ASCENSION Review: Syfy’s Newest Series Goes Retro

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Imagining the Syfy pitch meeting for Ascension writes itself: “Mad Menin spaaaaaaace!“  It’s an easy sell.  Ascension follows the crew of an American space ark, sent on a 100-year journey in the 1960s, to find and populate a new planet.  In this telling, President Kennedy thought the Cold War might get hot, and wanted Americans to be able to find a way out.  The program was designed for sacrifice — it would be the grandchildren, or beyond, of the original crew, who would end up on this new world, but it was all for the ultimate support of the mission.  Now, 51-years into the journey, the ship has its first murder, and the cracks in the ship’s idyllic, Truman Show-esque setting are starting to show.  Hit the jump for why, “we don’t have infinity, we have the ship.  We were born in it, and we will die in it.”

Syfy and David S. Goyer Developing Superman Prequel Series KRYPTON

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One of the best sequences in 2013’s Superman redo Man of Steel was the extended Krypton-set portion of the film.  Director Zack Snyder brought Superman’s home world to life in vivid, thrilling detail, complete with Russell Crowe riding (and jumping off of) a flying dragonbeast.  The superhero genre isn’t only dominating the moviegoing marketplace, but it has now invaded the TV world as well with shows like Arrow, The Flash, and Gotham, and now Syfy is looking to blend the popularity of superheroes with that fantastic Man of Steel sequence in a new Krypton TV series, which will tell the story of Superman’s grandfather.  More after the jump.

Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions to Adapt Arthur C. Clarke’s 3001: THE FINAL ODYSSEY into Syfy Miniseries

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Arthur C. Clarke‘s 1968 novel 2001: A Space Odyssey was adapted into a classic film by Stanley Kubrick.  The second novel, 2010: Odyssey Two became a cinematic footnote with 1984′s 2010: The Year We Make Contact.  Now the final part of Clarke’s Odyssey trilogy, 3001: The Final Odyssey, will be hitting the screen, but not for theaters.  Syfy has announced that they’ve teamed with Ridley Scott‘s Scott Free Productions to adapt the final book in Clarke’s sci-fi series, which begins with the discovery of Frank Poole’s frozen body floating in space.  From there, the story “offers an extraordinary range of complex characters with conflicting agendas, stunning visuals, and dark thematic meditations on the final fate of all Humankind.”  Stuart Beattie (Collateral) will write and the executive produce the miniseries.

While Syfy gets a lot of attention for their campy fare like Sharknado, I’m glad to see the network go for heavier material like this and their upcoming series based on 12 Monkeys.  Hit the jump to check out the press release.

New 12 MONKEYS TV Series Trailer Tells Us We’re All Already Dead

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SyFy has released a new trailer for their upcoming TV series adaptation of 12 Monkeys.  The story follows a time traveler (Aaron Stanford of X2 fame) from a post-apocalyptic future who appears in present day with a mission to destroy the source of a deadly plague that will one day annihilate the human race.  While the show will lack the distinct style of Terry Gilliam’s 1995 film, it still looks like an interesting time-travel film, and certainly more in the serious mold of SyFy’s better series.  This isn’t a story that can only be told one way, and I’m curious to see what the TV series will do with it.

Hit the jump to check out the 12 Monkeys TV series trailer.  The show premieres at 9pm on January 16, 2015, and also stars Amanda Schull, Kirk AcevedoBarbara Sukowa, Noah Bean, Tom Noonan, Emily Hampshire, and Zeljko Ivanek.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to Develop Sci-Fi Espionage Series INCORPORATED for Syfy

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Even though Matt Damon and Ben Affleck aren’t usually associated with science fiction—Damon has a small role in The Zero Theorem and Affleck has Paycheck—the duo will be developing the sci-fi espionage thriller Incorporated for Syfy.  Per the press release, the show is “set in a world where corporations have seemingly unlimited power. This will be the story of one man’s efforts to beat the system.”  A world where corporations have seemingly unlimited power?  That’s preposterous!  I don’t know if anyone can buy a series that’s set in a world that sounds exactly like our world.

David and Alex Pastor (The Last Days) will write the pilot. Ted Humphrey (The Good Wife) will serve as executive producer/showrunner, with Damon, Affleck and Jennifer Todd also executive producing.  Pearl Street Film’s Margaret Chernin will serve as associate producer.  Hit the jump for the press release.

