Could Guillermo del Toro Develop HEAVEN SENT and Bring the DC Comics Characters Swamp Thing, Deadman, Etrigan the Demon and More to the Screen?

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In the craziest news since Disney bought Star Wars, there’s a rumor on a new project being conceived by director Guillermo del Toro, one that will bring together some of DC Comics most supernatural heroes.  Titled Heaven Sent, del Toro is reportedly bringing together a slew of magical DC characters, including Swamp Thing, Deadman, Constantine Hellblazer and Etrigan the Demon.  Details are non-existent beyond this being an interest of del Toro’s at the moment, but at least it’s something for fans to look forward to.  Hit the jump to see what other characters might appear in Heaven Sent, along with reactions to del Toro’s Pacific Rim and the chances for a sequel. 


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Producer Joel Silver Logans Run Swamp Thing slice

After seeing just one still of the movie in a trade paper, and then being sent the finished film, producer Joel Silver thought it was so effective that he ended up acquiring the rights to the horror feature Splice. Although he was always open to the possibility, acquiring an already-finished product was something he had never done before, under his Dark Castle banner.

While at the press day for the disturbing thriller, which stars Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody, the prolific producer also discussed a long list of other projects that he currently has in various stages, including Unknown White Male, The Apparition, The Factory and Project X.  He also talked about the disappointing box office for The Losers, his hopes to get Logan’s Run and Forbidden Planet into production, what’s holding up Swamp Thing and his thoughts on 3-D, as well as confirming that he is no longer working with The Wachowskis. Check out what he had to say after the jump.

Akiva Goldsman talks LOBO, SWAMP THING and Says He Might Direct WINTER’S TALE

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Akiva Goldsman talks LOBO, SWAMP THING and Says He Might Direct WINTERS TALE.jpg

Akiva Goldsman is a very busy man. He’s also someone that fandom has never been happy with. That’s because as the producer or screenwriter of films like “Batman Forever”, “Lost in Space”, “The Da Vinci Code”, “I Am Legend”, “Angels & Demons”, and “Hancock”, he’s easily pointed at for problems with the adaptations. But no matter what fandom thinks, the films he’s involved with make tons of money, so he’s not going anywhere.

Anyway, he’s currently developing movie versions of “Lobo” and “Swamp Thing”, and he might direct his first feature and it’s looking like it’ll be “Winter’s Tale”, which is Mark Helprin’s 1983 fantasy about an alternate-history New York, a thief and flying white horse. So if you’re curious about any of the projects, hit the jump to read what he had to say:

Producer Joel Silver is Developing SWAMP THING in 3D!

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Joel Silver Swamp Thing slice.jpg

Just an hour ago I participated in a press conference with producer Joel Silver for his new movie “Whiteout”. While Joel has a ton of projects in development on his IMDB page, he talked about a new one today. When he was asked about his thoughts on 3D and would he want to make any of his movies in the format he said, “I’m developing a picture now that I’d like to do…I’ll hopefully do Swamp Thing, which is a movie we’ve had for a long time. We think that would be great to do in 3D. There are a couple of projects I’m thinking about (for the format) but not everything.”

When the press conference ended, I managed to get another question in and I asked him if there was any truth to the Wachowski Brothers being involved in “Superman”. It’s after the jump:

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