Director Marc Webb Talks THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Sequel; Confirms Electro, 3D, the Importance of Oscorp, a New Spidey Suit, and More

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With The Amazing Spider-Man getting released on Blu-ray/DVD November 9, earlier today I was able to sit down with director Marc Webb for an exclusive video interview.  Webb recently signed on to direct the Spider-Man sequel and news broke this morning that Jamie Foxx is going to play the villain Electro, so the timing of this interview couldn’t have been better.

During our wide ranging conversation we talked about his appreciation for Jamie Foxx, his thoughts on the financial success of the film, why he cut out certain scenes, how Peter Parker’s parents will be a serial element over the course of the trilogy (he said “I need to leave some juice for the second movie”), what kind of deal he made with 20th Century Fox to get to do the Spidey sequel, and more.  In addition, with Webb hard at work on the sequel, he revealed why he wanted Electro as the villain, how Oscorp plays a big role in the Spider-Man universe, how they’re revising the Spider-Man suit, that they’re shooting entirely in New York City, they may use some new techniques for the 3D, but no matter what the sequel will be released in 3D, he is in a “testing phase” with IMAX, and I tried to find out how many villains will be in the film and how large a role Mary Jane Watson plays.  Hit the jump for more.

Fox Searchlight May Let Marc Webb Direct THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Sequel for Sony If He Directs Two Movies at Fox

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Sony wants Marc Webb to direct the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man, and Webb wants to come back to continue the story he started to tell in the first movie.  Yet last we heard, the studio feared that Webb may not be able to return due to “obstacles”.  The problem is Fox Searchlight, who has a claim on Webb—the director still owes the studio that made (500) Days of Summer at least one more film.  Fox gave Webb some time to direct The Amazing Spider-Man, but is understandably unwilling to give him another couple years to make the sequel.  Unfortunately for Webb, Sony needs to find a new director soon to make the announced May 2, 2014 release date for the Amazing Spider-Man sequel.  So if Webb can’t make The Amazing Spider-Man 2 next, he can’t make it at all.  Hit the jump for a possible solution.

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