Isabel Coixet to Direct THE AGE OF ADALINE, a Fantasy Romance Which No Longer Stars Katherine Heigl

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the age of adaline

Isabel Coixet has signed on to direct The Age of Adaline for Lakeshore Entertainment, Sydney Kimmel Entertainment, and Anonymous Content.  The fantasy romance centers on a beautiful young woman born at the turn of the 20th century.  She hasn’t aged in a hundred years following an unspecified accent, but “after years of a solitary life, she meets a man who might be worth losing her immortality.”  Katherine Heigl was set to star, matched with Andy Tennant (The Bounty Hunter) as director.  That would have been waste of a perfectly good premise, but THR says Heigl is no longer attached.

I know the Spaniard best as the director behind the touching drama My Life Without Me—I’d love to see Coixet reunite with Sarah Polley (the anti-Heigl) here.  Of course Penelope Cruz, the star of Coixet’s Elegy, could also pull off Ageless Beauty.  I mean, sorry to add to the hate, but I am excited by the possibilities now that Heigl is off the project.

Katherine Heigl and Director Andy Tennant Unite for ADALINE

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Veteran rom-com director Andy Tennant (The Bounty Hunter) and veteran rom-com star Katherine Heigl (Killers) will be putting their knowledge of the genre to work in the upcoming, no surprises here, rom-com Adaline. Per The Hollywood Reporter, the film “will revolve around a beautiful woman (Heigl) who hasn’t aged for 100 years. Although this doesn’t sound like such a raw deal, as the story goes, Heigl meets a man who may be willing to risk it all to help her regain her mortality.”   How romantic…oh, and funny. Purely speculating, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Heigl realizes she would rather lose her immortality than live forever without a good man to take care of her. I’m also going to guess that this important life lesson will be marketed to girls 13 and under.

Heigl was already attached to star, but when we reported on the movie in May, it was called The Age of Adeline. Co-penned by Mills Goodloe and Sal Pascowitz, Adaline is being co-produced by Lakeshore and Sidney Kimmel Entertainment with production set to begin in early 2011.

Casting Call: Peña and Swardson in Talks for 30 MINUTES OR LESS; Dunst Goes ON THE ROAD; Heigl in THE AGE OF ADELINE

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We have three pieces of casting news for you tonight.  First up, Michael Peña (Observe and Report) and Nick Swardson (You Don’t Mess with the Zohan) are in talks to join Aziz Ansari and Danny McBride in 30 Minutes or Less, the next film from director Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland).  Per THR, the film “revolves around a junior high history teacher (Ansari) and a pizza-delivery man who are forced to rob a bank when one of them is strapped to a bomb vest. (McBride is one of the men looking to score some cash.)”  This is pretty funny because this actually happened to a guy…except the bomb was around his collar and it exploded before it could be defused and he died.  I imagine the movie will probably be somewhat different.  Anyway…Peña will play an assassin while Swardson will play a friend of McBride’s character.

Hit the jump for news on Kirsten Dunst joining On the Road and Katherine Heigl signing on to star in The Age of Adeline.

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