CHRONICLE Director Josh Trank to Adapt Futuristic Soviet Comic THE RED STAR

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With Chronicle, director Josh Trank put together the rare feature debut that was successful both critically (84% on Rotten Tomatoes) and commercially ($116 million worldwide on a found footage budget).  Plus, I liked the movie a lot—that’s the ominous trifecta that this guy’s going places.  Trank has been linked to both the Fantastic Four reboot and the Spider-Man spinoff, Venom, but another comic movie may skip to the front.  Deadline reports Trank will direct The Red Star, an adaptation of the graphic novel by Christian Gossett that producer Neal Moritz (21 Jump Street) is developing.  The script by Jason Rothenberg is set an alternate universe where the Soviet Union survived and magic is mixed with futuristic technology: “The protagonist is a Red Fleet soldier who goes up against an ex-leader who rules with an iron fist.”  Since Rothenberg’s script is much closer to its final state than the screenplays for Fantastic Four and Venom, The Red Star could serve as a natural follow-up to Chronicle.

Hit the jump for the synopsis of volume 1 of The Red Star, “The Battle of Kar Dathras Gate.”

Neal Moritz Attached to Produce Comic Adaptation THE RED STAR for Warner Bros.

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Comics are a hot property these days, and while Universal may be weary of jumping into bed with unknown commodities and developing them into large-scale projects, Warner Bros. seems to have no such qualms. Proof of this dynamic can be found in the fact that Warner’s is currently eyeing an alternate reality comic book series titled The Red Star: a project currently in turnaround at Universal. Created by Christian Gossett in 1999, the comic series takes place in a world where the USSR still exists with elements of magic and futuristic technology intertwined.

For more on The Red Star, including those previously involved, hit the jump.

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