Posters Revealed for Alamo’s 2011 Rolling Roadshow; Details on TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Screening

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In previous years, Alamo’s Rolling Roadshow would travel the globe to hold screenings in places significant to the movie being shown.  This year, Alamo is keeping the Roadshow to Texas and today they’ve released the custom posters for The Searchers, The Texas Chainsaw Masscare, Blood Simple, Hud, Red River, Bonnie and Clyde, Tender Mercies, No Country for Old Men, Giant, and The Last Picture Show. They’re all great and we’re all going to be super jealous if we don’t get one.  You know, if you already weren’t super jealous over not being able to make it to these screenings.

Speaking of stuff that will make you jealous, Alamo has provided details of what’s going to make their special screening of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre so special.  Hit the jump to check out the posters along with details on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  The 2011 Rolling Roadshow begins Friday, June 3rd with The SearchersClick here for a full list of dates.

The Alamo Drafthouse 2011 Rolling Roadshow Will Mess with Texas and Only with Texas

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The Alamo Drafthouse’s Rolling Roadshow is one of the year’s great screening series as the vaunted theater brings classic films to a location that’s significant to the film being shown.  So for instance, films shown at last year’s Roadshow like Dirty Harry and The Blues Brothers were shown San Francisco’s Washington Square Park and Chicago’s Joliet Prison, respectively.  The shows also tend to have special guests and sweet merchandise.  Oh, and the shows are free.

I was hoping that one of the screenings would swing by Georgia this year, but my state and 48 others are out of luck.  Texas, home of the Alamo Drafthouse, will also be home to all of the 2011 Rolling Roadshow pictures.  The films on this year’s roadshow are (I’m already jealous writing this) The Searchers, The Texas Chainsaw Masscare, Blood Simple, Hud, Red River, Bonnie and Clyde, Tender Mercies, No Country for Old Men, Giant, and The Last Picture Show.  Hit the jump for the full press release and to find out where each film will play.  The 2011 Rolling Roadshow begins June 3rd.


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Entering its 25th season on PBS, American Masters has produced an exceptional library of more than 160 biographies since its inception, and has deepened public knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the arts and artists of every kind. Premiering on January 12th, Jeff Bridges: The Dude Abides examines the Academy Award winner’s incredible body of work and stable of memorable characters, while telling the fascinating and surprising story of the man himself.

While at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, actor Jeff Bridges talked about his journey as an actor, his desire not to create a strong identifiable personality, his interest in expressing himself in a variety of art forms, his favorite film roles and his love of playing music. He also admitted to having no film work currently lined up. Check out what he had to say after the jump.

AMERICA LOST AND FOUND: THE BBS STORY Criterion Collection Blu-Ray Review

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Bob Rafelson started a production company called Raybert (a combination of his name and producer Bert Schneider) when he was working on the Monkees television show. But Rafelson had cinematic aspirations, and so he took the Monkees to the big screen and started a production company with Bert and Steven Blauner called BBS. Between Raybert and BBS they made seven films: The Monkees’ feature film Head; Dennis Hopper’s seminal biker movie Easy Rider, Rafelson’s masterpiece Five Easy Pieces, Jack Nicholson’s directorial debut Drive, He Said, Henry Jaglom’s first film A Safe Place, Peter Bogdanovich’s career starting film about small town sexuality The Last Picture Show, and Rafelson’s The King of Marvin Gardens. Seven film in four years, with regulars Karen Black, Jack Nicholson, Bruce Dern, Ellen Burstyn, and stars like Peter Fonda, Cybil Shepherd, Jeff Bridges, and Orson Welles, made during one of the most tumultuous and artistically rewarding periods of American cinema. This is why the Criterion Collection exists, and America Lost and Found: The BBS Story is one of those great collections in that it documents the progress, and success and failures of this organization. My review of the Blu-ray set of the film follows after the jump.

Jeff Bridges in Talks to Re-Team with Peter Bogdanovich for a New Sequel to THE LAST PICTURE SHOW

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Steve had a chance earlier today to catch up with The Dude himself, Jeff Bridges, at the TRON: Legacy press junket and Bridges revealed some interesting tidbits about a third sequel to the American classic The Last Picture Show.  Bridges revealed that he and director Peter Bogdanovich have been talking about the next chapter in The Last Picture show series, following 1990’s sequel Texasville.

“I was just in Texas with Peter [Bogdanovich] and we’re looking at doing the next installment…there’s actually five books that Larry McMurtry wrote about those characters and so we’ve done two and we wanna do the next thing. I don’t know if that’s ever happened before, every 20 years going back and doin’ that. So that’s something I’m hopin’ will come about.”

For more from on Bridges’ reunion with Bogdanovich, hit the jump.

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