Posters for HELLBOY 3, SLEEPY HOLLOW 2, FIGHT CLUB 2, and More from the “Sequel” Art Exhibit Imagine Films That Never Happened

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The “what if’s” of the movie world are unendingly fascinating when it comes to films that never got made.  Some came very close to fruition, while others never even had a chance.  The “Sequel” art exhibit in Los Angeles puts a spin on “what if’s” as 40 artists imagine movie sequels that were never made, and today we have two exclusive pieces from the exhibit to debut: posters for Sleepy Hollow 2 and Hellboy 3.  They’re incredibly well-made, and they serve as a fun teaser of what might have been if these films had come to fruition.  While a sequel to Tim Burton’s swell Sleepy Hollow wasn’t really in the cards, Guillermo del Toro has very much tried to get a third Hellboy movie off the ground.  Though this poster has nothing to do with del Toro’s intended vision, it’s a neat piece of artwork regardless.

Check out the posters for Sleepy Hollow 2 and Hellboy 3 after the jump, along with other posters from the exhibit including Fight Club 2, Blade Runner 2, The Rocketeer 2, and more.  The “Sequel” art exhibit will be held at Iam8bit in Los Angeles on Thursday, November 13th from 7pm-11pm PST.

Limited Paper: A Preview of Bottleneck Gallery’s GIZMOS AND GADGETS Show Featuring New Artwork from Godmachine, Cuyler Smith, and Dave Perillo

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Yes, gallery shows are still coming fast and furious in 2013, and this week brings us another new one:  Bottleneck Gallery’s Gizmos and Gadgets opens this Friday, and—from the looks of the preview images sent over by our buddy Joe at the Gallery’s NYC location—it looks to be just as impressive as the work we saw from that Gallery throughout 2012.  Wanna see some amazing new artwork from Godmachine, Cuyler Smith, and Dave Perillo?  Find out when you can plan on getting a crack at purchasing some of this stuff online?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

TOP 5: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, Directors’ Personal Top 10 Lists, LAWLESS, Disney to Reboot ROCKETEER, How THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Should Have Ended

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collider-top-5-sliceThis past week presented me with a couple of unique moviegoing opportunities. In addition to the ParaNorman showing I previewed the last time we met, I was also able to check out one of my all-time favorites, Jaws, on the big screen thanks to Cinemark’s “Fall Classic Series”. For as much as I enjoyed the pic long before this week’s showing, I have to say that viewing it as an audience member in a packed theater for the first time opened my eyes to a whole new appreciation. Not only was I genuinely startled in a few scenes that repeat television and DVD viewings had long left me numb to, but I also came to respect Robert Shaw’s timeless turn as Quint even more than I previously had. In short, my adoration for Spielberg‘s masterpiece was not only reaffirmed, it somehow found a way to expand.

But enough about my love of all things Jaws related. This week’s Top 5 includes the news that James Gunn is in talks to direct Marvel’s intergalactic tale, Guardians of the Galaxy, Sight & Sound’s personal Top 10 lists from some of cinema’s most revered directors (Spoiler Alert: that shark movie I drooled about in the opening paragraph appears on Tarantino‘s), a new red-band trailer for John Hillcoat‘s Lawless, Disney’s plans to reboot The Rocketeer, and an animated look at how The Dark Knight Rises should have ended. A brief recap and link to each can be found after the jump.

Disney to Reboot ROCKETEER Because Why Not

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The 20th anniversary of Joe Johnston’s The Rocketeer was just last year, which must have alerted executives at Disney that it was time to remake the film.  We talked to Billy Campbell, star of the original film, last year and he said he was “too long in the tooth” to reprise his role.  While the 1991 film didn’t land a big enough box office draw to push for a sequel, now that parent studio Disney is under new management, The Rocketeer looks like it’s going to be one of the first properties up for a reboot.  Perhaps the success of a similarly suited metal man with rocket propulsion made this a no-brainer.  Hit the jump for more on this developing story.

Billy Campbell Talks THE ROCKETEER 20th Anniversary Blu-ray and Season Finale of THE KILLING

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The action-filled, family adventure film The Rocketeer – starring Billy Campbell, Jennifer Connelly, Alan Arkin and Timothy Dalton – is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a Blu-ray release, now available. With state-of-the-art digital restoration and enhanced high-definition sound, the story of a test pilot (Campbell) who discovers a top-secret jetpack that throws him into a daring adventure of mystery, suspense and intrigue, turning the ordinary young man into an extraordinary hero, still holds up as one of the best comic book adaptations that’s hit the big screen.

During this exclusive phone interview with Collider, the film’s star, Billy Campbell, talked about how the spirit and good-hearted nature of the film have really allowed it to hold up over time, why he thinks it didn’t have the box office that people expected, that he doesn’t have any props from the film because he doesn’t collect mementos, what it was like to work with director Joe Johnston (Captain America: The First Avenger), and how he would love to be a part of a sequel someday, in some capacity. He also talked about how he tends to choose projects for the location they’ll be filming in, and how fans of his AMC drama series The Killing can expect that their expectations will be met in Season 2. Check out what he had to say after the jump:

Watch This: Animated Tribute to THE ROCKETEER

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Joe Johnston’s The Rocketeer is a charming throwback that flopped at the box office when it opened in 1991 but has deservedly built up a cult following in the last twenty years.  At its core is a hero who doesn’t have superpowers or a dark secret.  He’s simply a good guy with a jetpack and because jetpacks are cool, what more do you need?  The movie even has Terry O’Quinn playing a completely sane (and therefore completely unbelievable) Howard Hughes.  More importantly, it manages to conjure up an old-school feeling of adventure and I’m hoping that Johnston brings that tone to his new 1940s action-adventure flick, Captain America: The First Avenger.

But back to The Rocketeer, a team of French animators created a short 20th anniversary tribute to the film and to the property’s creator, Dave Stevens.  Hit the jump to check out the delightful video.

Director Joe Johnston Interview THE WOLFMAN; Says the DVD/Blu-ray Will Have 17 Minutes of Extra Footage

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Joe Johnston slice.jpg

Opening this Friday is director Joe Johnston’s (The Rocketeer, Jurassic Park III, Jumanji) take on the classic Universal monster The Wolfman.  To help promote the film, Universal Pictures held a big press junket for journalists from around the world this past weekend.  While I already posted all the things Johnston said about his next project, The First Avenger: Captain America, it’s time for The Wolfman Q&A.

During the press conference, Jonston talked about his decision to use both practical and CG for the Wolfman, what changes he made when he got attached to the project, and for fans of extras on DVD/Blu-ray, Johnston says they’ll be an extended cut of The Wolfman with 17 addtional minutes added back in when it gets released on home video.  The additional footage is from the beginning of the film – before Benicio transforms.  Hit the jump for the transcript or audio from the press conference:

Disney Props and Costumes Invade Comic-Con – TRON, CONDORMAN, THE BLACK HOLE, and More

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The Rocketeer costume.jpg

If you’re a fan of movie props, costumes, and Disney, this year’s Comic-Con should be cool. That’s because D23 (the official community for Disney fans) is bringing a display of costumes and props from “The Rocketeer”, “The Black Hole”, “Sky High”, “Tron” and “Condorman”. They’re calling it the “Heroic and Robotic” exhibition and it’s been created exclusively for this year’s convention.

After the jump I have an image of the full “Rocketeer” costume that will be on display and some more info on the exhibit. If you’re a fan of any of these movies, it should be very cool to see all these costumes up close. And I cannot believe they’re bringing “Condorman”. That’s a blast from the past.

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