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In addition to the series renewed by ABC, we’ve got some new series pick-ups, along with a couple more renewals and some unfortunate cancellations.  Here they are at a glance:

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Joe Anderson and Leslie Hope Talk THE RIVER Season Finale

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On the riveting season finale of the ABC thriller The River, entitled “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” the Magus crew – including Lincoln (Joe Anderson), his mother Tess (Leslie Hope) and the long lost Dr. Emmet Cole (Bruce Greenwood) – suddenly finds itself in complete chaos when a member of their own is shot dead, leading Jahel (Paulina Gaitán) to call upon the spirit of the Boíuna to help, against the wishes of her father (Daniel Zacapa). With a course now plotted for their final destination, the crew’s quest is threatened further by the unknown killer, as the situation continues to spiral out of control.

The last seven weeks of terrifying scares and shocking twists and turns have led up to this, and co-stars Joe Anderson and Leslie Hope spoke to Collider for this exclusive phone interview about how surprised they were about where things will end up for their characters, how much fun it was to actually get to act directly with Bruce Greenwood for the final episodes of the season, how many “Holy crap!” moments that fans can expect, there favorite moment of the season, how exhausting it was to play the constant terror, and the challenges of telling a story that relies on scares, when you have commercial breaks about every 15 minutes. Check out what they had to say after the jump:

Oren Peli Talks THE RIVER; Premieres Tonight on ABC

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ABC’s intensely scary paranormal thriller The River follows the story of world famous wildlife expert and TV personality Dr. Emmet Cole (Bruce Greenwood), host of the beloved series “The Undiscovered Country.” After Cole goes missing deep in the Amazon, his wife, Tess (Leslie Hope), and estranged son, Lincoln (Joe Anderson), decide to lead a rescue mission deep into the unexplored reaches of the Amazon River, where nature is cruel, magic is real and nothing is what it seems.

While at the TCA Winter Press Tour, executive producer Oren Peli (creator of Paranormal Activity) talked about how he ended up developing an idea for a TV show, the extent of Steven Spielberg’s involvement, the challenges of telling a season’s worth of story in only eight episodes, doing the episodes with a scare-of-the-week while also advancing the overall mystery, trying to create moments where you don’t know what’s going to happen because it’s the unexpected that’s scary, and that even though no one is safe, characters won’t be killed off just for the sake of killing them off. Check out what he had to say after the jump:

Paul Lee (President of ABC Entertainment Group) Talks THE RIVER, ONCE UPON A TIME, the Future of PAN AM and COUGAR TOWN, and More

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As part of the network’s TCA Press Tour presentation, President of ABC Entertainment Group, Paul Lee, took some time to talk about where things stand with some of their popular and long-running series, how some of their freshman series were received, and their hopes for some of their upcoming programs.

Lee said that the horror thriller The River (premiering on February 7th) is set for only eight episodes, but there is the plan to have it be a long-running series. He is also thrilled with the performance of Once Upon A Time, is optimistic about the future of Pan Am, and said that while they made a good attempt, he doesn’t think they quite breathed life into the Charlie’s Angels franchise through the recent series. And, while he has high hopes for how Cougar Town will play when it returns, Lee is still unsure of when exactly that return will be. Check out what he had to say about all the series after the jump:

ABC Announces Midseason Premiere Schedule; No Return Date for COUGAR TOWN, GCB Replaces PAN AM

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Another midseason schedule, another great TV series missing. Just a few days ago NBC announced their midseason schedule, and along with it came the news that Community will be benched for the foreseeable future. A similar scenario is now happening with ABC’s midseason premiere schedule. While their announcement today includes premiere dates for GCB (which will replace Pan Am in the post-Desperate Housewives slot starting in March), the Ashley Judd drama Missing, the horror-drama The River, the comedy Work It, and a new season of Dancing with the Stars, the fantastically quirky sitcom Cougar Town is nowhere to be found. Hit the jump for more, including a list of the premiere dates.

Comic-Con 2011: Schedule for Friday, July 22nd; Includes THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, FRIGHT NIGHT, and THE WALKING DEAD

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If you thought Thursday was crazy at Comic-Con, then the schedule for Friday will make your brain break apart. There were some high profile panels on Thursday, but Friday it’s non-stop. Sony is looking to own the day with their 90-minute panel for Total Recall, 30 Minutes or Less, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, and The Amazing Spider-Man. Hall H will also be hosting presentations for The Adventures of Tintin, Raven, Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire, Underworld 4, Batman: Year One, Pacific Rim, Seventh Son, Paradise Lost, Mass Effect, and Fright Night.

