Tom Hardy to Star in BBC Miniseries, TABOO

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When he’s not putting on a mask and taking on the Batman, we don’t hear too much about Tom Hardy stateside.  That’s unfortunate, because he continues to churn out incredible work.  His latest feature film effort, Locke, which opens here on April 25th, was written and directed by Steven Knight.  Knight is also the creator of the early 20th century gangster series Peaky Blinders, which just added Hardy in a second season role.  See the pattern yet?  Well, Knight also provided the pen behind Taboo, an eight-episode drama series for the BBC that has Hardy attached to star.  Hit the jump for more on the Taboo miniseries.

Brad Pitt Can’t Get Enough of World War II Movies; Might Star in Untitled WWII Film from EASTERN PROMISES Screenwriter

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I’d be curious to find out if Brad Pitt has a particular connection to World War II because he might be starring in a third film that takes place in that setting.  In 2010, he starred in Inglourious Basterds; this year, he’ll be leading David Ayer‘s WWII tank film Fury; and now he might have an untitled romantic thriller in the cards.  According to Deadline, Pitt is circling an untitled WWII movie written by Steven Knight (Eastern Promises).  Additionally, Deadline is hearing “it’s serious and that a big director will be set with an eye toward starting production early next year.”

Keep in mind that Pitt is always in demand, which means he has the power to be very selective in his projects.  He’s being eyed for Go Like Hell, he could do Pontius Pilate, and then the big one is a sequel to World War Z, which is the most likely contender since he’s also a producer on that film.  It will be interesting to see what he takes as his follow-up to Fury, which opens on November 14th.

New Trailer, Images, and Poster for LOCKE Starring Tom Hardy

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A24 Films has released the U.S. trailer for writer/director Steven Knight’s thriller Locke.  The film stars Tom Hardy as Ivan Locke, a man driving to London in the middle of the night to take responsibility for a mistake he made, and as a consequence, trying to handle the personal and professional reverberations of his decision. All of the action of the film takes place within the confines of the car during Locke’s drive, which is quite a tricky conceit to keep compelling for the length of a feature film.  By all accounts, though, Knight has succeeded, as Matt called the film “surprisingly captivating” in his review.  This trailer showcases the immense amount of pressure that Locke is under as well as Hardy’s intense performance, and it certainly looks to be engaging stuff.

Hit the jump to check out the new trailer, images, and poster.  Locke opens on April 25th.

Sundance 2014: LOCKE Review

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When a film is executed under a series of conditions, it can feel like an exercise.  It can come off like a director running a test rather than telling a story.  But we also know that restrictions can spur creativity and yield unexpected results.  Steven Knight’s Locke sets its conditions: a story told in real time where the protagonist is stuck behind the wheel of a constantly moving car, he’s the only character on screen, and he only talks to other characters over the phone.  Under these conditions, Knight and star Tom Hardy have created a surprisingly captivating picture where adultery and concrete maintenance carry the same dramatic weight.

Chloe Grace Moretz to Star in Sacha Gervasi’s NOVEMBER CRIMINALS

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With her latest film Carrie arriving in theaters shortly, Chloe Grace Moretz is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  The Wrap reports that the actress has signed on to star in the adaptation of the Sam Munson novel November Criminals, which Sacha Gervasi (Anvil! The Story of Anvil) has rewritten and will direct.  The story takes place in Washington D.C. and revolves around a rebellious teenager who takes it upon himself to lead the investigation into the murder of a classmate.  Moretz will play the female lead role of Phoebe, and Gervasi is currently in the process of casting the male lead.

Steven Knight (Eastern Promises) wrote the script, and November Criminals will mark Gervasi’s second narrative feature film as a director after last year’s Hitchcock.  Moretz recently wrapped a role in Lynn Shelton’s Laggies and another opposite Denzel Washington in The Equalizer.  The actress is currently filming Dark Places with Charlize Theron.  Hit the jump for a synopsis of November Criminals.


