The Best Horror Movies of the 1980s, Ranked

     October 17, 2016

If the 1970s racked up a few dozen films that pressed beyond the confines of thrillers and fantasy to create some of the most important tomes of the horror genre, the 1980s brought the gruesome genre into the big leagues.

Stanley Kubrick: The Masterpiece Collection Blu-ray Review

     December 13, 2014

Is that the sound of double-dipping?  Oh right, it must be Warner Bros with another extraneous Blu-ray set.  Having already released a terrific Stanley Kubrick collection in 2011, they now hit us with a bigger, sexier box set… with one …

ROOM 237 Review

     March 29, 2013

[This is a re-post of my review from the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.  Room 237 opens today in limited release and is also available on VOD.] Stanley Kubrick‘s The Shining is about characters who are drawn into madness by their …