Director Josh Boone On THE STAND, Fidelity to the Novel, Script Status, and Whether He’ll Direct LESTAT

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Josh Boone is far from the obvious choice to direct a feature length version of The Stand; but The Fault in Our Stars filmmaker is an ardent Stephen King fanatic, a whole subplot in Boone’s debut Stuck in Love is dedicated to the prolific writer’s output.  A bevy of filmmakers have tried and failed to bring King’s seemingly un-adaptable post-apocalyptic novel to the big screen.  George A. Romero, David Yates, Ben Affleck & Scott Cooper have all been attached at some point or another.  But it seems Boone has finally done the seemingly impossible – the writer/director is now gearing up to direct a “three hour version with an A-List cast across the board.”

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Boone, in anticipation of the Blu-ray release of The Fault in Our Stars, about the status of The Stand.  In the following interview with Boone, he discusses Stephen King’s reaction to the finished screenplay, when he hopes to start filming, how closely it will stick to the novel and what he had to excise from the 1000 page book for the film adaptation.  In addition, Boone briefly touched upon recent reports that he is in talks to direct Lestat, the second in Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles.  Hit the jump for the full interview.

Matthew McConaughey Eyed for GOLD and THE STAND

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Matthew McConaughey’s got an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for True Detective, he’s the star of one of the most anticipated movies of the fall, Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, and now, on top of that, it looks as though he might be lining up three more projects.

About a month ago we told you that McConaughey was in talks for The Company Man and now it’s being reported that he’s also wanted for the adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand and Stephen Gaghan’s Gold as well.  Hit the jump for more on both films. [UpdateThe Stand director Josh Boone has taken to Twitter to clarify that he's actually be writing the film with McConaughey in mind for the role of Stu Redman and Christian Bale in mind for Randall Flagg.  More after the jump.]

Director Josh Boone Says His Adaptation of THE STAND Will Be 3 Hours, R-Rated, and with an A-List Cast

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Director Josh Boone is poised to have a very good weekend as his new film, The Fault in Our Stars, has a solid chance at dominating the box office.  If it does, it will give him more clout in his plan to adapt Stephen King‘s The Stand.  The movie has gone through multiple directors including David Yates, Ben Affleck, and Scott Cooper.  For those unfamiliar with the massive, post-apocalyptic sci-fi horror story, it’s set in a world that’s been ravaged by a plague and leads to an epic battle between a group of Americans and an Antichrist-like figure named Randall Flagg.

Boone stepped into replace Scott Cooper several months ago, and plans to reunite with his Fault in Our Stars actor Nat Wolff.  During the press tour for Fault, he detailed some of his other plans for the daunting adaptation.  Hit the jump for more.

LeBron James and Method Man Join TRAINWRECK; Laura Linney Set for SLIGHT TRICK OF THE MIND; Nat Wolff May Star in THE STAND

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We’ve got a few casting announcements to attend to.  Briefly:

  • As Judd Apatow prepares to begin production on the Amy Schumer-fronted Trainwreck, LeBron James and Method Man have been tapped to appear.
  • Laura Linney will join Ian McKellen in the Sherlock Holmes drama A Slight Trick of the Mind.
  • Writer/director Josh Boone is penning a role specifically for Nat Wolff (Admission) in his Stephen King adaptation The Stand.

Hit the jump for more on the aforementioned casting.

Hero Complex Gallery Opens “King for a Day” Exhibit as Stephen King Tribute; Preview 14 Works from the Art Collection

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stephen king for a day art slice

The Hero Complex Gallery is hosting “King for a Day,” an art exhibit devoted to the collected works of Stephen King: his novels, short stories, scripts, television shows, and films.  There are tributes to The Shawshank Redemption, The Stand, It, Christine, Stand By Me, The Green Mile, The Mist, Misery, The Shining, Carrie, and more.

The exhibit opens Friday, March 21 in Los Angeles.  Hit the jump for more on the event plus a sampling from the art collection.