First ASCENSION Trailer Reveals the Starship Launched to Save the Human Race

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Killer Women came and went pretty fast, but Tricia Helfer’s got another series on the way and it looks far more promising.  Ascension is a six-hour mini-series that goes down on a starship carrying 600 people on a mission to save the human race by populating a new world.  Helfer plays Viondra Denniger, a beautiful but manipulative power broker aboard the starship Ascension.

The show’s very first trailer just dropped and even though the piece is only 30 seconds long, it still offers up a fairly comprehensive sense of the Ascension’s mission as well as an effective tease of what sends it into chaos.  Hit the jump to check out the Ascension trailer for yourself.  The mini-series debuts on Syfy on November 24th at 9/8c and also stars Brian Van HoltAndrea RothBrandon P. BellTiffany Lonsdale and PJ Boudousque.

Showrunner Karl Schaeffer Talks Z NATION, Biggest Challenges, What Makes These Zombies Different, and More

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z nation

The new Syfy series Z Nation is set three years after the zombie virus has gutted the country and a team of everyday heroes must transport the only known survivor of the plague from New York to California, where the last functioning viral lab waits for his blood, in the hopes of using it to make a vaccine.  With the human race’s survival at stake, a ragtag group of individuals embarks on a journey of survival across three thousand miles of post-apocalyptic America.  The show stars Harold Perrineau, Tom Everett Scott, DJ Qualls, Michael Welch, Kellita Smith, Anastasia Baranova, Russell Hodgkinson and Keith Allan.

During this recent interview to promote the show’s premiere, showrunner/executive producer Karl Schaeffer talked about how this show is different from other shows like it, some of the biggest challenges they’ve faced, cranking out all of the make-up effects, what makes these zombies different, the importance of humor, that they have a five-year story arc, love interests, upcoming guest characters, and why zombies are so popular in our culture.  Check out what he had to say after the jump.

I ORIGINS Director Mike Cahill to Helm THE MAGICIANS TV Show Pilot

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The Magicians TV show is finally taking shape.  Just after the third and final book in author Lev Grossman’s phenomenal The Magicians trilogy debuted atop the New York Times Bestseller list, THR reports that Another Earth and I Origins filmmaker Mike Cahill has been tapped to helm the pilot for Syfy’s TV series adaptation.  Crudely described as “Harry Potter for adults”, the books revolve around a group of twentysomethings who, after graduating from a secret magician school hidden away in New York, discover that the magical fantasy world they read about as kids is real and poses a grave danger.  The books—The Magicians, The Magician King, and The Magician’s Land—are tremendous, and essentially tackle the premise with a realistic “what would really happen” bent, delving deep into issues of depression, loss, love, and friendship.  Seriously, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Hit the jump for more on The Magicians TV show.

12 MONKEYS TV Show Trailer: Terry Gilliam’s Twisted Film Gets the TV Treatment on Syfy

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Syfy has released the first 12 Monkeys TV show trailer for its adaptation of director Terry Gilliam’s revered 1995 film of the same name.  The story follows a time traveler (Aaron Stanford of X2 fame) from a post-apocalyptic future who appears in present day with a mission to destroy the source of a deadly plague that will one day annihilate the human race.  The series doesn’t appear to retain the offbeat nature of the film—only Gilliam can pull off that kind of crazy—and instead looks to be more of a straightforward time-travel thriller, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  There’s a solid amount of mythology build-up in this trailer and Zeljko Ivanek can chew scenery like few others.  So far, this doesn’t look terrible.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  The series also stars Kirk Acevedo, Amanda Schull, and Noah Bean12 Monkeys debuts on Syfy in January 2015.

Thomas Jane to Lead THE EXPANSE, Syfy’s Series Adaptation of James S.A. Corey’s “Leviathan Wakes”

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While Syfy may suffer from the occasional Sharknado, every once in a while they attempt to bring some real science-fiction onto the screen.  Case in point: The Expanse, a new series adapted from James S.A. Corey’s “Leviathan Wakes” series.  The story follows a veteran detective and the captain of a ship in their search for a missing girl … oh, did I mention that it happens 200 years in the future and takes place in space?  Yeah.  There’s asteroid mining, space colonies, revolutionaries, and interplanetary intrigue.  And who better to lead this series?  Mr. Thomas Jane.  Hit the jump for more.

