weekend projections have been all over the map; but I’m guessing that $60/$65 million is about right. We’ll have details tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 Inception $21,300,000 $21.3
2 Despicable Me $10,000,000 $95.6
3 Sorcerer’s Apprentice $5,400,000 $12.4
4 Twilight Saga: Eclipse $4,500,000 $255.7
5 Toy Story 3 $3,450,000 $354.3


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As impressive as it was on the big screen, Shutter Island was made for Blu-ray. Directed by Martin Scorsese from a book by Dennis Lehane, this psychological thriller looks amazing, sounds even better, and demands that you watch it more than once. Not that it can’t be enjoyed on a single viewing but, after that, having a Blu-ray rocks because a viewer can go back and look at the incredible layers each and every person in the film has considered. And though the disc lacks the plethora of extras that seem to be standard these days, it makes up for a lack of quantity with top-notch quality. Hit the jump for more details and a spoilerific discussion on the film.

Dennis Lehane Exclusive Interview – The Great Crime-Novelist Talks SHUTTER ISLAND, ANIMAL RESCUE, THE GIVEN DAY, More!

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Dennis-Lehane-image slice Shutter Island

With Martin Scorsese’s adaption of his novel Shutter Island being released on DVD and Blu-ray next week, I had the chance to interview author Dennis Lehane by phone yesterday.  Lehane is the best-selling author of 10 novels, including Gone, Baby, Gone and Mystic River.  He was also a staff writer on David Simon’s The Wire from seasons 3 to 5 and is currently working on adapting his short story Animal Rescue for Fox 2000.

Since Lehane’s direct involvement in bringing Shutter Island to the big screen was fairly limited, we spent a lot of time talking about other subjects, including:

  • How THR erroneously reported last week that he was writing a script with Paul Tamasy (Air Bud)
  • Why he doesn’t ever want to adapt his own novels for the screen
  • His golden rule for dealing with Hollywood
  • Which novel made him decide to become a writer
  • Why he prefers TV to movies and what his favorite shows are
  • Why we’ll never see the movie he wrote and directed in the 90s

All this and more after the jump!

Friday Box Office – HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON Underwhelms with $12.2 Million Debut

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Audiences have not yet tired of paying 30% more to see a mediocre movie in three dimensions, but if last night’s box office estimates are to be believed the novelty is fading fast. Dreamworks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon opened with $12.2 million from 4,055 theatres and seems destined for a weekend in the $45 million range. That’s significantly under the $40 million Alice in Wonderland opened with on a Friday three weeks back and is even under the $14 million Martin Scorsese’s dimensionally-challenged Shutter Island opened to in February. Considering the big theatre count and the higher prices, this is a disappointment for Dreamworks. And speaking of disappointments, it looks like MGM can’t count on Hot Tub Time Machine to pull them out of their death spiral. The comedy debuted with $4.5 million on Friday and is now expected to come in at around $14 million for the weekend. Full three day details when you check back tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 How to Train Your Dragon $12,200,000 $12.2
2 Alice in Wonderland $4,700,000 $280.5
3 Hot Tub Time Machine $4,500,000 $4.5
4 The Bounty Hunter $4,000,000 $30.4
5 Diary of a Wimpy Kid $2,900,000 $28.6

Weekend Box Office – Scorsese Takes a Second Week On Top with SHUTTER ISLAND

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For the second weekend in a row, Shutter Island is the number one film in the country – a victory tempered only by the soft overall attendance on this last week of February, by the continuing bad weather on the East Coast and by the lack of any strong competition offered by Kevin Smith’s new release Cop Out. But hey, a win is still a win, right?

Title Weekend Total
1 Shutter Island $22,200,000 $75
2 Cop Out $18,565,000 $18.5
3 The Crazies $16,521,000 $16.5
4 Avatar $14,000,000 $706.9
5 Percy Jackson $9,800,000 $71.2
6 Valentine’s Day $9,505,000 $100.3
7 Dear John $5,000,000 $72.6
8 The Wolfman $4,123,000 $57.2
9 Tooth Fairy $3,450,000 $53.8
10 Crazy heart $2,540,000 $25

Friday Box Office – Shut Out. With $6.7 Million SHUTTER ISLAND Leads COP OUT and THE CRAZIES.

