Weekend Box Office: JACK THE GIANT SLAYER Tops Slow Weekend with $28 Million

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2013’s box office downturn stretched to its sixth frame this weekend, as Warner Brothers’ Jack the Giant Slayer failed to justify its giant pricetag. From 3,525 locations, the fairytale adaptation took in an estimated $28 million – more than its Friday estimate promised, but less than half of what The Lorax delivered at this time last year. The weekend’s other offerings fared little better though, in the case of The Last Exorcism Part II, a small opening was mitigated by an even smaller budget.

 Title Weekend Total
1.  Jack the Giant Slayer $28,010,000 $28
2.  Identity Thief $9,700,000 $107.4
3.  21 & Over $9,000,000 $9
4.  The Last Exorcism Part II $8,030,000 $8
5.  Snitch $7,700,000 $24.4
6.  Escape from Planet Earth $6,726,000 $43.2
7.  Safe Haven $6,300,000 $57
8.  Silver Linings Playbook $5,941,000 $115.5
9.  A Good Day to Die Hard $4,500,000 $59.6
10.  Dark Skies $3,556,000 $13.4

Friday Box Office: JACK THE GIANT SLAYER, 21 & OVER and THE LAST EXORCISM PART II All Disappoint

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Yikes! For anyone hoping that this weekend’s slate of new movies would pull the domestic box office out of its deadly tailspin, get used to disappointment. Three new titles opened wide on Friday (four, if you count the independent thriller Phantom), but each is looking like more of a dud than the last. With an estimated $7.7 million from 3,525 locations, the best that can be said of Warner Brothers’ pricey Jack the Giant Slayer is that it didn’t have to vie for first place with the month-old Identity Thief. Director Bryan Singer’s fantasy film is expected to stay on top this weekend with around $25 million, though that falls far short of the film’s reported $200 million pricetag. 21 & Over was in second place on Friday with an estimated $3.3 million from its 2,771 locations. At this point, $10 million is the most that the teen-party flick can hope to see through Sunday so… not quite the Project X redux that was promised. Finally, back in August 2010, The Last Exorcism became a surprise hit when it earned over $20 million on its debut frame. This weekend, The Last Exorcism Part II is expected to make just $8.5 million – less than its predecessor realized on its first day.  We’ll have complete details and the top ten tomorrow.

 Title Friday Total
1.  Jack the Giant Slayer $7,710,000 $7.7
2.  21 & Over $3,340,000 $3.3
3.  The Last Exorcism Part II $3,250,000 $3.2
4.  Identity Thief $2,700,000 $100.4
5.  Snitch $2,100,000 $18.8


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Eli Rothis one of those guys who seemingly never stops working.  Whether serving as director, producer, actor, or some combination thereof, he’s always got a bounty of projects on the table.  This year is no different and first up is The Last Exorcism 2, opening March 1st, for which Roth returns as producer.  Part 2 continues where the first film left off, Louisiana farm girl Nell (Ashley Bell) is found alone in the woods with her family dead and no memory of what happened.  As she tries to build a new life for herself in New Orleans pieces of her past begin to resurface and she discovers that the demon inside her is in no hurry to let her go.

I recently landed an exclusive phone interview with Roth.  He talked about coming up with a new approach for the sequel, the difficulty of titling the sequel, and whether fans can expect to have their questions answered.  He also talked about getting back in the director’s chair with The Green Inferno, shooting in the Amazon, the status on Thanksgiving, stepping into television format with Hemlock Grove, and working with Ti West on The Sacrament.  Check out the full transcript after the jump.


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Just last week CBS Films released the first trailer for the upcoming sequel The Last Exorcism Part II, and now just a few days later another new trailer for the horror pic has landed online.  Produced by Eli Roth, the story picks up where the 2010 first film left off, with Ashley Bell’s lead character unable to remember the events of the previous months.  While she begins the process of starting a new life, the evil force that once possessed her rears its ugly head once more.  This trailer is essentially a shorter version of that first trailer (ie. still not scary or interesting), but it does a better job of setting up Part II’s relation to the first film.

Hit the jump to watch the new trailer.  The Last Exorcism Part II opens on March 1st.

