New Teaser Video and Images for Guillermo del Toro’s THE STRAIN on FX

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In anticipation of The Strain’s debut on FX this summer, a new teaser video has been released, along with some hi-res images.  Created and executive produced by Guillermo del ToroThe Strain revolves around a team of scientists who wage war against an ancient strain of virus that confers vampirism, along with those it infects.  Del Toro directed the pilot himself but Carlton Cuse (Lost) will be assuming showrunner duties going forward.  The 13-episode first season of The Strain, also starring David BradleyMia MaestroSean AstinJonathan Hyde and Richard Sammel, debuts on FX this July.

Hit the jump to watch the video and check out the images.

Carlton Cuse Talks THE STRAIN, Vampires, Modifying the Creatures’ Appearance, Setting the Show Apart from Others, and the Plan to Run Three to Five Seasons

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From filmmaker Guillermo del Toro and showrunner Carlton Cuse, The Strain tells the story of an epic battle for survival between man and vampire, and will premiere on FX in July.  The show stars Corey Stoll, David Bradley, Mia Maestro, Sean Astin, Jonathan Hyde and Richard Sammel.

While at the FX portion of the TCA Press Tour, executive producer Carlton Cuse talked about what attracted him to The Strain, the very scary creatures these vampires are, what makes this story different from others of its type, that they’re looking to do a closed-ended series that will run from three to five seasons, and how they’d had to make some changes and modifications in the appearance of the vampires.  Check out what he had to say after the jump. 

FX First Look: Debut Images from Guillermo del Toro’s THE STRAIN and FARGO Starring Martin Freeman

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2014 is still quite new, but FX is getting a jump on things by debuting the first images from two highly anticipated new drama series that will be premiering this year.  The Strain is created and executive produced by Guillermo del Toro and revolves around a team of scientists who wage war against an ancient strain of virus that confers vampirism, along with those it infects.  Del Toro directed the pilot himself but Carlton Cuse (Lost) will be assuming showrunner duties, and these first images give us a look at Corey Stoll (House of Cards) in the lead role.  The 13-episode first season of The Strain debuts on FX this July.

Additionally, we have our first look at the limited series adaptation of Fargo.  Executive produced by Joel and Ethan Coen, the 10-episode show is a reimagining of the classic Coen brothers film and stars Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman, and Allison Tolman.  The series premieres sometime this spring.  Hit the jump for the first images from both The Strain and Fargo

First Teaser for THE STRAIN from Guillermo del Toro

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The first teaser spot for Guillermo del Toro’s FX horror series The Strain is now online, but you’ve probably already seen it.  The spot premiered during the mid-season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead, but its content was intentionally vague in the hopes of sparking up a conversation.  Remember the “found footage” video of hordes of rats crowded the city sidewalks? Yep, that’s for The Strain.

The Strain stars Corey StollDavid BradleyMia MaestroSean Astin, and Kevin DurandCarlton Cuse will step in as showrunner while del Toro remains onboard as an executive producer.  Hit the jump to watch the teaser.

FX Orders 13-Episode First Season of Guillermo del Toro’s THE STRAIN to Premiere July 2014

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While Guillermo del Toro only recently wrapped production on the pilot for his potential FX series The Strain, the network apparently really liked what they saw.  FX announced today that it has ordered a full 13-episode first season of The Strain, which will debut on the network in July 2014.  The ambitious series is based on the trilogy of novels by del Toro and Chuck Hogan and centers on a team of scientists who wage war against an ancient strain of virus that confers vampirism, along with those it infects.  The stellar cast includes Corey Stoll, John Hurt, Mia Maestro, Sean Astin, and Kevin Durand, and Lost co-showrunner Carlton Cuse is onboard to act as showrunner while del Toro will remain involved as an executive producer.

Hit the jump for more info on this exciting new horror series.

FX CEO John Landgraf Talks FARGO Limited Series, THE STRAIN, and More; Says THE STRAIN Will End Up Running Between 39 and 65 Episodes

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While at the FX portion of the TCA Press Tour, FX Networks and FX Productions CEO John Landgraf took some time to discuss some of their upcoming programming.  During the interview, he talked about what viewers can expect from the TV version of Fargo, Joel and Ethan Coen’s involvement, the possibility of future seasons, their upcoming historical programming, just how graphic The Strain (from the novels of Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan) will be, and how it will end up being between 39 and 65 episodes.  Check out what he had to say after the jump.

