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Landing just outside of this week’s Top 5 and earning an opening paragraph mention as a result is the first trailer and poster for writer/editor/director Ti West‘s The Sacrament. Obviously inspired by 1978′s Jonestown Massacre, the film features a team of journalists who attempt to document the story of a seemingly peaceful religious commune only to have the proverbial shit hit the fan in the process. I think West is among the best working directors in terms of creating and maintaining terror as evidenced by both 2009′s The House of the Devil and 2011′s The Innkeepers. Each of those films expertly sustain a sense of dread throughout and if Gene Jones hauntingly daring the visiting journalists to “Take it…” in this first trailer is any indication, The Sacrament looks to be cut from the same stellar mold. While it will be tough to match the psychological horror dealt out by 2011′s cult-centric drama Martha Marcy May Marlene, I’ll be anxiously anticipating West’s latest up until the time it hits VOD on May 1st.

Transitioning to the list section of the feature, this week’s installment highlights the first trailer for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Steve’s set visit coverage for X-Men: Days of Future Past, interviews for and Matt’s review of Paul W.S. Anderson‘s Pompeii, casting news for Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot, and coverage from the floor of Toy Fair 2014 at the Javits Center in NYC. Keep reading for a quick recap and link to each of the above.

Red-Band Trailer and Poster for Ti West’s THE SACRAMENT

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Magnet has released a red-band trailer and poster for Ti West‘s new horror film, The Sacrament.  The film stars AJ Bowen and Joe Swanberg (both actors from You’re Next) as reporters for VICE Media who go to a remote Central American compound that holds a religious “community” (i.e. cult).  The utopian setting is then revealed as (shocker) not all it appears to be, and judging by the trailer, lots of violence and horror ensues (naturally).  I do like the premise, and I hope West can deliver on it.

Hit the jump to check out the red-band trailer and poster.  The film also stars Amy Seimetz (Upstream Color), Kentucker Audley (Ain’t Them Bodies Saints), and Gene Jones (No Country for Old Men).  The Sacrament is On Demand on May 1st and opens June 6th.

Ti West and Eli Roth Talk THE GREEN INFERNO and THE SACRAMENT, Theatrical Cuts vs. Extended Cuts, Their Thoughts on VOD, and More at TIFF

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Last week, at the Toronto International Film Festival, I landed an exclusive video interview with directors Ti West and Eli Roth.  West was in attendance for his film, The Sacrament, while Roth was there for The Green Inferno.  While I had a lot of questions about both films, since almost all of you won’t be able to see them before watching the interview, I decided to ask questions that wouldn’t spoil the films and instead focus on filmmaking.  During the interview, they talked about being at TIFF, what it was like showing the films for the first time to an audience, what the films are about, theatrical cuts vs. extended cuts, their thoughts on VOD, upcoming projects, why they both shot with the Cannon C300 camera, and more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Roadside Picks up WORDS AND PICTURES with Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche; Open Road & Xlerator Take ALL IS BY MY SIDE; Magolia Secures THE SACRAMENT

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Domestic rights have been acquired for the following films:

  • Words and Pictures – Roadside Attractions has snapped up U.S. rights for Fred Schepisi’s romantic dramedy starring Clive Owen (Sin City) and Juliette Binoche (Chocolat).
  • All Is by My Side – Open Road Films and Xlerator Media land domestic distribution rights for writer-director John Ridley’s Jimi Hendix biopic starring André Benjamin (The Great Gatsby), Hayley Atwell (Captain America: The First Avenger) and Imogen Poots (28 Weeks Later).
  • The Sacrament – Magnolia Pictures is finalizing a reported seven-figure deal for Ti West’s found-footage horror-thriller starring Joe Swanberg (V/H/S), Amy Seimetz (Upstream Color) and AJ Bowen (You’re Next).

Hit the jump for more.

Sharni Vinson and A.J. Bowen Talk YOU’RE NEXT, Waiting for the Release Date, THE SACRAMENT, and More

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It’s been a long time in the making for You’re Next.  Premiering in 2011 at the Toronto International Film Festival, the well-reviewed home-invasion horror film was quickly bought by Lionsgate… only to then sit on a shelf for 2+ years.  Since then You’re Next has screened at multiple film festivals to overwhelming acclaim while its release remained in limbo.  This Friday, the wait ends – and as leads AJ Bowen (A Horrible Way to Die) and Sharni Vinson (Bait 3D) are quick to note: the fact that an independently-made horror film is getting any sort of wide release, regardless of the time-lapse, is reason enough to celebrate.  I’ll second their motion – as You’re Next takes what can be an unpleasant subgenre in horror (see The StrangersFunny Games) and turns it on its head into a fun audience picture.  It may be hard to imagine a film where a bunch of masked murderers hunt and kill a dysfunctional family as a rollicking good time – but that’s exactly what You’re Next is.

In the following interview with Sharni Vinson and AJ Bowen, the duo discuss the protracted release of You’re Next, their favorite moment touring with the film on and off for 2+ years and their favorite ‘final girl’.  In addition, AJ Bowen previews the Ti West directed The Sacrament, set to premiere at this year’s TIFF.  For the full interview, hit the jump.

TIFF 2013 Vanguard Line-Up Announced; Includes Alexandre Aja’s HORNS Starring Daniel Radcliffe

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Following today’s announcements for their documentary and Midnight Madness line-ups, the Toronto International Film Festival has revealed the films playing the Vanguard category.  The “Vanguard” is for films that are “provocative, sexy…possibly dangerous,” according to the TIFF website.  The most notable of the inclusions is Alexandre Aja‘s adaptation of Joe Hill‘s Horns, which stars Daniel Radcliffe as a young man who wakes up to find himself accused of the violent rape and murder of his girlfriend.  He also discovers he’s sprouted horns on his head.

Hit the jump for the Vanguard line-up.  The 2013 Toronto International Film Festival runs from September 5 – 15th.


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Eli Rothis one of those guys who seemingly never stops working.  Whether serving as director, producer, actor, or some combination thereof, he’s always got a bounty of projects on the table.  This year is no different and first up is The Last Exorcism 2, opening March 1st, for which Roth returns as producer.  Part 2 continues where the first film left off, Louisiana farm girl Nell (Ashley Bell) is found alone in the woods with her family dead and no memory of what happened.  As she tries to build a new life for herself in New Orleans pieces of her past begin to resurface and she discovers that the demon inside her is in no hurry to let her go.

I recently landed an exclusive phone interview with Roth.  He talked about coming up with a new approach for the sequel, the difficulty of titling the sequel, and whether fans can expect to have their questions answered.  He also talked about getting back in the director’s chair with The Green Inferno, shooting in the Amazon, the status on Thanksgiving, stepping into television format with Hemlock Grove, and working with Ti West on The Sacrament.  Check out the full transcript after the jump.

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