THE WALKING DEAD Recap: “Consumed”

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Tonight’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead gave viewers the long-awaited road trip with Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride), but was it everything it was cracked up to be?  Arguably, these two are the strongest members of the group when it comes down to sheer survivability, so even hordes of Walkers in a dense urban setting wouldn’t stand a chance, right?  And surely we’d see lots of break-neck action peppered in between moments of post-apocalyptic romance, yes?  Eh, perhaps this hour was not exactly what viewers had been waiting for, as it was little more than a placeholder between episodes.  Honestly, it’s best moments came as a cautionary tale for reckless drivers.

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THE WALKING DEAD Recap: “Self Help”

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Tonight’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead was all about Eugene, for better or worse.  Josh McDermitt’s character has been the sole remaining hope in this hellish post-apocalyptic world, and is at the center of Abraham Ford’s promise of a new future.  But was his story about being the savior of the human race all it was cracked up to be?  Well, this episode, “Self Help,” aims to answer that question, while opening up a whole new can of worms about just where our survivors will go from here.  This was a textbook case of an episode chock full of character development and emotional swings, while also folding in some of the best Walker-fighting scenes in the series so far.  And Rick & Co. weren’t even featured!  Season five is the strongest this show has been in quite some time, and tonight’s episode certainly did not disappoint.

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THE WALKING DEAD Recap: “Slabtown”

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Guys, I don’t know if you know this, but everything in the post-apocalyptic zombie world is just terrible.  You can’t trust cops, danger lurks around every corner in the suburbs, and prisons are just the worst.  Even hospitals end up killing more people than they help!  Okay, so the world of The Walking Dead isn’t all that different from our own world, except of course for the wild card that is the shambling, flesh-eating Walkers.  Considering how strange life in this fictional world is on a weekly basis, I was amazed that the creative team managed to put together an hour that was even stranger than usual.  More than once I was convinced that “Slabtown” was a fever dream or a drug-induced hallucination experienced by Beth Greene (Emily Kinney), right up until the last second.  For fans of Beth/Kinney, I’d imagine this was a rather enjoyable episode, but judging by social media reactions, for most it was just torture.

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THE WALKING DEAD Recap: “Four Walls and a Roof”

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Are you hungry for more of AMC’s The Walking Dead?  Well then it’s a good thing we’re continuing these recaps which give you a chance to marinate on the show’s happenings and chew on some of the deeper philosophical underpinnings.  Oh yeah, and you get to relive the brutal violence against the undead and the cannibalistic alike again and again!  Tonight’s episode, “Four Walls and a Roof”, certainly sped up the timetable on what was expected to be season five’s central conflict, a turn of events which was equal parts surprising and reassuring that the rest of the season will be just as thrilling.

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Adam Davidson to Direct the Pilot Episode of THE WALKING DEAD Spin-Off Series

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AMC’s The Walking Dead companion series just locked a director for the pilot episode and he’s an Academy Award winner!  Adam Davidson snagged the Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film back in 1991 for The Lunch Date and, ever since, he’s been racking up TV credits.  He’s worked on a slew of shows including Lost, Deadwood, Dexter, True Blood, Fringe, Big Love, Masters of Sex and so many more.

Davidson is expected to start shooting his Walking Dead companion series episode late this year.  Hit the jump for more on the show and Davidson.

THE WALKING DEAD Recap: “Strangers”

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Now that the group of survivors has been reunited after the chaos at Terminus, what are they to do?  The Walking Dead has spent plenty of time in past seasons bottled up in one location or another (the farm and the prison, notably) but it looked like they were getting ready to hit the dusty trails for good this season.  Not so fast.  In the fifth season’s second episode, we get a momentary glimpse of life on the road for this unwieldy group before a new arrival (and an old foe) turn a possible sanctuary into a probable death trap.

