Exclusive Clip and 21 Images from Quentin Dupieux’s WRONG COPS Featuring Steve Little and Mark Burnham

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Writer-Director Quentin Dupieux (Rubber, Wrong) is putting his unique stamp on his next film, but that’s par for the course since his previous films centered on a homicidal tire and a man in an existential search for his dog, respectively.  His crime comedy, Wrong Cops, centers on a crime-free Los Angeles and the bored cops that work in it.  Today, we’ve got an exclusive clip from one of those chapters to share with you, one that features Steve Little (Eastbound & Down) and Mark Burnham (Wrong).

Also starring Marilyn Manson, Eric Wareheim, Ray Wise, Jon LaJoie, and Grace Zariskie, Wrong Cops will be available in theaters and on demand starting December 20th.  Watch the trailer for Wrong Cops here, and hit the jump to watch our exclusive clip plus 21 new images from the film.

New Trailer for Quentin Dupieux’s Wacky In-Development Film WRONG COPS

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After seeing Rubber and Wrong, I’m not sure if writer-director Quentin Dupieux has any depth to his ridiculously bizarre films, but they’re entertaining nonetheless (especially Wrong).  His next film, Wrong Cops, looks equally strange, but it has an unconventional filmmaking process as well.  Dupieux is shooting the multi-chapter film as financing comes in, and releasing what he has so far at festivals.  He debuted 14 minutes of the movie at Cannes last spring, and he’ll be premiering the first 45 minutes at Sundance.  The film stars Marilyn Manson, Eric Wareheim, Mark Burnham, Ray Wise, Steve Little, Jon LaJoie, and Grace Zariskie.  I’m curious how Dupieux pulls together his cast and crew to repeatedly come back to work once more financing has come in.

As for the film itself, watch the trailer and you’ll see why it’s tough to describe the movie beyond “Cops behaving badly (as if the title didn’t already clue you in).”  The trailer says the finished film should be ready by this summer.

New Trailer and Poster for WRONG from Director Quentin Dupieux

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Fans of Quentin Dupieux’s film Rubber look to be in for another dose of weirdness if this new trailer and poster for his next film Wrong are any indication.  While Rubber dealt with a homicidal tire with telekinetic powers, Wrong tones it down just a bit and focuses on Dolph (Jack Plotnick), a man who wakes up one morning (at 7:60) and realizes that Paul, his dog/soul-mate, has gone missing.  What follows is sure to be a strange adventure as Dolph encounters some rather odd individuals on his quest to find Paul.  Also starring Eric Judor, Alexis Dziena, Steve Little and William Fichtner, Wrong will be available on VOD starting February 1st, with a theatrical release on March 29th.  You can also check out the previously released teaser trailer and Matt Goldberg’s review of the film here.  Hit the jump to watch the trailer and see the poster. 

EASTBOUND AND DOWN and Kenny Powers to Kick-Off NASCAR Season

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While the new season of HBO’s Eastbound & Down started this past Sunday, NASCAR’s Nationwide Series is set to kick-off at Daytona this Saturday. If you’re asking me what Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) and NASCAR have to do with each other, well then you haven’t been paying attention. HBO and Eastbound & Down are sponsoring the #50 car, driven by T.J. Bell for MAKE Motorsports.

The #50 Eastbound & Down/Make Motorsports Chevrolet features elements of Kenny Powers’ prized jet ski, The Panty Dropper, with a purple and leopard-print scheme, as well as the likeness of the “legend” himself, who also hails from Shelby, N.C.

Hit the jump to check out the images.

EASTBOUND & DOWN Season Three Premiere Review

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After being gone for far too long Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) is back, complete with a Confederate flag and marijuana leaf covered boogie board. thankfully the series is much better at keeping the laughs coming than Powers is at catching some waves in the season premiere of Eastbound & Down. We now find everyone’s favorite ballplayer in the minors in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina playing for the Mermen. Seemingly back at the top of his game (or at least as high as it can get in the minor leagues). Powers is always best when he’s cocky and arrogant, and since that’s basically all the time, having him getting a taste of success just makes it that much better.  Hit the jump for more.

Hilarious New Trailer for EASTBOUND & DOWN Season Three

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“Look at y’all jumping around like a bunch of child molesters at Chuck E. Cheese.” Damn it’s good to have Kenny Powers back, or at least know that his return to HBO for the third (and maybe final) season of Eastbound & Down is coming on February 19th, less than a month away. Now a new trailer straight from HBO promises a great duo between Danny McBride and Jason Sudeikis as Powers’ new best friend and fellow ball player and we catch a quick glimpse of the return of Will Ferrell, Steve Little, and John Hawkes too. The trailer really does speak for itself so you can check it out after the jump.

Sundance 2012: WRONG Review

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In 2010, Quentin Dupieux‘s Rubber hit screen to critical acclaim.  The acclaim was mostly along the lines of “The best killer tire movie you’ll ever see.”  Despite its odd-ball premise and protagonist, Rubber did seem to have cohesive subtext about criticizing the audience and purposely messing with their expectations.  By contrast, Dupieux’s new movie, Wrong, is all killer tire and hardly anything to say.  That’s doesn’t make it a bad flick.  Strangeness along the lines of a killer tire can still be pretty funny, and Wrong‘s off-kilter reality offers plenty of laughs.  It’s just too silly and devoted to strangeness to make any an exploration of a convoluted subtext worth considering.