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Sometimes a film perfectly fits into current events.  The filmmakers can perhaps glean the zeitgeist, but there’s no way of knowing that the release of the finished product will coincide with the day’s headlines.  John Crowley‘s Closed Circuit could clearly see the privacy-versus-security argument through the Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV) that dominate London.  Someone is always watching, and that’s supposed to lower crime, but it can also be seen as a way of seeing every citizen as a potential criminal or victim.  Crowley and screenwriter Steven Knight couldn’t have known that someone like Edward Snowden would come forward and reveal a massive surveillance program being conducted by the NSA and CIA.  They also couldn’t know that the partner of the journalist who assisted Snowden would be detained at the airport by British authorities several months later.  With Closed Circuit, Crowley hasn’t just made a tense, mature thriller, but one where the story’s immediacy is felt throughout.

First Clip from Steven Knight’s LOCKE Starring Tom Hardy

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The first clip has been released for Steven Knight‘s (Redemption) upcoming film, Locke.  The real-time thriller stars Tom Hardy as Ivan Locke, “a man on the road to success who must race to save his life from unraveling after he receives a mysterious phone call.”  It sounds like a gripping, intense picture, but that doesn’t really come across in this clip.  It has nice cinematography, but the clip involves Locke asking to have an important discussion regarding concrete.  There’s a bit of intrigue on the other end of the line, but it’s barely there.  However, it’s sometimes better to obfuscate, and I’ll be eager to hear the word on the movie when it debuts at the Venice Film Festival on September 2nd.

Hit the jump to check out the clip along with a statement about the picture from Knight.

Trailer for HUMMINGBIRD Starring Jason Statham

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A trailer has been released for Steven Knight‘s Hummingbird.  The film stars Jason Statham as “Joey, ex-special forces soldier who winds up homeless after going on the run from a court marshal. Joey then steals another man’s identity and befriends a nun (Agata Buzek).”  It’s become increasingly easy to write off Statham’s movies because he basically plays the same character: The Guy You Don’t Hunt or Betray or Else He’ll Kick Your Ass.  However, this trailer for Hummingbird looks surprisingly dramatic, and while I can’t help but giggle at Statham’s long-hair wig, Knight’s film could be a more than welcome change of pace for the actor.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.  Hummingbird opens in the UK on May 17th.

Tom Hardy to Star in Steven Knight’s Real-Time Thriller LOCKE

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Tom Hardy is set to lead the real-time thriller, Locke.  Written and directed by Steven Knight (writer of Eastern Promises), the 90-minute film “follows a man on the road to success who must race to save his life from unraveling after he receives a mysterious phone call.”  The greatest of all real-time thrillers is High Noon (it’s a western, but it’s also a thriller), but recent attempts like Nick of Time and Phone Booth have never really lived up to their hook.  At the very least, Locke has a compelling actor with Hardy, so hopefully Locke will be able to live up to the potential of its premise.

According to Screen Daily, filming begins later this month in London.  Hardy recently signed on to co-star with Noomi Rapace in both Child 44 and an adaptation of Dennis Lehane‘s Animal Rescue.  Since shooting begins soon on Locke, Hardy should still be able to do his films with Rapace.

Focus Films Reneges on EASTERN PROMISES 2

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As recently as June, we posted that David Cronenberg was returning to direct Eastern Promises 2, starring Viggo Mortensen and possibly Vincent Cassel.  While things looked to be moving ahead in a positive direction only a short while ago, the production has taken a turn for the worse (or better if you weren’t looking forward to the sequel).  Apparently, the decision has come down from the Focus Features studio to scrap the project, even though production was scheduled to begin in October.  Hit the jump to hear the explanation on the about face from Cronenberg himself. 

Cillian Murphy To Star In British Miniseries PEAKY BLINDERS Written by Steven Knight

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Cillian Murphy (Inception) is set to star in an upcoming six-part BBC2 miniseries, written by Steven Knight (Eastern Promises).  The immensely talented Irish actor Murphy will be playing a ruthless gangster (Cillian Murphy playing a bad guy? Ya don’t say!) in the period drama, called Peaky Blinders, which sounds more like an exposé on Peeping Toms than anything.

