Ryan Reynolds is a CRIMINAL; Kathryn Hahn and Steve Zahn Meet CAPTAIN FANTASTIC; Jennifer Connelly Goes AMERICAN PASTORAL; Elijah Wood Joins THE LAST WITCH HUNTER

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Here’s another casting roundup for you guys:

  • Ryan Reynolds has joined the all-star cast of Criminal for Iceman director Ariel Vromen.
  • Jennifer Connelly has signed onto director Phillip Noyce’s America Pastoral, an adaptation of a Philip Roth novel.
  • Steve ZahnKathryn HahnMissi Pyle and Frank Langella (and others) have joined Viggo Mortensen in Captain Fantastic for writer/director Matt Ross.
  • Elijah Wood will co-star in The Last Witch Hunter with Vin Diesel, Rose Leslie and Michael Caine for director Breck Eisner.

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Teaser Trailer for KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM Starring Ryan Kwanten and Peter Dinklage

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Director Joe Lynch’s (Wrong Turn 2) horror comedy Knights of Badassdom is finally set for release early next year, but as it turns out it might be incorrect to credit the film to Lynch.  The film, which is set in the world of LARPers (Live-Action Role Players) and revolves around a group accidentally summoning a blood-thirsty demon, ran into problems in post-production when the pic was taken away from Lynch and a 70-minute cut was created by the owner of the film’s production company.  eOne has acquired the film for distribution and released an announcement trailer, but it appears that, sadly, the film they’re releasing is not Lynch’s cut.  That’s unfortunate, because the footage we saw at Comic-Con two years ago looked like a lot of fun.  Hopefully Lynch’s version will see the light of day at some point.

Hit the jump to watch the announcement teaser trailer.  The film stars Ryan Kwanten, Peter Dinklage, Steve Zahn, Jimmy Simpson, and Summer GlauKnights of Badassdom will be available in theaters via TUGG starting January 21, 2014 and will be released on VOD February 11, 2014.

TV Casting: Will Arnett to Headline Greg Garcia’s CBS Sitcom; Steve Zahn to Star in Kyle Killen’s INFLUENCE; Rachel Lefevre Joins UNDER THE DOME

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will arnett steve zahn rachel lefevre

A brief roundup of a few TV casting reports:

  • Will Arnett has signed on to star in the untitled CBS sitcom created by Greg Garcia (Raising Hope).  Not a great sign for Arnett’s current obligation, Up All Night.
  • Steve Zahn will star in Influence, the latest drama from Kyle Killen (Awake)
  • Rachel Lefevre is now the female lead in the CBS series adaptation of Stephen King‘s Under the Dome.

Hit the jump for details on each project.

3 Clips and 5 New Character Posters from ESCAPE FROM PLANET EARTH, Opening February 15th

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We have three new clips and five character posters to share from Cal Brunker’s animated sci-fi family film, Escape from Planet Earth.  Brendan Fraser and Rob Corddry voice two alien brothers who get into all sorts of hijinks when a mission leads them to the notoriously dangerous title planet.

Also featuring the voices of Jane Lynch, Craig Robinson, George Lopez, Sofia Vergara, Steve Zahn, Chris Parnell, Jonath Morgan Heit, James Corden, Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker and William ShatnerEscape from Planet Earth opens February 15th.  Hit the jump to check out the clips and posters.

TREME Season Three Preview

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Your heart aches, your toe taps … it’s Treme time!  HBO generously sent out the first four episodes of the returning David Simon-helmed New Orleans drama, and even though just the premiere episode would have sufficed in proving that the show just keeps getting better and better, it was nice to really get immersed back into its world.  Immersion is key with Treme, because the series is essentially a collection of vignettes about different aspects of New Orleans life, often with vague threads holding them together.  Initially the idea for the series was pitched to HBO pre-Katrina, and was meant to be just about the cities musicians, which still remains a strong theme in the current show.  But after Katrina the series obviously gained traction for a different reason, and there are few who would have handled the material so truthfully and so well as David Simon, who has created a number of critically-acclaimed dramas for the network (The WireThe Corner and the greatly under-appreciated Generation Kill).

