Comic-Con 2012 TV Panel Round-Up: GLEE, FRINGE, ARROW, FAMILY GUY, SONS OF ANARCHY and More

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With Comic-Con 2012 just around the corner, word is starting to leak out about what movies and TV shows will/won’t be making an appearance.  We have a good idea of the film panel slate in Hall H, and now official word regarding TV panels is trickling down.  As a quick reference guide, we’ve rounded up the TV panels that have been confirmed thus far in one easy article.  Briefly:

  • Thursday – MAD, Nikita
  • Friday – The Big Bang Theory, Arrow, Bones, Childrens Hospital, Cult, 666 Park Avenue, Brickleberry, Bob’s Burgers, The Venture Bros, NTSF:SD:SUV, Robot Chicken, Black Dynamite
  • Saturday – Glee, The Vampire Diaries, Revolution, The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Person of Interest, Futurama, The Following
  • Sunday – Fringe, Sons of Anarchy, Supernatural, DC Nation, The Cleveland Show

Hit the jump for more details, including which actors will be in attendance and where the panels will take place.  Comic-Con 2012 will run from July 11 – July 15.

Adult Swim Orders Shows from Patton Oswalt and Paul Scheer, a BLACK DYNAMITE Animated Series, More

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Following in the footsteps of Time Warner brethren, Adult Swim revealed its development slate and announced series renewals today.  Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 (formerly Aqua Teen Hunger Force), Childrens Hospital, Delocated, Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole, Metalocalypse, Mongo Wrestling Alliance, Robot Chicken, Squidbillies, and Superjail! are all back for at least another season.

Looking to the future, the network ordered five new series: NTSF:SD:SUV:: (created by Paul Scheer); The Heart, She Holler (starring Patton Oswalt) ; China, IL; Tight Bros; and an animated series based on Black Dynamite.  Looking even further into the future, Adult Swim is developing series with Mr. Show co-creator Bob Odenkirk, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter writer Seth Grahame-Smith, and indie rap group Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

Hit the jump for the official synopses for all the new series.

THE VENTURE BROS: The Complete Season 4 Blu-ray Review

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After the Season Three ender, “The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together,” there was no telling where The Venture Bros. would travel in Season Four because the Venture world, as we knew it, had been obliterated. The animated folks had faced clone armies marching to “March of the Toys,” shocking resignations, and the death of a henchman. But show creators Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick managed to whip together a whole new sea of pop culture references intermingled with hunching, super science and action. Season Four references everything from progressive rock to The Diving Bell and the Butterfly to the Arrested Development song, “Mr. Wendal,” and after Volume One, half-season releases, the entire fourth season has been released on one Blu-ray disc.  My review after the jump.

Venture Bros. Season 4 Part 1 DVD Review

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One of the hallmarks of a great television series is the willingness to shake up the status quo, to risk alienating the audience in the service of letting the characters and story evolve.  No two creators seem to embrace this ethic more than Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick.  When we left The Venture Bros. at the end of their third season, Henchman 24 was dead, the boys had lost their clone-based immortality and, Brock Samson quit, replaced by recovering pedophile super-villain Sergeant Hatred.

Much of Season 4, part 1 concerns the ramifications of these events. Brock’s post-venture career, 21’s transformation from sweet-natured incompetent to deadly possible-maniac and the boys, finally, growing up. Because of season 4’s new format (2 sets of 8 episodes as opposed to 13), many of these story lines don’t play out until part 2. Nonetheless, there is still a lot of gold in part 1 and, when coupled with the still-unreleased part 2, makes for one of the strongest seasons of television in years. My review of The Venture Bros. Season 4 after the jump.

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