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Despite a seemingly unending string of promotional appearances by stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan over the past week, the $5.9 million collected by Warner Brothers’ Cop Out fell short of securing the number one spot on Friday’s box office estimates. That honor went to Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island instead, with an estimated $6.7 million earned on its second Friday in release. Things may have gone down differently if Kevin Smith had been able to leave the word “Dicks” in his film’s title, but I guess now we’ll never know. Though playing on 600 fewer screens than Cop Out, the horror remake of The Crazies also debuted with an estimated $5.9 million, which means that this could be the first weekend since last August to see three R-rated films leading the top ten. And yes, that’s about as exciting as we can expect on the last weekend of February. Full weekend box office results when you check back tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 Shutter Island $6,700,000 $52.5
2 Cop Out $5,900,000 $5.9
3 The Crazies $5,900,000 $5.9
4 Avatar $3,100,000 $696
5 Valentine’s Day $2,970,000 $93.8

RUNNING DIALOGUE Podcast #2 – In Which Matt, Russ, and Curt Discuss SHUTTER ISLAND and Martin Scorsese

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Russ Fischer of /Film, Curt Holman of Creative Loafing [Atlanta], and I have recently started up Running Dialogue a podcast where we talk about movies, which is appropriate seeing as we all write about them on a regular basis.  In our second podcast we talk about Shutter Island, Martin Scorsese’s career and influence, our film recommendations, and then near the end of the podcast we talk about Shutter Island but with spoilers.

We don’t want to take up too much of your time so this podcast only runs 42 minutes, so give it a listen on your ride to work, at work, in the shower, on a boat, or where ever you enjoy listening to people talk about movies.  Please leave your feedback in the comments section so we know what we’re doing right and what we could do better.

Click here to give Running Dialogue a listen or right click on the link and hit “Save Link as…” to save it to your computer.

Weekend Box Office – SHUTTER ISLAND Grabs $40.2 Million

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To no one’s surprise Shutter Island, director Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest collaboration, claimed the number one spot on the domestic box office chart this weekend. What may have been a bit of a surprise, however, was just how well the thriller actually did.

Title Weekend Total
1 Shutter Island $40,200,000 $40.2
2 Valentine’s Day $17,160,000 $87.4
3 Avatar $16,100,000 $687.8
4 Percy Jackson $15,300,000 $58.7
5 The Wolfman $9,846,000 $50.3
6 Dear John $7,300,000 $65.9
7 Tooth Fairy $4,500,000 $49.8
8 Crazy Heart $3,025,000 $21.5
9 From Paris w/Love $2,500,000 $21.2
10 Edge of Darkness $2,210,000 $40.3

Friday Box Office – SHUTTER ISLAND Gives Scorsese His Biggest Opening Day Ever with $14 Million

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Tongues wagged when Paramount pulled Shutter Island from its Oscar-qualifying release date last October. Turns out, the studio made the right call. Who needs another Best Picture nod anyway? The fourth collaboration between director Martin Scorsese and actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Shutter Island has been a disappointment to many critics – which means multiplex audiences naturally loved it. In fact, the noir thriller has given Scorsese his best opening day ever with an estimated $14 million from its 2,991 play dates. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Shutter Island has this weekend all to itself and that last weekend’s three new releases have all experienced precipitous declines. Check back tomorrow to hear Paramount execs say “I told you so” even louder.

Title Friday Total
1 Shutter Island $14,000,000 $14
2 Valentine’s Day $5,600,000 $75.8
3 Percy Jackson $3,956,000 $47.4
4 Avatar $3,900,000 $675.6
5 The Wolfman $2,900,000 $43.3


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Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island is not about solving a mystery. It’s about solving madness.  The legendary director’s latest film is a gothic horror that intrigues without deception, scares without shocks, and weaves a beautiful tapestry of haunting insanity without ever relying on twists and last-minute reveals.  Once again, we see that Martin Scorsese cannot be predicted beyond an expectation of crafting a great film.  By combining breathtaking technical work with memorable performances, Scorsese has added yet another film to his list of cinematic achievements.

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