Sean Astin Talks MOM’S NIGHT OUT, Being in a Good, Clean Comedy, Guillermo del Toro’s THE STRAIN, Being Game for a GOONIES Sequel, and More

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Perfect for Mother’s Day, the family comedy Mom’s Night Out tells the story of Allyson (Sarah Drew), a wife and mother who loves her family, but also longs for a peaceful, grown-up evening out with her friends.  Leaving her husband (Sean Astin) to watch the kids for the evening suddenly turns into chaos, in a true celebration of the beautiful mess known as parenting.

During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, actor Sean Astin talked about being a part of a good, clean comedy that families can see together, why movies with a component of faith are so appealing to audiences, that he loves physical comedy and hopes he gets to do more, and how such a chaotic story had a surprisingly un-chaotic set.  He also talked about what attracted him to the upcoming FX series The Strain, adapted from Guillermo del Toro’s novel and premiering this summer, and how, even though there’s been talk of a sequel to The Goonies since 1986, he’d be game to do it, if it ever happened.  Check out what he had to say after the jump.

Director Richard Donner Confirms Steven Spielberg Has a Story for THE GOONIES 2

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A couple weeks ago, The Goonies director Richard Donner said that a sequel to the popular 1985 film was going forward.  When Donner was asked if he would ever do another comic book movie (he directed Superman and Superman II), he replied “If you call Goonies a comic book.  We’re doing a sequel.” notes that while writer, producer, and second unit director Steven Spielberg was previously vague about his desire for a sequel, he did have some ideas for it.  Now Donner has confirmed to TMZ that Spielberg has come up with an idea for the sequel’s storyline, and they’re trying to get the original cast back together even though it might be difficult for Josh Brolin to return.  However, there seems to be an assumption on the part of fans that it would be easy to get everyone else back, which isn’t necessarily the case.  Jeff Cohen (Chunk) and Jonathan Ke Quan (Data) have both retired from acting, and just because they might be invited to do The Goonies 2, that doesn’t mean they would return.

Hit the jump for Donner looking annoyed as he talks about Spielberg and The Goonies 2.

Director Richard Donner Says THE GOONIES Sequel Is Happening; Hopes All the Stars Will Return

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The-Goonies-movie-image slice

A few years ago, The Goonies director Richard Donner said a sequel was unlikely to come together, but held out hope for a Broadway musical.  Fun as a Goonies musical may have been, that didn’t pan out.  However, Donner has changed his tune on a Goonies sequel.  Donner, the director behind Superman and Superman II, was asked if would ever make another comic book movie.  His surprising response:

“If you call Goonies a comic book.  We’re doing a sequel.”

He added that “hopefully all” of the stars will return.  More after the jump.

CapeTown Los Angeles Film Festival Lineup Includes RETURN OF THE JEDI, SHAUN OF THE DEAD, and ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK

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Entertainment Weekly has announced the complete lineup for the upcoming EW CapeTown Film Festival, and it’s chock-full of great films and exciting guests.  Screenings include Shaun of the Dead, The Thing, Escape from New York, The Goonies, Twelve Monkeys, and Star Trek (2009), with a special “May the 4th Be With You” all-day marathon of Return of the Jedi.  More excitingly, though, is the fact that Edgar Wright, John Carpenter, Kurt Russell, Richard Donner, Neil Gaiman, Terry Gilliam, Leonard Nemoy, and more will be onhand to introduce and discuss the various films.

Hit the jump to check out the full lineup, which also includes a special announcement that’s coming soon.  EW CapeTown Film Festival will run in Los Angeles from April 30th – May 6th.

Own 22 Digital Movies for Under $5 Each in HD, $4 Each in SD Including DARK KNIGHT, 300, MATRIX, GOONIES, and More

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Today only, Amazon is offering 22 movies you can download to own for $5 each in HD, and $4 each in SD.  Per Amazon, “Purchased videos will be stored in Your Video Library where you can access them whenever you want; watch on your PC, Kindle Fire, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or more than 300 HDTVs, Blu-ray players, and set-top devices.”  Hit the jump for the list of films (which includes titles such as The Dark Knight, Casablanca, The Goonies, 300, The Town, The Departed, The Shawshank Redemption, and The Matrix) or click here for the full list on Amazon.