Director Scott Cooper Talks OUT OF THE FURNACE, the Film’s Subtlety, Working with Johnny Depp on BLACK MASS, Leaving THE STAND, and More

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From writer/director Scott Cooper, Out of the Furnace (now available on Blu-ray/DVD) is a gripping and powerful drama that tells the story of Russell Baze (Christian Bale), a man leading a dead-end life, working a meaningless steel mill job and caring for his terminally ill father.  When his brother Rodney (Casey Affleck) returns home from Iraq, he is lured into a ruthless crime ring and mysteriously disappears, causing Russell to want to seek justice.  The film also stars Woody Harrelson, Forest Whitaker, Willem Dafoe, Zoe Saldana and Sam Shepard.

During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, filmmaker Scott Cooper talked about his desire to tell very personal stories, his process for working with actors who all have very different approaches to their craft, why his acting experience works to his advantage, how music is one of the most important things in his life, how Eddie Vedder came to re-record the Pearl Jam song “Release” for the movie, and what he’s most proud of with the film.  He also talked about his next film, the Whitey Bulger biopic Black Mass, why the compelling nature of the story appealed to him and that he’s already deep into collaborating with its star Johnny Depp, as well as why he ended up walking away from the adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand, and how his kids want him to make a movie that they can see.  Check out what he had to say after the jump.

Josh Boone in Line to Replace Scott Cooper as Writer/Director for THE STAND

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The latest director to tackle the massive undertaking that is Stephen King’s The Stand appears to be Josh Boone.  The Fault in Our Stars director is nearing a deal to write and direct the adaptation, replacing Scott Cooper.  The write-up has Boone’s take on the source material envisioned as “a single, R-rated movie that will be faithful to the book.”  The Stand chronicles an epic battle between a group of Americans who survive a deadly plague and an Antichrist-like figure named Randall Flagg.

Paul Greengrass was previously reported as being on the shortlist for the position, but it looks like he joins the ranks of David Yates and Ben Affleck as helmers who were once attached.  Boone’s adaptation, The Fault in Our Stars, starring Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, opens June 6th.  (Via The Wrap)

Warner Bros. Reportedly Eyeing Paul Greengrass to Take Over THE STAND

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Warner Bros.’ adaptation of the Stephen King novel The Stand has gone through plenty of ups and downs over the past few years, and it just recently lost its director—again.  Scott Cooper (Out of the Furnace) joins Ben Affleck and David Yates on the list of filmmakers who were at one point attached to tackle the post-apocalyptic tale but bowed out for one reason or another.  It’s a difficult adaptation for sure, but Warner Bros. is still aiming high for the property, as Captain Phillips helmer Paul Greengrass currently tops the list of candidates the studio is keen on taking over the project.  Hit the jump for more.

Scott Cooper Says His THE STAND Adaptation Is “Harrowing and Searingly Realistic” [UPDATE: No Longer Attached to Direct]

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A feature film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel The Stand has been in the works for quite some time, but as of yet no filmmaker has been able to crack the sprawling post-apocalyptic pic for Warner Bros.  Harry Potter helmer David Yates initially flirted with the idea of directing the feature as his first post-Potter project, but he subsequently dropped out after admitting he couldn’t figure out how to turn the book into a satisfying film.  Ben Affleck then came onboard to write and direct, and after he too admitted the adaptation was a tough nut to crack, he moved on in favor of focusing on Live by Night and playing Batman in Batman vs. Superman.

The project is now in the hands of Crazy Heart helmer Scott Cooper, and while promoting his second film Out of the Furnace, the filmmaker discussed his approach to the material with a fair amount of confidence and even addressed the notion of Christian Bale taking on a role in the eventual feature.  Hit the jump to read on. [Update: That was fast.  The Wrap now reports that Cooper has fallen off The Stand due to creative differences with the studio.  Perhaps Warner Bros. wasn't keen on Cooper's no-soundstages approach?]

