Aaron Stanford Talks 12 MONKEYS

     February 13, 2015

The actor discusses why he didn't hesitate to sign on to the Syfy series, the process of shooting the time travel scenes, why the actors aren't told what's going to happen in the story, and more.

  • Possible Spoiler

Syfy Developing Documentary Series HACKERS

     January 5, 2015

Syfy has announced that it will be developing a documentary series, Hackers, with Relativity Television (Catfish: The TV Series), to add to its ever-expanding slate of reality programming.  Using “sophisticated digital graphics,” the show will look to do something that AMC’s Halt …

ASCENSION Review: Syfy’s Newest Series Goes Retro

     December 15, 2014

Imagining the Syfy pitch meeting for Ascension writes itself: “Mad Men, in spaaaaaaace!”  It’s an easy sell.  Ascension follows the crew of an American space ark, sent on a 100-year journey in the 1960s, to find and populate a new planet.  In this telling, President Kennedy …