DOMINION Review: Syfy’s Angel Drama Is Still Looking For Its Wings

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dominion review

Syfy’s new series Dominion opens with the assertion: “25 years ago, God left.”  It doesn’t say to where, or what it was about 1989 that annoyed Him so much that He saw fit to finally have enough with humanity.  What viewers can use to glean a little more of regarding the show’s backstory is the lackluster film the series is based on: 2010′s Legion, starring Paul Bettany as the archangel Michael, who has decided to side with humanity in a war against his brother Gabriel and a lower class of angels.  Michael is back in Dominion, this time played by 300‘s Tom Wisdom, and his main objective is still to protect a “Chosen One” who will save mankind from angels (or at least, TV specials about them).  Hit the jump for more about what these angels should learn from Wings of Desire.

Chris Egan and Showrunner Vaun Wilmott Talk Syfy’s DOMINION, the Show’s Relationship to LEGION, CG vs. Practical, and More

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Based on characters from the theatrical film Legion (2010) and with a pilot directed by Scott Stewart (who also directed the film), the epic new Syfy fantasy series Dominion is set in the year 25 A.E. (After Extinction), in a post-apocalyptic city called Vega (formerly Las Vegas), where an army of lower angels, assembled by the archangel Gabriel (Carl Beukes), has waged a war of possession against mankind, and archangel Michael (Tom Wisdom) has turned against his own kind to side with humanity.  As the war between the human race and the angels escalates, a rebellious young soldier named Alex (Chris Egan) struggles to help save the world.

During this recent interview to promote this intriguing new show, executive producer/showrunner Vaun Wilmott and actor Chris Egan talked about how they got involved with Dominion, how much of the mythology from the film will carry over to the show, what this world is like, 25 years after the events of the film, the challenges in bringing this story from the big screen to television, dealing with the special effects and stunts, the amount of CGI versus practical sets, and how far ahead the story has been planned out.  Check out what they had to say after the jump, and be aware that there are some spoilers.

Syfy’s Slate Includes Adaptations of Frank Miller’s RONIN, Robert Kirkman’s CLONE, and Oni Press’ LETTER 44, Plus a New Show for Tricia Helfer

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For every campy creature feature like Sharknado that Syfy churns out, they also have a handful of quality shows that get much less attention.  Longtime fans of the network (and their title genre) are already familiar with the current slate of shows, but now a host of new projects are on the way.  They include adaptations of Frank Miller’s comic series, Ronin; Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel, Clone; and Oni Press’ political space drama, Letter 44.  Plus, fans of Battlestar Galactica’s Tricia Helfer will be happy to hear she’s found herself a lead role on the new six-part space opera, Ascension.  Hit the jump for all of this and more.

HELIX Review: Putting the Science Back in Syfy

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The most promising aspect of Syfy’s new contagion thriller series Helix is the strength of its pedigree.  It comes from the creative minds of Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica), Lynda Obst (Contact) and Steven Maeda (Lost), who helped shape the idea brought to the network by Cameron Porsandeh.  Moore’s influence is heavily felt, not only thanks to the occasional use of “frak,” but also in the concept of being trapped, remote, and living alongside your enemy.  Hit the jump for more on this promising series.

First Trailer and Images for BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Producer Ron Moore’s New Syfy Series HELIX

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It’s been a long time since the excellent sci-fi remake Battlestar Galactica came to a close, but executive producer Ronald D. Moore has now finally gotten not one but two new series to television.  He’s currently filming the first season of Starz’s Outlander book series adaptation, but before that hits the airwaves we’ll see Moore’s Syfy series Helix.  A new full-length trailer for the thriller has been released online, and it looks very much like a TV series adaptation of The Thing.  The story follows a team of scientists from the Centers for Disease control who travel to a high-tech research facility in the Arctic to investigate a possible disease outbreak.  As one can surmise, things do not go well.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer and to check out some new images from the show.  The series stars Billy Campbell, Hiroyuki Sanada, Kyra Zagorsky, Jordan Hayes, Catherine Lemieux, Neil Napier, Mark Ghanime, and Meegwun FairbrotherHelix debuts on Syfy January 10th at 10/9c.

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