Scott Cooper to Replace Ben Affleck as Director of Stephen King Adaptation THE STAND

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When Warner Bros. announced last night that Ben Affleck has been cast as the new Batman in director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel follow-up, the future of Affleck’s incredibly successful directorial career was thrown into question.  Presumably Affleck will  be getting a standalone Batman film in the near future, and he’s all but guaranteed to star in Justice League (which he might even end up directing).  It now appears that the first directorial casualty of Affleck donning the cape and cowl has surfaced, as word comes that Crazy Heart helmer Scott Cooper is in talks to replace him as the writer and director of Warner Bros.’ feature film adaptation of the Stephen King novel The Stand.

Hit the jump for more, including the status of Affleck’s other directorial projects.

Ben Affleck Comments on THE STAND Adaptation and His Whitey Bulger Picture with Matt Damon

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While his most recent directorial effort, Argo, is beginning to generate well-deserved Oscar buzz, Ben Affleck spoke briefly about some of his upcoming projects that are sure to attract a lot of interest. When last we reported on Affleck collaborating with Matt Damon, it was to shed some light on the details of their Whitey Bulger picture. The rise-and-fall biopic of the Boston-area crime boss is apparently still in development, but Affleck did give a quick comment on it.

A bigger picture is Affleck’s adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand, a long-gestating picture that has fans hoping for some good news. Unfortunately, it’s proving to be an unwieldy bit of source material as Affleck admits to struggling with it. Struggling, not giving up. Hit the jump for more quotes from Affleck. 

Warner Bros. Sets Screenwriter for Ben Affleck’s THE STAND; Matt Damon’s Untitled Drama Moves to Universal

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We’ve got a couple updates on the latest projects from Oscar-winning screenwriting duo Ben Affleck and Matt Damon (yes, they act too). A few months ago Affleck was chosen by Warner Bros. to direct their big-budget adaptation of the Stephen King novel The Stand. While it’s been a while since we’ve heard any movement on the project, it now appears that Affleck has now set a screenwriter on the pic. After apparently wowing the studio with an adaptation of King’s It, David Kajganich (The Invasion) has been tapped to handle scripting duties. Hit the jump for much more, including news concerning the untitled drama that Damon was previously set to direct.

David Yates Talks HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, Why He Isn’t Directing THE STAND, and His Al Capone Movie

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The Harry Potter film franchise came to an end this summer with director David Yates’ brilliant concluding chapter Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2.  As an avid fan of the books, I thought the film hit all the right notes and Yates captured our farewell to these beloved characters with nuanced grace.  I’m currently in Orlando, Florida at Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter for the Blu-ray/DVD release of the franchise’s final installment, and got the chance to sit down with Yates for an extended conversation.

The director talked about what he’s been doing since the last film hit theaters, his impressions of Universal’s Harry Potter theme park, his reaction to Warner Bros.’ decision to pull all Harry Potter DVDs from the shelves after the end of this year, his opinion on post-converting past Harry Potter films to 3D for their eventual theatrical re-release, and he also revealed why he decided not to take on the feature film adaptation of Steven King’s The Stand, and gave an update on his Al Capone biopic. Hit the jump for more.

Warner Bros. Chooses Ben Affleck to Direct and Adapt Stephen King’s THE STAND

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In a bit of a head scratcher, Warner Bros. has chosen Ben Affleck to write and direct their adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand. The reason that this news is confusing is that just a couple months ago, it was reported that Warner Bros. was in negotiations with director David Yates to reunite with his Harry Potter scribe Steve Kloves for a multi-film adaptation of King’s novel. Deadline has the Affleck news, and their report has no mention of Yates. The Potter director was in high demand after helming the last four films in the beloved franchise, and it seemed as though he’d be tied up with The Stand for a few years before being able to take on any other projects. Now it looks as though Yates is free to choose another film as his follow-up. Hit the jump for more.

HARRY POTTER’s David Yates and Steve Kloves to Reunite for Adaptation of THE STAND

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While Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 brought the most successful film franchise in history to an end this summer, it appears that the two most influential creatives involved will be reuniting once more. Screenwriter Steve Kloves (who wrote every Harry Potter film except Order of the Phoenix) and director David Yates (who helmed the final four Potter films) are apparently teaming up to tackle a multi-film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel The Stand. Hit the jump for the details.

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