A Martinez Talks Shaping His Character, His Preparation Process, Working with John Wayne, and More on the Set of CURSE OF CHUCKY

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The versatile journeyman actor A Martinez (the ‘A’ stands for Adolfo) has appeared in a vast array of different genres: westerns, soaps, network dramas, comedies, historical epics… Now Martinez can add homicidal killer doll films to his resume. Martinez co-stars opposite the murderous ‘Good Guy’ doll in the semi-reboot of the Child’s Play franchise: Curse of Chucky. As Father Frank, Martinez knows more than he should about Chucky – which brings the poor priest into an unfortunate conflict with the doll. Let’s just say things don’t go so swimmingly for the man of the cloth.

Late last year, I had the opportunity to interview the worldly actor on the set of the newest Chucky film. Martinez discussed how he and director Don Mancini shaped the character of Father Frank, how much background preparation went into becoming a priest and the motivational process behind particular scenes. In addition, Martinez reminisced about one of his first acting jobs – working opposite John Wayne and Bruce Dern on The Cowboys. For the full interview, hit the jump. Of note: there are spoilers in the following interview – especially in regard to the fate of Martinez’s character.  Curse of Chucky hits DVD & Blu-ray October 8th.

Tommy Lee Jones to Write and Direct THE COWBOYS

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Tommy Lee Jones (The Homesman) is set to write and direct a remake of Mark Rydell’s 1972 film, The Cowboys.  In the original, John Wayne stars as rancher Wil Anderson who attempts to drive his cattle herd to market before suffering financial ruin.  When his ranch hands abandon him to chase dreams of riches in the gold mines, Anderson is forced to hire untested schoolboys to accompany him on the drive.  Along the way, the boys not only learn some harsh life lessons but also how to stand up for themselves.  Sounds like an old-fashioned, yet timely movie; they don’t make em like this anymore.  The same could be said for Jones himself, who has yet to confirm whether or not he’ll star in the remake.  Hit the jump for more.

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