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Opening this weekend is writer/director Tony Gilroy’s The Bourne Legacy.  For those unfamiliar with the franchise reboot, this time around, a government task force led by Edward Norton‘s character is assassinating all their genetically-modified assets to prevent another Bourne situation.  However, one member of the program, Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner), manages to escape with a scientist (Rachel Weisz), and the two go on the run for their lives.  The film also stars Oscar Isaac, Joan Allen, David Strathairn, Albert Finney, Stacy Keach, Scott Glenn, Corey Stoll, and Donna Murphy.  For more on the film, here’s five clips.

At the recent Los Angeles press day, I landed an exclusive interview with producer Frank Marshall (insane resume here).  During our wide ranging conversation, we talked about  making The Bourne Legacy, deleted scenes, extended cuts, test screenings, and more.  In addition, since Marshall has produced so many awesome movies, we also talked about how close Who Framed Roger Rabbit came to getting a sequel, the likelihood of Indiana Jones 5 happening, Jurassic Park 3D and Jurassic Park 4, whether anyone has talked about rebooting the Back to the Future movies, the amazing Nike Back to the Future sneakers, The Secret Life of Houdini, the remake of Tell No One, and so much more.  Hit the jump for what he had to say.

Limited Paper: Mondo Goes Metallic for THE GOONIES, Kevin Tong Takes on BREAKING BAD, Godmachine Tackles ALIEN, and More

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Another day, another Limited Paper filled with reasons to deplete your bank account’s bottom line.  Last time, we offered up a super-sized batch of reading material, one filled to the rafters with new prints by Brandon Schaeffer, Tom Whalen, Laurent Durieux, Jason Edmiston, and more.  Today, we’re back with a slight less super-sized edition of your preferred column.  But don’t worry, there’s still much for us to discuss, including Mondo’s just-released poster for The Goonies, Tomer Hanuka’s just-released Vertigo poster, and blah.

Meet me after the jump for all that and more, my fellow poster-fiends.

Limited Paper: Acid-Free Gallery’s MYTHS AND MONSTERS! Mondo Does THE GOONIES! Ken Taylor, AKIRA, STAR WARS, More

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After the madness that was Comic-Con 2012, things have been a little more quiet than usual on the Limited Paper front.  But don’t worry!  We’re not cutting back.  Truth is, we’ve just had a ton of catching-up to do here at Collider HQ:  film set visits that needed to be reported, interviews to transcribe, booze-soaked canoe trips to document–there were times that it felt like our non-poster-related reporting would never end.

But today we’re back with a brand-new installment of your preferred column, and there’s much to share.  What’s Mondo doing this weekend in Kansas City?  What artists are taking part in Acid-Free Gallery’s Myths and Monsters shows?  Wanna know where you can get a sweet Akira poster?  Any Ken Taylor fans in the audience?  There’s a ton of answers waiting for you after the jump, my fellow screenprint-enthusiasts.

Thanksgiving Top 5: Worst Movie Families

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While you’re busy counting the hours until your family leaves, be thankful that they’re not really that bad in actuality. Sure they take up a lot of space, bring ungodly smells into your house and embarrass you at every possible turn. Things could be worse. The history of cinema is full of some of the most horrid, base, and downright nasty families ever dreamed up. These families will shoot you in the back as soon as serve you a piece of pecan pie. Hit the jump and consider yourself lucky that you’re not a member of Collider’s Top 5 Worst Movie Families. If you missed any of our previous “Thankgiving Top 5″ articles, click here.

