Bill Hader Talks CLOUD WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2, Comic-Con, Writing for SOUTH PARK, the Final Stefon Sketch, Whether He’ll Ever Cameo on SNL, What He Collects, and More

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Like most of you, I’m a huge fan of Bill Hader.   I think he’s one of those rare performers that can do anything, and over the past few years on TV and in a number of different movies, he’s made me laugh again and again.  So when I had the opportunity to speak with him last week at Comic-Con, I jumped at the chance.

During our wide ranging interview we talked about being at Comic-Con, what he collects, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2Saturday Night Live, whether he will ever cameo on SNL now that he’s left the show, coming up with the idea for the final Stefon sketch, and so much more.  He also revealed that he will be writing for the entirety of South Park‘s upcoming season and talked about what it’s like to work with Trey Parker and Matt Stone.  Hit the jump to watch.

See Stefon’s Club Characters Come to Life in SNL Farewell Appearance

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bill hader snl stefon

Bill Hader is leaving Saturday Night Live after eight wonderful seasons.  In all those years, Hader’s signature recurring character Stefon somehow never grew tired.  Hader and co-creator John Mulaney consistently kept the formula fresh, coming up with inspired club names, passwords, and characters for each new Weekend Update appearance.

In last night’s season finale—hosted by Ben Affleck, who also hosted when Stefon debuted—the writers of course had to bring back Stefon for a farewell appearance.  It puts a nice button on the romantic tension between Stefon and Update host Seth Meyers, and in doing so, assembles all the crazy characters (most of them midgets) Stefon has mentioned in his guide to New York nightlife.  Watch it after the jump.

Zoolander Meets Stefon on Last Night’s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Hosted by Ben Stiller

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Last time Ben Stiller host Saturday Night Live, it was 1998, aka the pre-Zoolander era.  By the time Stiller returned to host SNL last night, the show had created the perfect counterpart for Stiller’s male model character in flamboyant New York scenester Stefon (played by Bill Hader).  While all involved are trying to get Zoolander 2 going in features, Stiller revived the character for an appearance with Stefon on last night’s Weekend Update.  Get your Zoolander fix in the clip posted after the jump.

As a bonus, look for the show’s Moneyball parody, in which Billy Beane (Taran Killam doing a great Brad Pitt impression) turns to steroids instead of statistics.

Bill Hader Says He’s Coming Back Next Season on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE; Plus Any Chance of a STEFON Movie?

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Bill-Hader slice Stefan Saturday Night Live

One of my favorite cast members on Saturday Night Live is Bill Hader.  Over the past six seasons, Hader has done awesome work and his impressions of Al Pacino, James Carville, Julian Assange, Eliot Spitzer, and Charlie Sheen have all been spot on.  Thankfully, when I got on the phone the other day to talk about his great work in Greg Mottola’s Paul (look for the full interview soon), he told me that he’s definitely back next season!  Which is awesome news.

However, while his impressions have been great, it’s a certain flamboyant gay character on Weekend Update that has become the talk of the show: Stefan.   If you’ve seen Hader perform Stefon, you know that he has great difficulty keeping a straight face while delivering his lines.  That’s because SNL writer John Mulaney (who helped create the character) will often change the lines between rehearsal and the live show.  As a result, Hader is sometimes reading the lines for the first time on air.  Which results in him breaking on camera.  It’s very funny to watch.

With the popularity of the character, I decided to ask Hader if he’s be willing to play Stefan in a feature film, as many other popular SNL characters have gotten films.  His answer after the jump:

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