First Trailer and New Image for THE LAST EXORCISM PART II [Updated]

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CBS Films has released the first trailer for the horror sequel The Last Exorcism Part II.  Again produced by Eli Roth, the story picks up where the 2010 first film left off, with Ashley Bell’s lead character unable to remember the events of the previous months.  While she begins the process of starting a new life, the evil force that once possessed her rears its ugly head once more.  I never saw the first movie so I have nothing to compare this to, but the trailer doesn’t exactly look very scary, unless you consider ominous stares and goofy hand gestures frightening.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  The Last Exorcism Part II opens on March 1st. [Update: CBS Films has provided us with a new image from the film, which is included after the jump.]


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We have plenty of new release dates to pass along:

  • Sony Animation scheduled two Genndy Tartakovsky’s projects.  The 3D cartoon Popeye that Tartakovsky will direct hits theaters September 26, 2014.  The sequel to Tartakovsky’s Hotel Transylvania opens the following year on September 25, 2015.
  • Relativity scheduled fellow cartoon Turkeysfeaturing the voices of Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson and Dan Fogler—for a Thanksgiving release on November 14, 2014.
  • The Last Exorcism II: The Beginning of the End is dated for March 1, 2013.
  • The Aubrey Plaza comedy The To-Do List will move from Valentines Day next year to August 16, 2013.  Relativity took advantage of the open slot and moved the Nicholas Sparks adaptation Safe Haven from February 8 back to February 14, 2013.

Hit the jump for details on each project.


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Last week, Steve attended the American Film Market (AFM) and was able to bring back some first images, posters, and synopses for a handful of upcoming projects.  One synopsis he pulled was from the sequel The Last Exorcism II: The Beginning of the End.  The new film has Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell) struggling to put her life back together, but still being pursued by the demon that had possessed her.

Hit the jump for the full synopsis.  As we previously reported, Ed Gass-Donnelly (This Beautiful City) will direct, and the sequel will be going for an R-rating (as opposed to the PG-13 of the original).

THE LAST EXORCISM Sequel Gets Director, Start Date, and R-rating; Star Ashley Bell to Return

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As the beginning of January saw the box office smash, and subsequent fall, of the found-footage exorcism pic The Devil Inside, the sequel to another film in the “found-footage exorcism movie” genre is moving full speed ahead. We first heard movement on the follow-up to 2010’s The Last Exorcism last August, but now the sequel has a director, star, and new rating. Ed Gass-Donnelly (This Beautiful City) will direct the untitled sequel, which begins production next month in New Orleans, and instead of sticking with the original’s PG-13 rating, the sequel will be going R. Hit the jump for story details, and to find out what’s behind the rating switch.

THE LAST EXORCISM Sequel Moving Forward; Damien Chazelle Writing the Script

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Following on the heels of the original’s financial success, a sequel to 2010′s The Last Exorcism is now in the works. Heat Vision reports that Damien Chazelle will pen the script for the follow-up which is scheduled to begin production this fall. Chazelle, a Harvard grad whose debut feature Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench premiered at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival, also penned the 2010 Black List script The Claim which was picked up last October. Most recently, the busy scribe sold his thriller screenplay Grand Piano to producer Adrian Guerra (Buried) who has Eugenio Mira attached to direct.

As for The Last Exorcism, details are sparse regarding Studio Canal’s sequel.  Director Daniel Stamm’s original was made on a budget of around $1.5 million and took in approximately $62.5 million at the worldwide box office. The pic took a found-footage approach and centered on a preacher who allows a film crew to document his final foray into exorcism land. Those interested can find our review of that film by clicking here.

Patrick Fabian Exclusive Interview THE LAST EXORCISM DVD/Blu-ray

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The horror thriller The Last Exorcism opened this past August at #1, earning nearly $25 million for its opening weekend, and became leading man Patrick Fabian’s highest-profile performance to date. As the charismatic Reverend Cotton Marcus, the actor took audiences on a chilling journey, as he traveled to perform what he expected would be a routine exorcism on a disturbed religious fanatic, but instead encountered a true evil, far beyond his wildest imagination. Available on DVD/Blu-ray on January 4th, viewers will also get to see bonus material that includes a featurette of the making of the film (which also includes some audition footage of the film’s lead actors), real stories of exorcism, and commentaries from the actors, director Daniel Stamm and producers Eli Roth, Eric Newman and Tom Bliss.

