THE WALKING DEAD Recap: “Consumed”

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Tonight’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead gave viewers the long-awaited road trip with Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride), but was it everything it was cracked up to be?  Arguably, these two are the strongest members of the group when it comes down to sheer survivability, so even hordes of Walkers in a dense urban setting wouldn’t stand a chance, right?  And surely we’d see lots of break-neck action peppered in between moments of post-apocalyptic romance, yes?  Eh, perhaps this hour was not exactly what viewers had been waiting for, as it was little more than a placeholder between episodes.  Honestly, it’s best moments came as a cautionary tale for reckless drivers.

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THE WALKING DEAD Recap: “Self Help”

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Tonight’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead was all about Eugene, for better or worse.  Josh McDermitt’s character has been the sole remaining hope in this hellish post-apocalyptic world, and is at the center of Abraham Ford’s promise of a new future.  But was his story about being the savior of the human race all it was cracked up to be?  Well, this episode, “Self Help,” aims to answer that question, while opening up a whole new can of worms about just where our survivors will go from here.  This was a textbook case of an episode chock full of character development and emotional swings, while also folding in some of the best Walker-fighting scenes in the series so far.  And Rick & Co. weren’t even featured!  Season five is the strongest this show has been in quite some time, and tonight’s episode certainly did not disappoint.

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THE WALKING DEAD Recap: “Slabtown”

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Guys, I don’t know if you know this, but everything in the post-apocalyptic zombie world is just terrible.  You can’t trust cops, danger lurks around every corner in the suburbs, and prisons are just the worst.  Even hospitals end up killing more people than they help!  Okay, so the world of The Walking Dead isn’t all that different from our own world, except of course for the wild card that is the shambling, flesh-eating Walkers.  Considering how strange life in this fictional world is on a weekly basis, I was amazed that the creative team managed to put together an hour that was even stranger than usual.  More than once I was convinced that “Slabtown” was a fever dream or a drug-induced hallucination experienced by Beth Greene (Emily Kinney), right up until the last second.  For fans of Beth/Kinney, I’d imagine this was a rather enjoyable episode, but judging by social media reactions, for most it was just torture.

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THE WALKING DEAD Recap: “Four Walls and a Roof”

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Are you hungry for more of AMC’s The Walking Dead?  Well then it’s a good thing we’re continuing these recaps which give you a chance to marinate on the show’s happenings and chew on some of the deeper philosophical underpinnings.  Oh yeah, and you get to relive the brutal violence against the undead and the cannibalistic alike again and again!  Tonight’s episode, “Four Walls and a Roof”, certainly sped up the timetable on what was expected to be season five’s central conflict, a turn of events which was equal parts surprising and reassuring that the rest of the season will be just as thrilling.

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THE WALKING DEAD Recap: “Strangers”

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Now that the group of survivors has been reunited after the chaos at Terminus, what are they to do?  The Walking Dead has spent plenty of time in past seasons bottled up in one location or another (the farm and the prison, notably) but it looked like they were getting ready to hit the dusty trails for good this season.  Not so fast.  In the fifth season’s second episode, we get a momentary glimpse of life on the road for this unwieldy group before a new arrival (and an old foe) turn a possible sanctuary into a probable death trap.

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THE WALKING DEAD Recap of the Season 5 Premiere: “No Sanctuary”

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Season four of AMC’s The Walking Dead ended with one hell of a cliffhanger that saw the fan-favorite group of survivors biding their time in the Terminus folk’s make-shift railcar prison cell.  Thankfully, season five kicked off more or less from this same spot, so viewers didn’t have to hang on too long to find out the fate of Rick & Co.  Now that it’s arrived and the wait is over, just how good was the premiere?  In a word: Perfect.

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THE WALKING DEAD Season 4 Finale Recap: “A”

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Even if you had your Dock Street “Walker” in hand as you watched the season four finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead, you were likely too nervous to enjoy it.  While the first half of this season wrapped up some leftover conflicts of season three, the latter half promised the survivors (and viewers) a look at Terminus, the mysterious meeting place advertised as a sanctuary.  This episode did its damnedest to make you fear for the safety of everyone in the cast, and for 90% of the hour, the tension was quite well sustained.  Then came the last few moments, which will likely divide fans on either side of the rail line.  Hit the jump for my take on the season four finale, and season four overall.