Corey Feldman, Lupe Ontiveros, Richard Donner, and Mike Fenton Reflect on THE GOONIES 25th Anniversary

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To mark the release of the 25th Anniversary DVD and Blu-ray of The Goonies, the cast and crew — including director Richard Donner, casting director Mike Fenton, and stars Corey Feldman and Lupe Ontiveros — chatted with us about their experiences on set and being a part of such a memorable film.  Everyone has a favorite film of the eighties — one that resonates with them throughout the years. Doesn’t matter what genre it is. There’s just something about the movie that sticks with a person.

Donner took a fantasy adventure about a group of kids finding a pirate treasure map and made it into one of the most memorable family films in the past thirty years. Hit the jump to hear the cast and crew reflect on the 25th anniversary.

How Close was a GOONIES Sequel? Plus Richard Donner Says THE GOONIES Might be a Broadway Musical

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“Goonies never say die,” and apparently the same went for a possible sequel. After having the pleasure of covering the press day for the 25th anniversary DVD/Blu-ray release of The Goonies, we were able to catch up with Richard Donner and company talking about the Goonies sequel that almost-was, along with what the future holds for this property.

In this day and age sequels are a dime a dozen. If there’s any sort of an open ending to a movie, whether it was released two to twenty years ago, there’s a high chance it’ll be turned around into a sequel. Within the past few years there’s been a resurgence of eighties films that have made their rounds on the sequels or remake tracks. The more popular, the better chance the film could get green lit for one of the two to happen, which is why it’s no wonder The Goonies was under our sequel radar for awhile now.  Hit the jump for more:

Warner Bros Announces THE GOONIES 25th Anniversary Edition; Trailer and List of Extras Here

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Warner Home Video has officially announced The Goonies 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition on DVD and Blu-ray.  Scheduled for release on November 2, the new edition will feature:

  • Cast commentary with Director and all seven actors
  • The Making of the Goonies documentary
  • Cyndi Lauper music video “The Goonies ‘R Good Enough”
  • Outtakes
  • Includes new board game, original movie storyboard reproductions, 1985 souvenir magazine reprint, and reprint of 2009 Empire Magazine article with cast photos and updates

The Goonies is one of my favorite films, and I’ll admit the new edition sounds cool.  Check out the cover art and a new trailer for the Blu-ray after the jump:

Exclusive: Screenwriter Marti Noxon on THE DEFENDERS; Says John Hamburg is Now Involved and it’s a Sci-Fi Comedy

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Marti Noxon image slice

About a year ago we first covered a project called The Defenders.  The project was set up by Masi Oka (Heroes) at DreamWorks where he landed Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Star Trek, Transformers) as producers with D.J. Caruso possibly directing.  The story (from our original article):

“Centers on a group of mostly teenagers from around the world who are involved in a multiplayer video game, each unaware of who they really are behind the cover of their consoles and avatars. They are forced to come together for a real adventure, becoming inadvertent heroes in the process.”

Since posting the story, we haven’t had any updates. Until today.  That’s because an hour ago I got to speak with screenwriter Marti Noxon (I Am Number Four, Fright Night) and towards the end of the interview she revealed she’s writing the script.  The interesting news is she mentioned John Hamburg (writer/director of I Love You, Man) is also involved and she called it a sci-fi comedy.  More after the jump:

Richard Donner and Lauren Shuler Donner Talk GOONIES and DAVE Going to Broadway; DEADPOOL, X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, and Laura Wants to Produce WONDER WOMAN

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Richard Donner Laura Shuler Donner slice

At last night’s Saturn Awards, I was able to speak with director Richard Donner and Lauren Shuler Donner on the Red Carpet before the show.  During the extended interview they both talked about how they’re trying to bring The Goonies and Dave to Broadway.  And if you’re a fan of the X-Men movies, Shuler Donner talked about where they are with Deadpool and X-Men: First Class.

But the interesting thing I learned last night is Shuler Donner wants to produce Wonder Woman and she’s currently campaigning to get the job.  You can see what she said about that project and everything else after the jump.  I’ve time indexed the interview so you can watch the parts that interest you:

Click Here