In a recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, actor Patrick Fabian talked about the 10-minute sermon he had to improvise for his audition, how much he enjoyed recording his first DVD commentary, how happy he is with the success of the film and the debate it sparked over its ending, and his own theories for how Cotton Marcus might have fared in the end. He also talked about his recent Teen Nick television series, Gigantic, opposite Helen Slater, his upcoming CMT sitcom Working Class, premiering on January 28th, and how blessed he feels to have been a working actor for the last 20 years. Check out what he had to say after the jump:

Eli Roth and Eric Newman Reunite for PSYCHO KILLER

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Eli Roth and Eric Newman teamed up as the creators of this August’s The Last Exorcism, and are getting together once again to produce the suspense thriller Psycho Thriller. Gavin Polone (producer of Zombieland) is set to direct, while Andrew Kevin Walker (Seven) penned the script. If you’re interested from those names and the title of the film alone, wait until you hear the plot… after the jump.

Weekend Box Office – THE TOWN Takes In $28.3 Million

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Everything went according to plan for the movie The Town after its somewhat surprising first place finish on Friday. That means that the R-rated drama is America’s new number one movie; taking in an estimated $23.8 million from 2,861 locations.

Title Weekend Total
1 The Town $23,800,000 $23.8
2 Easy A $18,200,000 $18.2
3 Devil $12,500,000 $12.5
4 Resident Evil 3D $5,840,000 $43.9
5 Alpha & Omega $9,200,000 $9.2
6 Takers $3,000,000 $52.3
7 The American $2,756,000 $32.8
8 Inception $2,015,000 $285.1
9 The Other Guys $2,000,000 $115.4
10 Machete $1,700,000 $24.3

Weekend Box Office – THE LAST EXORCISM Leads with $21.3 Million; TAKERS a Close Second; AVATAR Re-Release Not So Special

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Two new releases hit theatres on this, the penultimate weekend of summer. A refreshing change from the FIVE films we were handed one week ago. Both The Last Exorcism and Takers performed above expectations – earning an estimated $21.3 million and $21 million, respectively. Though, overall, theatre attendance was down by 2009 standards. And what of that Special Edition of Avatar? It just missed the top ten with an estimated $4 million. January was a long time ago…

Title Weekend Total
1 Last Exorcism $21,300,000 $21.3
2 Takers $21,000,000 $21
3 The Expendables $9,500,000 $82
4 Eat Pray Love $7,000,000 $60.7
5 The Other Guys $6,600,000 $99.3
6 Vampires Suck $5,300,000 $27.9
7 Inception $5,105,000 $270.7
8 Nanny McPhee Returns $4,740,000 $17
9 The Switch $4,650,000 $16.4
10 Piranha 3D $4,300,000 $18.2


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With one week to go before we bid farewell to the summer of 2010, three “new” releases arrived to claim their share of those diminishing vacation dollars. The actual new movies fared better than the one “new” movie: that re-released, Special Edition of Avatar. The now extra, crazy-long ‘biggest movie of all time’ earned an estimated $1.2 million from its 811 all-3D engagements (including 125 in IMAX). That was good enough for tenth place on Friday… right behind Nanny McPhee Returns. I guess those extra 8 minutes weren’t a big incentive after all. On the winning end of our top ten, The Last Exorcism led the pack on Friday with an estimated $9.4 million from 2,874 locations – just a bit less than The Final Destination, with its 3D-enhanced ticket prices, earned on the same day in 2009. The heist drama Takers placed second with $7.5 million estimated from 2,206 locations. Screen counts, um, count, in other words. We’ll have full weekend details back here tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 The Last Exorcism $9,400,000 $9.4
2 Takers $7,500,000 $7.5
3 The Expendables $2,700,000 $75.2
4 Eat Pray Love $2,100,000 $55.8
5 The Other Guys $1,900,000 $94.6

Patrick Fabian and Ashley Bell Interview THE LAST EXORCISM

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In the documentary-style horror thriller The Last Exorcism, the Reverend Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian) expects to perform another routine exorcism, which he admits to being smoke and mirrors, when he arrives at the rural Louisiana farm of Louis Sweetzer with a film crew in tow. Living there with his two children, the earnest fundamentalist has contacted the preacher in an attempt to save his teenage daughter Nell (Ashley Bell), who he is convinced is possessed by a demon. However, things quickly become more bizarre than Cotton ever could have imagined, and it soon becomes clear that nothing could have prepared him for the true evil he encounters there.

Promoting the film at the press day, co-stars Patrick Fabian and Ashley Bell talked about what drew them to this project, what it was like to study real exorcisms in preparation for the film and their own personal beliefs about demons. Check out what they had to say after the jump:

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