HOUSEBOUND Faces Off With a Diabololical Teddy Bear in This Exclusive Clip

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I didn’t get a chance to see Housebound when it played at SXSW earlier this year in Austin, but literally every peer of mine in the genre world who saw it was raving about it.  So I’m discovering this movie alongside you guys and we now have an exclusive clip from the film to share with you that shows a bit of the film’s funny, clever side I’ve been hearing so much about.

The film was written and directed by Gerard Johnstone and stars Morgana O’Reilly, Rima Te Wiata and Glen-Paul Waru. It hits iTunes, VOD and select theaters on October 17th from XLrator media.  Hit the jump for our exclusive Housebound clip.

Dwayne Johnson Attached to Produce and Possibly Star in TEDDY BEAR

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I don’t know if anyone has ever called Dwayne Johnson “just a big teddy bear” and lived to tell the tale, but he might get the chance to play one in a New Line picture tentatively titled Teddy Bear.  Details of the picture are being kept under wraps, but the source material was an illustration by fantasy artist Alex Panagopoulos.  The drawing, titled “Sweet Halloween Dreams” depicts a tiny stuffed teddy bear with a wooden sword and shield defending a sleeping child from an enormous monster.  Johnson is attached to produce at the moment with the possibility of starring.  Hit the jump for more.


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If you have followed our Sundance coverage over the last week and a half, you know how massive the festival can feel from afar.  These are the movies that will fill arthouses over the next year, so perhaps the best place for those who could not make it to Park City to start is at the end, with the announcement of the awards.  In terms of the major awards, the Grand Jury Prizes went to  Beasts of the Southern Wild (Dramatic), The House I Live In (in the Documentary category), Violeta Went to Heaven (World Dramatic), and The Law in These Parts (World Documentary).  Beasts of the Southern Wild, the consensus critical darling, also won for cinematography and a producers’ award.  Thankfully Fox Searchlight made a deal to bring Beasts to a theater near you soon.

The Audience Awards went to The Surrogate (Dramatic), The Invisible War (Documentary), Valley of Saints (World Dramatic), and Searching for Sugar Man (World Documentary).  The cast of The Surrogates—led by John Hawkes, Helen Hunt, and William H. Macy—doubled up with the Jury Prize for Ensemble Acting.  Fox Searchlight also picked up The Surrogates.  Love that studio.  Hit the jump for the press release with the expansive list of award winners.

2012 Sundance Film Festival In-Competition Line-Up Announced

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I had a blast at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and I can’t wait to go again next year.  Today, Sundance announced their In-Competition line-ups for 2012 and already I’m trying to plan out how I’m going to see all of them (which is impossible, but it’s nice to dream).  The U.S. Dramatic Competition features For Ellen, Nobody Walks, Safety Not Guaranteed, Smashed, and more.  There are also some interesting-sounding films in the U.S. Documentary Competition including Finding North, The Invisible War, and The Other Dream Team.

Hit the jump to check out the full press release, which includes the in-competition line-ups for U.S. Dramatic Competition, U.S. Documentary Competition, World Cinema Dramatic Competition, and World Cinema Documentary Competition.  The 2012 Sundance Film Festival runs from January 19 – 29th.

Seth MacFarlane Talks About His Directorial Debut TED Starring Mark Wahlberg

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Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane was on Conan last night and he talked a bit about his upcoming film Teddy Bear. Starring Mark Wahlberg, the film centers on a man whose childhood teddy bear comes to life. MacFarlane will direct the film, and will voice the bear as well.

“I’m doing that whole motion-capture thing where they put me in a suit with a lot of electrodes on it and I’m playing a teddy bear. The movie takes place about 30 years [after he wished the bear to life], and the thing is now still with him and is a disruption to his relationship, it smokes pot with him, it becomes a burden.”

MacFarlane said that shooting starts in May in Boston. When asked when the film will come out, he quipped “Oh about 2017.” Given the long post-production schedule needed for motion-capture work, it’ll probably be a few years before the film hits theaters. Hit the jump to watch the clip, and for more on Teddy Bear.

Mark Wahlberg Talks Seth MacFarlane’s Upcoming Feature Directing Debut, TEDDY BEAR

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In October, we reported that Mark Wahlberg was in talks to join Teddy Bear (aka “Ted“), which was the feature directing debut of Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane.  At the time, we believed the plot was about a Boston man (Wahlberg) whose childhood stuffed animal/best friend has come to life.  Wahlberg has now told MTV some new details regarding the plot:

“But it’s about this kid who gets a bear for Christmas. And, you know, it’s the ’70s — it’s one of those Teddy Ruxpin-ish teddy bears where you squeeze it and it says, ‘I love you!’ The kid wishes and dreams that the bear would come alive — and a Christmas wish must be granted — and it does [come alive].”

Hit the jump for more on the project including the use of motion-capture for the teddy bear.

Mark Wahlberg Negotiating Lead Role in Seth MacFarlane’s TED

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A few weeks ago, Brendan brought you the awe-inspiring news that Mark Wahlberg was giving the once-over to the lead role in Seth MacFarlane’s feature directorial debut, Ted (referred to then as Teddy Bear).  Today, you can lay to rest any doubts you may have about Wahlberg’s interest in the R-rated comedy which features a walking/talking/life-sized/computer-generated teddy bear.  According to Deadline, the actor is now in serious negotiations to play the role of the thirty-something Boston man whose childhood stuffed animal/best friend has come to life (a.k.a. the role of a lifetime).

MacFarlane, who penned the script alongside Family Guy scribes Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild, will also voice the bear who is described as a “carousing, irresponsible slacker.”  As the story goes, Wahlberg’s potential character is seeing his attempts at maturing constantly detoured by the bear’s adolescent antics.  Story of my life.  Media Rights Capital is financing Ted (which Universal acquired last April) at an estimated $65 million budget.  As for Wahlberg, he can next be seen in David O. Russell’s The Fighter which hits theaters on December 10th.

Mark Wahlberg Eyes the Lead Role Opposite Seth MacFarlane-Voiced TEDDY BEAR

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Mark Wahlberg is reportedly considering the lead role in Teddy Bear, the feature directorial debut of animation tycoon Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy, American Dad).  The bizarre-sounding R-rated comedy (previously titled Ted) posits Wahlberg as a 33-year-old man whose childhood teddy bear comes to life and — according to Pajiba — “likes to party, pick up women, smoke pot, and play video games.”  MacFarlane will voice the teddy bear, co-wrote the script with Family Guy partners-in-crime Alec Sulkin and (the excellently named) Wellesley Wild.

I’ve found MacFarlane’s creations funny enough, and the conceit is intriguing.  In terms of stature, Wahlberg is an alluring choice.  But as seen in The Other Guys, Wahlberg’s take on “beleaguered straight man” was a bit flat.  That’s what this would be, right?  The owner is the voice of reason in the middle of a flurry of comedic insanity?  Both Wahlberg and MacFarlane have proven they are capable of very funny performances, so I’m sure they’ll find a way to make it work if he signs on.  This one’s too odd not to root for.

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