The TV side is also on overdrive with a pilot screening of Locke & Key, and panels for The Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory, Children’s Hospital, Bones, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, The River, Black Dynamite, Eureka, Bob’s Burgers, Falling Skies, ThunderCats, Robot Chicken, Ugly Americans, Warehouse 13, and True Blood. Hit the jump for a list of schedule highlights for movies and TV.

Comic-Con 2011: ABC Announces Panels for CHARLIE’S ANGELS, THE RIVER, ONCE UPON A TIME and CASTLE

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We’ve already gotten word on panels for TV series like Game of Thrones and even Beavis and Butt-Head at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 this year, and now ABC has just unveiled panel plans for three new series, and one returning series. Before their premiere later this fall, The River, Charlie’s Angels and Once Upon a Time will all have exclusive early screenings of their premiere episode along with panels with the cast and executive producers. In addition, Comic-Con favorite Nathan Fillion will be returning to the convention with his series Castle. If you want more details on the new series premiering on ABC this fall, check out our previous post on the network’s upfronts presentation, otherwise, hit the jump for the schedule on details on ABC’s TV panels..

Trailers for New ABC Series including APARTMENT 23, THE RIVER, ONCE UPON A TIME and More

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We’ve already highlighted the trailer for the anticipated remake of the classic series Charlie’s Angels, but ABC has also released trailers for the rest of their new series as well. Now you can see the official trailers for ABC’s new series including Apartment 23 starring James Van Der Beek, Leslie Bibb and Kristen Chenowith in Good Christian Belles, Tim Allen’s return to TV in Last Man Standing, Dan Fogler in Man Up, Missing starring Ashley Judd, the fairytale drama Once Upon a Time, Christina Ricci in Pan Am, the high society drama Revenge, the Amazon-set The River, Henry Ian Cusick in Scandal, and the comedies Suburgatory and Work It.

Again I’m not impressed or interested at all in Once Upon a Time, and Last Man Standing just looks like a huge disappointment for Tim Allen fans. However, I’m defintely more interested in Pan Am after seeing this new trailer and I really hope Apartment 23 is able to get the attention of children of the 90′s who grew up with Dawson’s Creek because it looks pretty damn funny. Anyway, you can decide which shows you’ll want to check out in the fall after watching the trailers after the jump.  For more details on each series and even more clips, be sure to check out our previous post on ABC’s 2011-2012 schedule.

ABC Announces 2011-2012 Schedule and Releases First Clips and Photos from New Series Including THE RIVER, CHARLIE’S ANGELS and More

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Charlie's Angel's Pan Am ABC slice

Today it’s ABC’s turn to unveil their new series for the upcoming TV season after announcing which of their running series did and didn’t make the cut for another season. But now we have the full schedule which includes timeslots for all the new series including Apartment 23 starring James Van Der Beek, the remake of Charlie’s Angels, Leslie Bibb in Good Christian Belles, Tim Allen’s return to TV in Last Man Standing, Dan Fogler in Man Up, Missing starring Ashley Judd, the fairytale drama Once Upon a Time, Christina Ricci in Pan Am, the high society drama Revenge, the Amazon-set The River, Henry Ian Cusick in Scandal, and the comedies Suburgatory and Work It.

See full synopses, photos and clips from all these new shows after the jump and see what tickles your fancy.

TV News: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Creator Conjures Magical Police Procedural; PARANORMAL ACTIVITY Creators Developing Found-Footage Series THE RIVER

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The fall season of television kicks off in just a couple weeks, but networks are still looking ahead to new series prospects. Deadline and EW have the early word on a new series from Ronald D. Moore, who previously partnered with David Eick on the series re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica. Though little is currently known about the series, it’s apparently a police procedural set in a world of magic not completely unlike Harry Potter, but with a predominantly adult cast. Sounds like a welcome departure from the traditional police dramas featuring cops with various psychological problems and ghosts from their past. It may even serve as a fine replacement for Law & Order since NBC canned that series recently. We’ll keep you posted as the project develops.

Hit the jump for information on a new series from the creators of the horror hit Paranormal Activity.

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