Despite a general love for New Orleans and such inherently compelling subject matter, the series has never taken off with viewers.  Numbers for the series are low, and it rarely enters the awards race (which of course isn’t much of a benchmark of quality since The Wire was never honored either, but nevertheless).  So what is it about Treme that makes it such a difficult series?  Hit the jump for some thoughts on the highs and lows of Treme, and why it is ultimately worth sticking around for.

Treme Season 2 DVD Review

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treme kim dickens

The first season of Treme faced the unique challenge of making New Orleans approachable for outsiders.  Viewers had to be immersed (and entertained) in a world with hurricane aftermath, generations of racial tension and an exclusive music scene. Somehow David Simon successfully ushered audiences through this unfamiliar landscape, much like he did with The Wire, also for HBO. After a critically adored first season, Simon and company expanded on their Louisianan universe with another compelling eleven episodes. Continue reading for my full review.

TREME Season 1 DVD Review

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New Orleans as a setting is a tough place for outsiders. Between the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, generations of racial tension and the hyper-exclusive music scene, the world of New Orleans could be very intimidating to viewers. But if there was one man who could help usher audiences into this unfamiliar landscape, it was David Simon. After taking viewers through the gritty Baltimore crime scene for 5 years on The Wire, Simon returned to TV with HBO’s Treme. Following the lives of dozens of people in the Treme district of post-Katrina New Orleans, the show introduces viewers to all different walks of life and the things that connect them. Less explosive and more of a slow burn,Treme is still another Simon triumph. Continue reading for my full review.

David Simon Interview TREME

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David Simon image slice.jpg

Treme is the new HBO drama series set in post-Katrina New Orleans. From executive producer David Simon (best known for his work on The Wire), the 10-episode first season follows musicians (Wendell Pierce), chefs (Kim Dickens), Mardi Gras Indians (Clark Peters) and ordinary New Orleanians (including Khandi Alexander, Steve Zahn, Melissa Leo and John Goodman), as they try to rebuild their lives, their homes and their unique culture in the aftermath of the 2005 hurricane and the levee failure that caused the near-death of an American city.

At its heart, Treme, named for the New Orleans neighborhood where jazz was invented, is a series about the people and the culture that survived and, at times, it is so authentic and raw that you forget you’re watching actors merely speaking from a script.

We recently spoke to show co-creator/writer David Simon, about his passion for the unique and eccentric city, how he sees it taking four or five years to tell the story of these characters on Treme and how he could never work in network television. Check out what he had to say after the jump:

New Trailer, Images, and Featurette for HBO’s TREME, the New Orleans Series from WIRE Creator David Simon

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Early in the new year we got our first look at the teaser trailer for Treme, the upcoming series from The Wire creator David Simon.  Consisting mostly of slow pans about New Orleans, it didn’t reveal much, though the scattering of various instruments hinted at the musical nature of the show.  HBO has released a new trailer that imparts all sorts of great imagery, though it still doesn’t reveal much about the narrative–we’ll let the logline do that: the show “explores the lives of several struggling musicians and other New Orleans locals in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina”.  The new trailer rather beautifully lingers on said musicians dancing and parading through the street amid the destruction, and gives us a look at cast members Steve Zahn, John Goodman, Wendell Pierce, Clarke Peters, Khandi Alexander, and Rob Brown (among others), plus an Elvis Costello cameo.  The 1:37 clip is often reminiscent of the mostly headless “Way Down in the Hole” montages that primed the viewer for each episode of The Wire.

The show’s debut date of April 11 is now less than a month away, so get excited.  Hit the jump to check out the trailer and the full plot synopsis.

WWII in HD Blu-ray Review

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WW2 in HD image  (10).jpg

The History Channel’s WWII in HD is an epic ten-part documentary that comprehensively details America’s participation in the Second World War. It originally aired from November 15 to November 19, 2009 before being released on Blu-ray and DVD. It features ten hours’ worth of rare and never-before-seen color footage shot across the globe throughout WWII, all of which has been converted for presentation in glorious HD. And you NEED to watch it on Blu-ray. Hit the jump for more.


