Danielle Harris Talks HATCHET III, Working with BJ McDonnell, Adam Green’s Presence on Set, AMONG FRIENDS, THE FARM, and More

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In Hatchet III Danielle Harris returns as Marybeth Dunston, the series protagonist seemingly doomed to repeatedly watch friend, foe, and family alike literally ripped apart at the hands of Victor Crowley.  The Hatchet films have always succeeded as pure slashers that deliver over the top old-school kill scenes, and revel in gooey, chunky, slimy practical effects without ever themselves too seriously.  With BJ McDonnell, cameraman for the first two films, stepping in to direct Adam Green’s script Hatchet III is bigger, more action packed final chapter to the trilogy, jam packed with guns and explosives.  While the addition of so much firepower diminishes some of the old-school slasher sensibilities, McDonnell is clearly in tune with what fans of the series have come to expect in terms of character and tone.  Odds are if you enjoyed the first two, you’ll have good time with Hatchet III.

The day after the film’s Hollywood premiere I jumped on the phone for an exclusive one on one interview with Danielle Harris.  We talked about the possibility of anotherHatchet film, the easy transition to working with BJ McDonnell, Adam Green’s continued presence as producer/writer, working in Louisiana, and the difficulty working with practical effects on the more outlandish kills.  We also discussed her directorial debut Among Friends, the status of The Farm, and more.  Hatchet III also stars Zach GalliganKane HodderCaroline WilliamsDerek MearsRileah Vanderbilt and Sid Haig.  Check out what she had to say after the jump.  Please be aware that there are some spoilers.

NBC Passes on Dwight Schrute’s THE OFFICE Spinoff THE FARM

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Though NBC’s long-running comedy series The Office is coming to an end after this season, some fans were comforted by the fact that a spinoff centered on Rainn Wilson’s Dwight character was in the works, providing hope for more Office-related material once the show had come to an end.  Well, it looks like the series finale of The Office really will be the end after all, as Wilson revealed today that NBC decided to pass on the pilot for the spinoff series The Farm.  Hit the jump for more.

New Details for THE OFFICE Spin-Off, THE FARM, Starring Rainn Wilson

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It looks like Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) is ready to step out of The Office and resume his life on The Farm. The spin-off show will get a chance in front of audiences during the upcoming ninth season of The Office before being greenlit for an entire season.  The Farm centers on the Schrute family, who has inherited a combination farm/bed-and-breakfast.  In order for Dwight to profit from this windfall, he must first convince his brother and sister to help him out.  New casting details are now available for The Farm, which you can check out after the jump.

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