Blu-ray Deal: THE LORD OF THE RINGS Extended Editions for $43.49 (64% off)

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It looks like Amazon’s Daily Gold Box Deals this week are designed to make fools of people who took advantage of previous deals.  Yesterday, it was the Alien Anthology Blu-ray, and today it’s The Lord of the Rings Extended EditionsBack in February, it was $49.49 (59% off) and today it’s $43.49 (%64 off).  You could have saved six whole dollars.  I bet you feel pretty silly now.

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Exclusive: John Noble Talks LORD OF THE RINGS Extended Editions and FRINGE Season 3 and 4!

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John Noble Talks LORD OF THE RINGS Extended Editions and FRINGE Season 3 and 4 slice

Last night, Warner Home Video held a big Lord of the Rings event at the West L.A. Best Buy to promote the release of The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy Extended Edition on Blu-ray (here’s our review of the awesome set).  Shortly before the store opened to sell copies to the fans, I landed an interview with John Noble on the red carpet in front of the store.  While many of you might recognize Noble because of his awesome work as Dr. Walter Bishop on Fringe, he also played Denethor in both The Two Towers and The Return of the King.  As a huge fan of his work, it was really cool to get to talk to him.

During the interview we talked about making the Lord of the Rings, did he ever take anything home from set, which is his favorite film in the trilogy, and we also talked about Fringe season 3 and 4!  He revealed that they were rewriting the finale as they filmed it and he also dropped a few clues about next season.  Hit the jump to watch.


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As a way to build awareness for the upcoming Blu-ray release for the Lord of the Rings: Extended Editions, Warner Bros. will be theatrically releasing the extended editions in to AMC Theaters this June.  TheOneRing reports that The Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition will open June 14th, The Two Towers: Extended Edition will open June 21st, and The Return of the King: Extended Edition will hit on June 28th, the same day that Blu-ray trilogy of the extended editions hits stores.  Now the real question is whether or not these films will feature intermissions or if the hardcore LOTR fans will happily sit through a four-hour feature.  I’m betting on the latter.

Hit the jump for a list of special features included on the upcoming The Lord of the Rings: Limited Extended Edition Blu-ray.  The 15-disc set has an SRP of $119.98.

Are the Extended Editions of LORD OF THE RINGS Coming to Blu-ray This Year?

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Some folks last year were dismayed that Warner Bros released no-frills, theatrical-version-only Blu-rays for Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  They complained they were being ripped off by a product no one was forcing them to buy.  But with The Hobbit finally moving forward and Warner Bros. wanting to put Middle-Earth back in the minds of audiences, it looks like the Extended Editions might be on the way.  The Digital Bits reports that they have sources at Warner Home Video and New Line Cinema saying that Warner Bros. is planning to release The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Extended Editions on Blu-ray this year.  It’s currently unknown whether these editions will have new special features or if Peter Jackson will oversee the transfers.  If I had to guess, I would say these Blu-rays will have the same special features as the DVDs and if we’re getting more LOTR special features, it probably won’t be until there’s an “Ultimate” set which also includes The Hobbit.

The Digital Bits says to expect an announcement on the Extended Edition Blu-rays in the next several weeks along with an Blu-ray announcement for Stanley Kubrick’s Lolita and Barry Lyndon.

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