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A Perfect Getaway movie image Milla Jovovich and Steve Zahn (1).jpgWriter/Director David Twohy sure knows his way around a high concept. His previous directorial efforts Pitch Black, and the Darren Aronofsky scripted, Below demonstrate him to be a master of creating tension in small spaces. The man knows how to develop unconventional characters and wring every ounce of tension out of a situation. Of course, when he is given a bigger palette the results are more mixed. Sometimes you get The Arrival, sometimes you get Chronicles of Riddick.

His latest film, A Perfect Getaway falls into the latter category. Fortunately it is also his most satisfying entry into the more-than-one-primary-location genre of filmmaking, at least until the final 20 minutes.  More after the jump:

A PERFECT GETAWAY Unrated Director’s Cut Blu-ray Review

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A Perfect Getaway movie image Milla Jovovich and Steve Zahn (1).jpgThe problem with the thriller is that formalists like Brian De Palma and Bryan Singer have spoiled them for normal people and critics. We expect our genre entries to confound us, or at the very east to be deconstructions of the genre. Forget dramatic irony, we want expert sequences, and tension to abound. And so David Twohy deserves some credit for what he attempts in A Perfect Getaway. He is aware of genre constructs and addresses them, but he does so in such a way that when he removes the tablecloth and the plates are still standing, no one’s so much impressed as ready for the third act. My review of A Perfect Getaway after the jump, jump (please continue).

Jonathon Schaech and Kiele Sanchez Red Carpet Interviews from A PERFECT GETAWAY Premiere

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Johnathon Schaech and Kiele Sanchez.jpg

Last night I covered the premiere of “A Perfect Getaway” in Hollywood. While I already posted my interviews with Steve Zahn, Timothy Olyphant and Writer/Director David Twohy, I’ve got two more and they’re with Kiele Sanchez and Jonathon Schaech.

In the film, Kiele plays one of the people who may or may not be the murderer. Jonathon, on the other hand, was attending the premiere to support his “That Thing You Do” friend Steve Zahn. Actually, since most of “The Wonders” were at the premiere last night, I asked if they were playing. Check out both interviews after the jump:

Exclusive: Steve Zahn talks about David Simon’s New HBO Series TREME

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Steve Zahn.jpg

If you’re a fan of David Simon (“Homicide”, “The Wire”, “Generation Kill”), you’re really going to enjoy the interview I did with Steve Zahn at the premiere of his new movie “A Perfect Getaway”. That’s because after talking about the film, he told me a ton of info about David’s new show which he’s a part of. The big info is the pilot is done and they start filming the first season this November! If you haven’t heard of the show yet, Steve says “Treme” is about the rebuilding of New Orleans right after Katrina through the eyes of the musicians. He says he play’s a DJ/musician named Davis that’s the voice of the jazz scene. He also talked about how badly he wanted to work for David Simon. Watch the full interview after the jump:

A PERFECT GETAWAY Trailer – Thriller Stars Steve Zahn, Milla Jovovich And Timothy Olyphant

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A Perfect Getaway movie image Milla Jovovich.jpgA young couple honeymoons in Hawaii and, because they’re fun-loving adventurous types, they decide to skip the room service and backpack instead to a completely isolated beach.  Stop me when you’ve heard this one before.  This brief synopsis is the opening to the new thriller from Rogue Pictures called “A Perfect Getaway”  and in case you can’t see the rest of the synopsis coming – bad stuff is about to go down on that beach.

“A Perfect Getaway” stars Steve Zahn and Milla Jovovich as the aforementioned fun-lovers and Timothy Olyphant and Kiele Sanchez as the mysterious “other couple” in this well-worn suspense-thriller scenario.  Even if I’m relatively sure where this “Getaway” is headed, the trailer makes it look like an enjoyable trip to take.  It’s always fun to watch Jovovich kick and scream and nobody does cool and menacing as well as Timothy Olyphant.  Whether audiences will buy Steve Zahn as a dramatic hero or not is the film’s only question mark.

“A Perfect Getaway” opens on August 15th.  Check out trailer and some new images from the movie after the jump.

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