First Footage from THE HOST 2

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The first footage from The Host 2 has gone online.  The film is a direct sequel to director Bong Joon-ho’s 2006 South Korean monster movie The Host.  The original centered on an amphibious monster that emerged from the Han River and began attacking random citizens, and gained particular praise for its political commentary as well as its effective genre touches.  The follow-up is directed by Park Myeong-chan, a commercials director, and the first footage comes by way of a clip from visual FX house Micrograph that breaks down some of the film’s effects shots.  The shot in question is a terrifying monster attacking a group of children.

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First Image from THE HOST 2

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The Host 2 movie image of the monster - slice.jpg

I know I’ve seen that hideous, Korean-stomping beast before…Oh, right.  2006′s acclaimed monster movie from Bong Joon-Ho, “The Host”.  You think I’d remember something like that.  Well, now the monster is back for more since they don’t really kick back and decide it’s time to retire.  The first image from the film has arrived online and since the film has become a cult sensation, I imagine you might want to check the image out after the jump.

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