Sean Astin Joins Guillermo del Toro’s THE STRAIN

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Guillermo del Toro’s latest big screen effort, Pacific Rim, opens this weekend, but his small screen series continues to add to its cast.  The FX series The Strain now counts Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy) among its members.  Astin will play Jim Kent, the friend of CDC doctor Ephraim “Eph” Goodweather (Corey Stoll) and Dr. Nora Martinez (Mia Maestro), who works closely with Ephraim and winds up stumbling into an affair with him.  Goodweather heads the CDC’s Canary Team and leads the New York-based investigation into a viral outbreak tied to vampirism.  As THR reports, Kent is “a savvy and trustworthy guy who is an open political operative of the Canary Group, [and who] unknowingly betrays their friendship when he is coerced into releasing a cabinet out of quarantine that contains a potentially deadly virus.”  The production is gearing up to film the pilot with strong signs that it will earn a series order.

Guillermo del Toro Says They’re Writing the First Season of THE STRAIN Before Filming; Calls CRIMSON PEAK His “First Adult Movie in the English Language”

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It’s been five long years since Guillermo del Toro has directed a film, but if all goes according to plan, he’s about to enter into a very prolific period in the near future.  His large-scale “robots vs. monsters” movie Pacific Rim opens this Friday, and del Toro has already lined up his next two projects following the massive tentpole.  He’s directing the pilot for the FX series adaptation of del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s book series The Strain this fall, and then early next year he starts production on his next feature film, a “classical gothic romance ghost story” called Crimson Peak.

Steve recently sat down for a lengthy, exclusive interview with del Toro at his house in anticipation of the release of Pacific Rim, and during the course of the conversation the filmmaker discussed The Strain, Crimson Peak, and even his next feature film after Peak.  Del Toro revealed that they’re writing the entire first season of The Strain before filming begins, and he describes Crimson Peak as his “first adult movie in the English language,” as he aims to make a proper R-rated adult feature.  Del Toro also noted that it looks like he already has his next project after CP ready to go.  Hit the jump for so much more.

Jennifer Morrison and Mia Maestro Talk SOME GIRL(S), Why They Joined the Project, Translating the Play to the Big Screen, ONCE UPON A TIME, and THE STRAIN

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Based on the Neil LaBute play by the same name, Some Girl(s) follows a successful writer (Adam Brody) who, on the eve of his wedding, travels across the country to meet up with ex-lovers, in an attempt to make amends for past relationship transgressions.  On his journey, he reunites with high school sweetheart Sam (Jennifer Morrison), sexually free-spirited Tyler (Mía Maestro), married college professor Lindsay (Emily Watson), his best friend’s little sister Reggie (Zoe Kazan), and Bobbi (Kristen Bell), who is the one that got away.

At the film’s press day, actresses Jennifer Morrison and Mía Maestro spoke to Collider for this exclusive interview about why this project appealed to them, why this play translates well for the big screen, shooting such long and complex scenes, and whether either of them would consider going on a journey to reconnect with their own exes.  Jennifer Morrison also talked about what it’s been like to juggle movies with her role as Emma on the ABC drama series Once Upon A Time and the adventure of working on a show that centers around magic, while Mía Maestro talked about what drew her to the FX drama series The Strain, based on the vampire books by Chuck Hogan and Guillermo del Toro, who will also be directing the pilot.  Check out what they had to say after the jump.  

Liv Tyler to Co-Star in Damon Lindelof’s HBO Pilot THE LEFTOVERS; John Hurt Joins Guillermo del Toro’s FX Series THE STRAIN

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A couple of highly promising casting decisions have been made regarding two exciting upcoming pilots.  First up, Liv Tyler has signed on to co-star in Damon Lindelof’s HBO potential series The Leftovers.  Based on the book of the same name by Tom Perotta, the story takes place after the Rapture, centering on the people in a small town that didn’t make the cut.  Justin Theroux is already set as the show’s lead, but Deadline reports that Tyler will be co-starring as Meg, a young woman on the verge of getting married who becomes a target for recruitment by members of an enigmatic cult.  Peter Berg is directing the pilot and Christopher Eccleston, Ann Dowd, Amanda Warren, and Carrie Coon are also set to star.

Hit the jump for news concerning a Hellboy alum joining Guillermo del Toro’s potential new series The Strain.