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Last week’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead was pretty grim, so it was no surprise that the show lightened the tone considerably for season four’s penultimate hour.  That’s not to say everything was all sunshine and kittens.  Even a relatively pleasant and optimistic episode of The Walking Dead is expected to have Walker attacks, gruesome effects, and plot twists culled from the darkest side of the human condition.  In the case of “Us”, the positive vibes stem from the cooperative teamwork of strangers and the reunion of lost loves.  Hit the jump for my recap, and to learn why these groovy feelings aren’t likely to continue at the end of the line.

THE WALKING DEAD Recap: “The Grove”

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So far on season four of AMC’s The Walking Dead, every plot point has been driving our heroes on toward the mysterious Terminus.  Some travel there in search of their missing loved ones, others seek the promised safety and security of the gathering place at the end of the line.  Still others, like the unlucky travelers of tonight’s episode, head toward the unknown entity of Terminus because everything else is already horrific by comparison, and the desire to leave these nightmares behind them propel them forward to the promised land.  We’ll have to wait another couple of episodes to see if that promise is made good, but for now, we’ll reflect on “The Grove”.  Hit the jump.


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For those of you who have been waiting for more friendly animals to appear on AMC’s The Walking Dead, I give you tonight’s episode, “Alone”.  While the presence of the furry, four-legged friend had little to do with the entire episode, its apparently solitary existence did speak to the episode’s theme established in its title.  We got to check in on a few of the survivors in their various new partnerships; some grew stronger together and were torn apart, while others went their separate ways only to find out that it’s better (and safer) to stick together.  Hit the jump for my recap and review.


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Forget the Oscars, AMC’s The Walking Dead is on!  While I wasn’t surprised to see the ratings juggernaut unwilling to flinch from its scheduled run against the 86th Annual Academy Awards, I was surprised by the episode itself.  And not pleasantly so.  I’m all for pairing characters off to more evenly portion out screen time and let their individual stories develop.  This tactic can be rewarding when those stories enrich the overall plot arc and draw viewers more deeply into the narrative; however, the inherent risks bubble to the surface when the on-screen characters lack chemistry or when their stories fall flat.  Tonight’s episode, “Still”, was unfortunately an example of the latter.  Hit the jump for my recap and review.

THE WALKING DEAD Recap: “Claimed”

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On tonight’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, viewers got to meet a few new faces.  Some were well-intentioned while others were nothing of the sort, and all of them came in varying shades of intelligence.  More intriguing than even the new character additions, however, was a bit of intel as to the state of the post-apocalyptic world and, if the newcomers can be believed, the plan to set things right once more.  Hit the jump for my recap and review, unless you’re all amped-up and have an ignorance of rapid-firing weapons.

THE WALKING DEAD Recap: “Inmates”

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Two episodes into the second half of season four of AMC’s The Walking Dead and each of the characters are being asked to make some tough decisions.  After the disastrous failing of the prison to protect and unify the group of survivors, each of them have gone their separate ways via a chaotic scattering into the woods.  While there’s some tension (and occasional comedy) to be found in these various odd couples, the real question that each individual must face is whether to go out in search of the others or continue on their own path.  The character bonds formed over the previous three-and-a-half seasons are put to the test in this episode, and long-time fans with keen eyes will be rewarded.  Hit the jump for my recap.

THE WALKING DEAD Episode Recap: “After”

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The mid-season premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead made good on the season four poster’s warning: Don’t Look Back. After the devastating events at the end of the mid-season finale, Rick’s group of survivors has been scattered to the wind. After a brief glimpse of the aftermath at the prison, this episode – aptly titled “After” – focused on the paths of two sets of survivors, providing plenty of catharsis along the way.  Hit the jump for my review and to find out why “I’d be fine if you died.”

THE WALKING DEAD Recap: “Too Far Gone”

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It’s been a tale of two camps so far on this season of AMC’s The Walking Dead, but tonight’s mid-season finale put a definitive end to one of them.  Fans of the series may have felt that the last few episodes have been a bit of a retread of previously explored plot territory.  While that may have been the case, the events of tonight’s episode will force the survivors out of their comfort zones and into some tough decisions in the second half of the season.  We also lost some characters along the way, one who was beloved by fans, and one of whom viewers simply loved to hate.  Hit the jump for my recap and review of tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Too Far Gone”. 

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