Apparently though, the title is a reference to the gangster family’s penchant for sewing razor blades into the peaks of their caps.  Murphy will play Tommy, the leader of a gang of brutal brothers who rule the post-war slums of 1919 Birmingham, England, while returning soldiers, revolutionaries and criminals fight to survive.  For more on the project, hit the jump.

Vincent Cassel in Talks to Join Viggo Mortensen for EASTERN PROMISES Sequel [Update: David Cronenberg Will Direct]

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It appears that the Eastern Promises sequel that’s been brewing for the last few years is finally happening.  Director David Cronenberg’s 2007 crime drama was extremely well received upon release, and talk then turned to a possible sequel with star Viggo Mortensen returning.  As early as last November Cronenberg was talking about the positive chances of a sequel happening, and now it appears that things are moving full-speed ahead.  However, Cronenberg apparently won’t be returning as director this time.  Vulture reports that not only is co-star Vincent Cassel in negotiations to return for the follow-up, but screenwriter Steven Knight will be taking over the director’s chair.  Hit the jump for more.

[Update: Vulture has corrected their report to say that Cronenberg will indeed direct the sequel, not Knight]

DreamWorks and Working Title Set Steven Knight to Write New Adaptation of REBECCA

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A new version of Rebecca is on its way courtesy of DreamWorks and Working Title. The Gothic novel by Daphne Du Maurier was famously adapted into a Best Picture winner by Alfred Hitchcock in 1940, and now Showblitz reports that Eastern Promises scribe Steven Knight has been tapped to pen a new adaptation. Knight will return to Du Maurier’s novel for the update, which centers on a young woman who marries a rich widower, only to find that her husband’s late wife still haunts their mansion estate. I’m not the biggest fan of Du Maurier’s novel, but there’s something encouraging about the fact that DreamWorks and Working Title are bent on making a Gothic drama. Though in lesser hands Rebecca could easily turn into a cheap spook-fest, Knight is a promising addition. In a film landscape filled with sequels and explosions, I’m pulling for something different with Rebecca.

Obviously it’s early in the game, so no director is attached at the moment. Knight has written a few high profile scripts as of late, including the Dan Brown adaptation The Lost Symbol and an untitled thriller starring Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall. He’s set to make his directorial debut on the thriller Hummingbird with Jason Statham in the lead. Hit the jump to read a synopsis for Du Maurier’s Rebecca.

Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall to Star in Untitled International Thriller

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Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall are set to team up for an untitled international suspense thriller. Focus Features and Working Title films are set to produce the flick, with Boy A helmer John Crowley onboard to direct. The film centers on two ex-lovers who “find their loyalties tested and their lives at risk when they are joined together on the defense team in a terrorism trial.” The film is described as a nail-biting thriller that also plays as an emotional roller coaster. Bana and Hall are stellar performers and the script comes from Eastern Promises scribe Steven Knight, so this one has the ingredients for quite the flick. Production is set to begin in April.

Bana has a number of projects on the horizon, including the thriller Blackbird, the heist pic Brilliant, and he’s next set to play Elvis Presley in Elvis & Nixon. As for Hall, she’ll next be seen in Stephen Frears’ gambling dramedy Lay the Favorite.  Hit the jump for the press release.

Mark Romanek the Frontrunner to Direct Adaptation of Dan Brown’s THE LOST SYMBOL

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I don’t know if this news should make me excited or sad.  Deadline reports that talented director Mark Romanek (Never Let Me Go) is the frontrunner to helm the adaptation of Dan Brown’s latest Robert Langdon novel The Lost Symbol.  Ron Howard directed the prior Langdon books The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons.  Both movies took themselves far too seriously and also suffered from being based on awful books.  I haven’t picked up The Lost Symbol because I don’t really care what exposition machine and master of trivial history Robert Langdon has to spew for 528 pages.

Hit the jump for more on the film along with a synopsis.

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