CollegeHumor Recruits Glenn Howerton, Steve Little, Ben Schwartz, and Josh Groban for First Feature COFFEE TOWN

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The comedy website CollegeHumor has been p0sting quality original video content for some time now—many a clip has found its way to Collider.  So it is with joy that we welcome CollegeHumor to the feature film business, as CH co-founder Ricky Van Veen sets up their first movie, Coffee Town.  The cast features a few notable TV comedians, including Glenn Howerton (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Steve Little (Eastbound & Down), and Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation).  Also Josh Groban, who has proven himself a perfectly capable comedic actor in Crazy Stupid Love and The Office.  The script by director Brad Copeland (Wild Hogs) centers on underachieving thirtysomethings who “must come together when their freeloading existence is threatened.”  More after the jump:

Teaser Trailer for WRONG, Quentin Dupieux’s Follow-Up to RUBBER

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Writer/director Quentin Dupeiux made some noise on the 2010 festival circuit when he unleashed Rubber, alternately wowing and perplexing the varied audiences of Cannes, Toronto, and Fantastic Fest.  The hyper-meta movie about a tire who kills people is right in my wheelhouse of movies that talk incessantly about their own structure; ultimately, it never quite connected, but marked Dupeiux as a filmmaker to watch.

The next Dupeiux film to watch for is Wrong, which will premiere as part of the World Cinema Dramatic Competition lineup at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.  A teaser trailer has been posted online, and promises that Wrong—led by Jack Plotnick, Eric Judor, Alexis Dziena, Steve Little, and William Fichtner—will strive to out-strange Rubber.  Watch for yourself after the jump.

EASTBOUND AND DOWN Season One and Season Two Blu-ray Review

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One of the great things about Danny McBride is how he creates different iterations of his comic persona. McBride usually plays one form of white trash or another but The Foot Fist Way’s Fred Simmons is different than Kenny Powers, and way different than the characters in Your Highness and The Pineapple Express. All are delusional egotistical assholes, but each offer different dilemmas and delights. Kenny Powers – the main character of Eastbound and Down – was a superstar and he’s still got the swagger long after he lost his arm and his money, and even when he’s hiding out in Mexico. It’s a different sort of delusion than his other characters: Kenny’s someone desperately clinging to the time when they were still hot shit, while the majority of his other characters never hit those heights, and it makes all of the difference in the world. Our review of the season one and season two Blu-rays of Eastbound and Down follow after the jump.

PaleyFest 2011: EASTBOUND & DOWN Recap

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Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Eastbound & Down panel at the 28th annual PaleyFest in Los Angeles. Since filming hasn’t started on the show’s third season, I wasn’t sure how much the cast would say about what’s coming up. Thankfully, they dropped a few clues and I also got to hear some great behind the scenes stories about one of TV’s best comedies.

The panel featured star/creator Danny McBride, director/creator Jody Hill, executive producer Chris Henchy and stars Ana de la Reguera, Katy Mixon, Steve Little and Michael Pena. Hit the jump for a full recap of the night’s events.

Sundance 2011: First Images from THE CATECHISM CATACLYSM Starring EASTBOUND AND DOWN’s Steve Little

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We’ve been bringing you the first images from films that will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival later this month, and today we have the first images from The Catechism Cataclysm. If you’re a fan of HBO’s Eastbound and Down, then you’re probably of fan of Steve Little’s character Stevie: the lovable half-wit who blindly idolizes Danny McBride’s Kenny Powers. Little takes his first starring role in The Catechism Cataclysm, which will be featured as a part of the festival’s Park City at Midnight.

The film stars Little, Robert Longstreet (Pineapple Express) and Walter Dalton (Wendy and Lucy), and tells the story of a disinterested priest who seeks out his old high school classmate, with whom he embarks on a disastrous canoeing trip. Hit the jump to check out the images, as well as a brief synopsis for the film.  The 2011 Sundance Film Festival runs from January 20 – 30th.

Jody Hill Exclusive Interview EASTBOUND & DOWN

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Eastbound & Down. If you’re not excited for the second season, then maybe it’s time to catch up with Kenny Powers (as played by the always amazing Danny McBride). The first season follows Powers – a one-time champion baseball player who’s pissed away his career and savings on drugs and women – as he’s forced to move in with his brother and work as a P.E. teacher, and is trying desperately to get back in the game. The second season finds him in Mexico, starting the new season as a cock fighter who is lured back in to playing baseball for a rinky-dink Mexican team.

One of the key creative figures behind the show is writer-director Jody Hill. Hill caught the attention of Will Ferrell and Adam McKay with his film The Foot Fist Way, and it launched both Hill and McBride into the mainstream. McBride has been playing comic support for many in the Ferrell and Apatow-centric comedies, while Hill directed the cult classic Observe and Report. But the two found their greatest success with this HBO show. And with season two starting up this Sunday September 26 at 10:30 pm, the very friendly Hill sat down for a half hour to talk about the show, its fans and what’s next for him and for Kenny Powers. As for the discussion, the only real spoilers are casting-based (if you don’t know who’s in the season, I guess that can be a spoiler). My interview with Jody Hill follows after the jump.


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One of the things I love about Danny McBride is how he variates his essential comic character. McBride usually plays one form of white trash or another but The Foot Fist Way’s Fred Simmons is different than Kenny Powers. Fred Simmons never had his lifestyle challenged, even with the Chuck “The Truck” stuff. Both men are delusional, but Fred managed to the big fish in a small pond. Kenny Powers, the main character of Eastbound and Down, was a superstar, and he’s still got the swagger way after he lost his arm, and his money. It’s a different sort of delusion, someone desperately clinging to the illusion that they’re still hot shit, which is different than someone who achieved something more than being the king of the demo. More after the jump:

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