Director Baltasar Kormakur Talks 2 GUNS Starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg

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One of the many films opening next summer is director Baltasar Kormákur‘s (The Deep, Contraband) 2 Guns.  Based on the Boom! Studios Graphic Novels by Steven Grant, 2 Guns is an action flick that stars Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg as operatives from competing government bureaus who are disavowed and forced to go on the run together after a mission goes wrong.  The film also stars Paula Patton, Bill Paxton, James Marsden, Fred Ward and Edward James Olmos.

Recently I sat down with Kormákur for an extended video interview and he gave me an update on the project.  He says he’s trying to get Clinton Shorter to do the score, he’s in the middle of editing (he’s turning in his director’s cut around Christmas) and the current cut is about 2 hours 10 minutes, trimmed down from 2 hours 25 minutes.  When I asked him to describe the film, he pitched it as a pulpy comic adaptation that’s “probably closer to 48 Hrs. than Bad Boys.“  He also told me his contract says 2 Guns will be R-rated, but he will only make it R if it makes the movie better.  He doesn’t mind cutting an F-word.  In addition, when I asked him to compare it to Contraband, he said 2 Guns relies less on big action, “hopefully there is more fun in the action than necessarily big explosions.”  Hit the jump for more.

First Look at Denzel Washington in 2 GUNS

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The first unofficial images of Denzel Washington, shiny of tooth and spiffy of hat, on the set of 2 Guns have made it to the Web.  Based on the pulpy Steven Grant comic, it stars Washington as Trench (a DEA agent) and Mark Wahlberg as Steadman (a naval officer), who team up to rip off the mob.  Neither realizes the other is undercover nor that they’re actually being set up to steal from the CIA.  Wahlberg’s Contraband director Baltasar Kormakur is helming the pic, which is described (in the novel, at least) as “a light-hearted crime romp in the vein of Ocean’s Thirteen and The Italian Job.”  The solid supporting cast includes Edward James Olmos as a villainous drug lord, Paula Patton as Washington’s fellow DEA agent and love interest, Bill Paxton as a high-ranking CIA operative and James Marsden as a naval commander. The script comes from Blake Masters (Showtime’s Brotherhood). Hit the jump to check out the pics.

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