Jeff Bridges in Talks to Re-Team with Peter Bogdanovich for a New Sequel to THE LAST PICTURE SHOW

by     Posted 4 years, 33 days ago


Steve had a chance earlier today to catch up with The Dude himself, Jeff Bridges, at the TRON: Legacy press junket and Bridges revealed some interesting tidbits about a third sequel to the American classic The Last Picture Show.  Bridges revealed that he and director Peter Bogdanovich have been talking about the next chapter in The Last Picture show series, following 1990’s sequel Texasville.

“I was just in Texas with Peter [Bogdanovich] and we’re looking at doing the next installment…there’s actually five books that Larry McMurtry wrote about those characters and so we’ve done two and we wanna do the next thing. I don’t know if that’s ever happened before, every 20 years going back and doin’ that. So that’s something I’m hopin’ will come about.”

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