FX Pilots: Director Ang Lee Departs Drama TYRANT, While Guillermo del Toro’s THE STRAIN Finds Its Female Lead in Mia Maestro

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A couple of updates out of the camp of FX pilots.  Unfortunately, it looks like Oscar-winning director Ang Lee will be tapping out of production on the drama pilot Tyrant, citing exhaustion from filming and promoting Life of Pi.  The story centers on an unassuming American family drawn into the workings of a turbulent Middle East nation; Tyrant’s pilot may be shooting in Morocco.  The search for a replacement is currently underway.

For more on what Lee had to say about his departure from the project and for casting information on Guillermo del Toro’s FX pilot, The Strain, hit the jump.

Corey Stoll to Lead THE STRAIN, Guillermo del Toro and Carlton Cuse’s FX Series

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The first bit of casting news for Guillermo del Toro’s FX series project, The Strain, is finally here!  It looks like Corey Stoll (House of Cards) will lead the vampire adaptation.  The Strain centers on a team of scientists who wage war against an ancient strain of virus that confers vampirism, along with those it infects.  Del Toro and Chuck Hogan - who both wrote the original trilogy of novels – have co-written the screenplay which del Toro will direct.  Hit the jump for more.

Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin Talk BATES MOTEL, the Influence of PSYCHO on the Show, How Far Ahead They’ve Planned, THE STRAIN, and More

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The A&E drama series Bates Motel (which was recently renewed for a second season) gives viewers an intimate portrayal of how Norman Bates’ (Freddie Highmore) psyche unravels through his teenage years.  This contemporary prequel to the genre-defining film Psycho reveals the dark, twisted backstory and shows first-hand just how deep the relationship with his mother, Norma (Vera Farmiga), truly goes, as she helps forge the most famous serial killer of them all.  The show also stars Max Thieriot, Nicola Peltz, Olivia Cooke, Nestor Carbonell and Mike Vogel.

During this exclusive interview with Collider, executive producers/writers Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin talked about how they each came to be involved with Bates Motel, how much they use Psycho as an inspiration, just how crucial the casting of Norman and Norma Bates was, the overall story they’re looking to tell this season, how far ahead they plan out the story, what it will add to the show when guests start checking in to the Bates Motel, and the importance of transmedia to make viewers more directly active with the show.  Cuse also talked about how he’ll divide his time, if the adaptation of The Strain goes into production at FX.  Check out what they had to say after the jump, and be aware that there are some spoilers.

Guillermo del Toro Talks PACIFIC RIM 2, Prepping THE STRAIN TV Series, CRIMSON PEAK, and Other Future Projects at WonderCon

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Even though Pacific Rim will be Guillermo del Toro‘s first film in five years, he has attached himself to numerous projects both for movies and television.  Just to name a few that are still in development hell, he’s attached to The Haunted Mansion, The Incredible Hulk TV series, and Pinocchio.  And even though Pacific Rim has yet to hit theaters, del Toro and co-writer Travis Beacham are already set to write the sequel for Legendary Pictures.  Del Toro is also in pre-production on adapting his vampire novel trilogy The Strain for television, and is looking ahead to the haunted house feature, Crimson Peak starring Emma Stone and Charlie Hunnam.

Speaking with Steve and WonderCon, del Toro talked about the status of Pacific Rim 2, The Strain, Crimson Peak, how financing tends to determine his next project, writing the script to his indie feature Saturn and the End of Days, what happened to his animated adaptation of Pinocchio, and more.  Also, be sure to check out what del Toro had to say about Justice League Dark.

FX Launches New Network and a Huge Slate of New Programming; Renews JUSTIFIED, THE LEAGUE, and More; Orders FARGO to Series

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FX, home of Sons of AnarchyJustified, and The Americans (which has already been picked up for a second season), just exploded with information about new spin-off channels, series renewals, new series and more, such as:

  • FX has launched a new network, FXX, to appeal to a young adult set of viewers.
  • Series renewals include Justified, It’s Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaThe League and Legit, with the latter three moving to FXX in 2014.
  • Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell expands to a 5-nights-a week.
  • FX orders a 10-episode limited series of Fargo.
  • FX orders comedy pilots How and Why from Charlie Kaufman, and Chozen from Grant DekernionDanny McBride and the team behind Eastbound & Down.

Hit the jump for all the details.

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