Santa Returns to Haunt Your Dreams in the Christmas Horror Movie Remake SILENT NIGHT

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Many children around the world can’t sleep on Christmas Eve because of the excitement that Santa Claus brings; I couldn’t sleep for fear he’d murder me with an axe.  That’s part of being brought up with classic horror movies such as Tri-Star Pictures’ 1984 Silent Night, Deadly Night.  Now, Anchor Bay would like to re-awaken my old nightmares as they’ve picked up rights to Silent Night, a modern interpretation based loosely on the original.  The picture, from The Genre Company and Inferno’s Ember Productions, was scripted by Jayson Rothwell (The Order of the Seven) and will be directed by Steven C. Miller (The Aggression Scale).  Silent Night will also star Malcolm McDowell (Halloween) as Sheriff Cooper, “a small-town hero ready for some big-time action.”  Hit the jump for more on Silent Night.


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If the folks behind Funny or Die did an R-rated spoof of Home Alone, their parody would most likely bear a passing resemblance to Steven C. Miller‘s The Aggression Scale.  The home-invasion thriller isn’t owned by Chris Columbus’ 1990 family comedy, but when you make a blond pre-teen kid the defender of the home, the comparison is inevitable.  While a darker Home Alone with R-rated violence may seem like a promising prospect, The Aggression Scale seems stuck at “insane badass kid dishes out bloody vengeance.”  Although Miller opens his movie with a bravura opening sequence and manages to hold on to some semblance of tension, the thrills die down by giving Superboy all the power.


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From director Steven C. Miller (Automaton Transfusion) comes The Aggression Scale, the story of a war between four heavily armed hitmen and two teenagers over $500,000 in cash. Though the action thriller is set to premiere at this year’s SXSW Film Festival, Anchor Bay has preemptively picked up the rights. Screening as part of the Midnighter lineup, The Aggression Scale has been described as “A History of Violence with teens as the lead roles” and is “in the spirit of the 1980s canon.” Written by Ben Powell (Satanic), the film stars Ray Wise (RoboCop), Dana Ashbrook (Twin Peaks) and Derek Mears (Predators) in addition to an up-and-coming young cast. I wasn’t convinced to pay this film any attention until I watched the brutal trailer. Do yourself a favor and hit the jump to check it out.

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