Imagi’s Movie Pitch Reel for THE LEGEND OF ZELDA

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Nintendo has some of the most recognizable and popular characters in entertainment, which is probably why they reuse all of them to death.  But while other video game studios are falling over themselves to turn their properties into movies, Nintendo is probably still feeling burned from Super Mario Bros. even though it came out twenty years ago.  Movies like that can hurt a brand, and since Nintendo doesn’t have much going for it outside of those brands, they’re incredibly protective.  But that hasn’t stopped studios from calling, and animation studio Imagi (TMNT, Astro Boy) once put together a pitch reel for The Legend of Zelda. Nintendo passed, but an animated movie wouldn’t be a bad direction, although it also looks like it could just be a cut scene from the video game (in this case, Twilight Princess).  In all fairness, Imagi’s approach looks much better than this.

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Preview of Hero Complex Gallery’s “Bleeding Metallics” Show; Pieces Inspired by Wolverine, The Iron Giant, SUBURBAN COMMANDO, and More

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Hero Complex Gallery in LA opens its new show, BLEEDING METALLICS, this Friday night.  There will be art printed with metallic inks, printed on metal, crafted out of metal, using metallic paints and papers…and while this is quickly turning into a Bubba Gump routine, you get it…lots of metal.  Check out more info on the show, 14 preview images, and a surprise for the first 50 customers after the jump.

Geek Gifts: THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: HYRULE HISTORIA Book of Concept Art, Hyrule History and Official Chronology of the Game; Limited Edition Available

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Need a Valentine’s Day geek gift for the Legend of Zelda fan in your life?  How about checking out The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia, available in regular hard copy and limited edition versions.  The books contain 276 pages of never-before-seen concept art, the full history of Hyrule, the official chronology of the games and an introduction by legendary video game creator Shigeru Miyamoto.  If you want to shell out a few extra rupees, the limited edition features a faux-leather hardcover bearing the symbol of the Gate of Time debossed on the cover and gold gilded pages.  Hit the jump to see images from the book and to find out how you can order your own copy.


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Tonight the wife and I are hosting an inaugural Halloween gathering for three primary reasons: 1) it’s an excuse to hang out with friends, 2) it’s an opportunity to watch horror classics with said friends and 3) our street name is Elm and we can’t pass on the chance to christen the get together with the least original Halloween party name of all time (I’ll let you do the math). All of this in mind, I was finding it difficult to strike a healthy balance of scary movie goodness that was equal parts frightening (for fans of the horror genre like myself) and fun/of the “Halloween spirit” (for those who don’t necessarily enjoy the genre but can appreciate the season). That was until I remembered that we owned Ernest Scared Stupid on Blu-ray. Now the biggest concern I have is making sure no one walks out of the house at the end of the night with that little gem in hand.

All Hallows Eve 2012 party plans aside, in this week’s Top 5 we’ve got a lineup that includes a visit to the New Zealand set of The Hobbit, the first trailer amongst other new assets from Iron Man 3, Cloud Atlas interviews with Tom Hanks, Halle Berry and more, the first red band trailer for director Fede Alvarez‘s Evil Dead remake, and a heartfelt plea for a Hollywood adaptation of The Legend of Zelda. A brief recap and link to each lives on after the jump.

Hollywood! Adapt This: THE LEGEND OF ZELDA

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With director Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opening later this year, audiences are getting amped up for a return to Middle Earth where pint-sized adventurers fight alongside pointy eared elves in swords-and-sorcery adventures. Sadly, there’s another fantasy adventure property that has yet to see a feature treatment.  It’s got swords and sorcery, heroes and villains, thieves and princesses, even Octoroks and Zora! So hit the jump to come along with me as I make my case for the movie adaptation for everyone’s favorite long-eared hero of Hyrule. Hollywood! Adapt this: The Legend of Zelda!

Popular Video Game Characters Audition Their Fatalities for MORTAL KOMBAT Series

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Earlier today, Steve interviewed Mortal Kombat: Legacy director Kevin Tancharoen.  While we’ll have the full interview for you soon, Tancharoen shared an amusing Mortal Kombat parody video that wonders what would happen if popular video game characters crossed over into the MK frachise.  Fans of the series already know that Kratos from God of War will be in the upcoming game, but what if Mario, Pacman, or Link got to throw down some fatalities?

Hit the jump to check out the video.

Nintendo Squashes Feature-Length LEGEND OF ZELDA Fan Film

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In a despicably Ganon-esque move, Nintendo has forced BMB Finishes to stop all showings of the fan-produced feature-length film The Hero of Time based on The Legend of Zelda video game series. In a message posted today on the movie’s official website [via slashdot], the folks at BMB informed fans that December 31, 2009 was the last day their film would be displayed for public viewing in accordance with an agreement they reached with Nintendo earlier in December. Per the website, The Hero of Time “was shot mainly on weekends over the span of about two years from August ’04 through January ’06.” It premiered in Atlanta on June 6, 2009 before going on a screening run across Europe and North America throughout the year, finally hitting the net for mass consumption on December 14 at Somewhere along the way, Nintendo caught wind of it and, apparently not placated by a disclaimer, asked the filmmakers to cease and desist.

Hit the jump for my thoughts on the shutdown and to get a look at one of the film’s trailers.

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