Only One INDEPDENDENCE DAY Sequel for Now Confirms Producer Dean Devlin; Hopes to Move to STARGATE Reboot Next

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Last week, Fox finally greenlit Independence Day 2, and has set the film for June 24, 2016 (which is just wrong; you can only place it on one weekend, competition be damned).  When we spoke to director Roland Emmerich last year for White House Down, he said they were going to go with just one sequel rather than the previously announced back-to-back follow-ups for the 18-year-old blockbuster.  In a recent interview, producer Dean Devlin confirmed that they were only going to do one sequel for now, and gave a very wise and prudent answer as to why.

Hit the jump for what Devlin had to say along with his and Emmerich’s plans for the Stargate reboot.

Blu-ray and DVD Deal: STARGATE ATLANTIS: The Complete Series Over 77% Off

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Today’s Gold Box Deal of the Day over at Amazon is for Stargate Atlantis: The Complete Series on both Blu-ray and DVD.  The Blu-ray set of the sci-fi series is down from $199.99 to $44.99 at a hefty 78% off, while the DVD set of Stargate Atlantis is just $29.99 for a savings of 85%.  Those are pretty serious deals, so if you were a fan of the TV show, now’s your chance to own all five seasons.

Roland Emmerich to Direct STARGATE Reboot; Will Launch New Trilogy

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Director Roland Emmerich has been talking about a potential sequel or reboot of his 1994 sci-fi film Stargate for some time now, but it appears that it is actually becoming a reality.  Warner Bros. and MGM will partner on a Stargate reboot, with Emmerich poised to direct the new iteration of his own film.  Producer Dean Devlin will also resume his duties as producer of the new pic as well, though it’s unclear how soon the remake could come to fruition.  For those unfamiliar with the property, the original Stargate stars Kurt Russell and James Spader and revolves around a team of U.S. military professionals who discover and enter a wormhole to another planet.

Hit the jump for more on the reboot and Emmerich’s very busy upcoming slate.

Will Smith in Talks for INDEPENDENCE DAY Sequel; 2016 Release Date Likely; Director Roland Emmerich Also Talks STARGATE Franchise Reboot

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Although Independence Day director Roland Emmerich previously stated that star Will Smith wouldn’t be involved in the film’s sequel, in part for fear of him overshadowing the cast, it now looks as if the two are at least entering into talks.  Perhaps the lackluster performances of some of Smith’s recent efforts have spurred him into dipping into the well of previous films, especially since he’s rumored to be involved in sequels to Hancock, Bad Boys and I, Robot.  What’s one more?

Whether Smith is involved in the planned Independence Day sequel or not, Emmerich isn’t sure that the film will hit Fox’s target release date of summer 2015, saying it’s likely to open in summer of 2016.  For those of you who like measuring your own time on this Earth relative to movie releases, that’s 20 years since the original debuted.  Hit the jump for more, including a video with Emmerich himself and a bit about progress on the Stargate franchise reboot.

Producer Dean Devlin Talks INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 and STARGATE Sequels at the Saturn Awards

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 Dean-Devlin-Independence Day-2-sequel-interview-slice

Over the past few years, we’ve written again and again about a possible Independence Day sequel.  While I never thought a sequel would happen due to the amount of time that’s passed, with Fox doing a 3D re-release next summer of the original film, I’m beginning to think it could happen.  After all, the re-release is a great way to get people excited for a sequel.

So when I got to speak with producer Dean Devlin on the red carpet at tonight’s Saturn Awards, I asked him the status of the ID42 (Independence Day 2).  He said:

“I can tell you that Roland Emmerich and I are working together for the first time in eleven years and we are working really hard to try and make this happen.”

More after the jump.

Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich Actively Developing INDEPENDENCE DAY 2; Hoping for STARGATE Sequels

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Independence Day 2 is a project that doesn’t exist, but it’s almost existed for quite a few years now.  Director Roland Emmerich and star Will Smith have talked about the various stages of development on the sci-fi follow-up over the years, but as of yet nothing tangible has come to fruition.  Last we heard, Fox was planning back-to-back sequels with or without Smith’s involvement, and now producer Dean Devlin has announced that he and Emmerich are actively working on Independence Day 2.  Moreover, they’re also hoping to continue and ultimately finish the story they began with the 1994 sci-fi film Stargate with two new sequels.  Hit the jump for more.


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Who wants free stuff? We here at Collider are giving away a copy of the Stargate Atlantis: The Complete Series Collection DVD set to one of our lucky readers. The collection is pretty great, as it includes all five seasons of the Syfy series on 26 disc, including a bonus disc packed with exclusive special features. If you’re a fan of the show, or of free DVD’s, it’s a fantastic deal. Hit the jump to find out how you can win.

Executive Producer Remi Aubuchon Exclusive Interview PERSONS UNKNOWN

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Persons-Unknown-image Remi Aubuchon slice

From Academy Award-winning writer Christopher McQuarrie and executive producers Heather McQuarrie and Remi Aubuchon, Persons Unknown is NBC’s one-hour mystery drama, in which a group of seven strangers must come together to solve the puzzle of their lives.

All of them have been taken from their families and have arrived in a deserted town with no recollection of how they got there, and they must rely on each other to get out. While being held hostage, the strangers are constantly watched by security cameras with no idea who or what is behind them, and every attempt to leave is thwarted by unforeseen circumstances. At every turn, these strangers are threatened physically, psychologically and emotionally.

Showrunner Remi Aubuchon recently talked exclusively to Collider about developing the 13-episode series, figuring out how to gradually reveal the show’s mysteries to viewers and what he loves about the sci-fi/mystery genre. He also promises that fans will be freaked out by the end and that they’ll never see it coming. Check out what he had to say after the jump:

Geek Gifts: STARGATE SG-1: The Complete Series Collection on DVD for $119

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Stargate SG-1.jpg

With the holidays fast approaching, everyone is looking for the perfect gift you can buy for a cheap price.  Since we’re all busy and often miss the various deals that are online, for the next two months we’ll be keeping our eyes open for “geek gifts”.  And the first one is the Complete Stargate SG-1 Collection on DVD for $120 dollars. Included in the set are 54 discs that make up ten seasons.  For twelve dollars a season, you can own “Stargate SG-1″. That’s 9,900 minutes of television.  Here’s the link Stargate SG-1: The Complete Series Collectionif you’re interested.  And if anyone finds a geek gift worth mentioning, please email me.

Giveaway: Autographed Posters of the STARGATE UNIVERSE Cast – Plus Steve Has Seen the First 3 Hours

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Stargate Universe image SGU slice.jpg

I’d never seen an episode of any “Stargate” show before last week. The only “Stargate” I’d ever seen was the feature film and I liked it but didn’t love it. While I understood how a weekly show featuring the Stargate technology could work, I never felt the need to tune in. But with a friend of mine as one of the leads on the newest “Stargate” show, “Stargate Universe”, I knew I’d be checking it out. Thankfully, I’m happy to report after watching the first three hours, the show was a lot better than I expected and I’ve already added it to my DVR’s season pass. But the best part of the show is I don’t have to lie to my friend about his performance or that I think the show is cool.

While I have more to say on the show, let’s get to the reason you’re here: autographed “SGU” posters. If you’re interested in getting one, hit the jump for what you need to do:

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