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THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 Premiere Shatters Ratings Records with 17.3 Million Viewers

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In case it wasn’t already abundantly clear from the fact that it got a Season 6 renewal before its current season even started, The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere ratings prove that the AMC drama series isn’t going anywhere soon.  Last night’s episode (read Dave’s recap here) drew a series high 17.3 million viewers, besting its previous record of 16.1 million viewers for the Season 4 premiere by over 1 million viewers.  Moreover, in the all-important 18-49 demo, the episode notched an 8.8 rating.  By comparison, that’s nearly double the highest rating for any entertainment programming last week, as The Big Bang Theory scored a 4.5 rating in the demo on CBS.

Even if you’re not a fan of The Walking Dead (and I’m really not), you have to admit that these numbers are insane.  In an age where more and more people are consuming television from a variety of different platforms on a delayed schedule, the fact that a basic cable show can pull in these kinds of numbers is staggering.  Watch a sneak peek for next week’s episode after the jump.

THE WALKING DEAD Recap of the Season 5 Premiere: “No Sanctuary”

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Season four of AMC’s The Walking Dead ended with one hell of a cliffhanger that saw the fan-favorite group of survivors biding their time in the Terminus folk’s make-shift railcar prison cell.  Thankfully, season five kicked off more or less from this same spot, so viewers didn’t have to hang on too long to find out the fate of Rick & Co.  Now that it’s arrived and the wait is over, just how good was the premiere?  In a word: Perfect.

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Scott Gimple, Greg Nicotero, Gale Anne Hurd and Robert Kirkman Tease “Heartbreaking” and “Kick Ass” THE WALKING DEAD Season 5

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Currently one of the most popular and most talked about shows on TV is AMC’s The Walking Dead, now in its fifth season and already picked up for a sixth.  As part of PaleyFest NY, the ultimate TV fan festival, executive producers Scott Gimple, Greg Nicotero, Gale Anne Hurd and Robert Kirkman spoke about the series that they’re clearly proud of and passionate about, as well as very grateful to the fans for all of the success of.

During the interview, they talked about the theme for Season 5, described the season in five words, being on the same page as the actors who know their roles so well, that Season 5 follows the comic closer than any season has before, what aspects of the comic they’re excited to get to, adding new characters and characters from the comic this season, providing answers to the questions about Terminus right away, telling Beth’s story, and introducing Negan at some point.  Check out what they had to say after the jump, and be aware that there are some spoilers.

THE WALKING DEAD Renewed for Sixth Season

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Just ahead of the season five premiere, AMC has officially renewed The Walking Dead for a sixth season.  This is a show we should just assume is set to auto-renew.  With Breaking Bad over and Mad Men headed to its final episodes, AMC is clinging to the zombie series, which will be the network’s only bona fide hit unless a new series breaks out.  I’m sure Better Call Saul will premiere big, but will it be able to hold on to its audience?  Right now, this is a network that needed to renew Halt and Catch Fire despite low ratings, so there’s no way they’re going to let The Walking Dead die.

Hit the jump for the press release.  The fifth season of The Walking Dead premieres October 12th

THE WALKING DEAD Spin-Off Character Descriptions Reveal Level-Headed Parents and Rebellious Teens

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Since AMC’s The Walking Dead is currently the highest rated drama series on all of television in the coveted 18-49 demo, it was only a matter of time before AMC expanded the brand.  The network announced plans for a Walking Dead spin-off last year, and officially ordered a pilot for the potential series earlier this month.  With the wheels in motion to finally move forward on this new corner of the Walking Dead universe, character descriptions for the pilot episode have landed online that give us a few hints as to what we may expect from the Walking Dead companion series.  We previously heard that the new show might be a prequel of sorts, focusing on the early efforts to combat the zombie infection in its infancy, and these character descriptions appear to corroborate that information.

Hit the jump to read the Walking Dead spin-off character descriptions, which seem to have a heavy focus on family.

THE WALKING DEAD Maze Preview: 32 Images from Universal Studios Hollywood’s HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS Attraction

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The Walking Dead maze

Bringing together the sickest minds in horror to immerse guests in a living, breathing, three-dimensional world of terror, Halloween Horror Nights, held at Universal Studios Hollywood on select nights from September 19th through November 2nd, has become one of the most popular ways to celebrate Halloween and all things scary.  Featuring an all-new slate of seven film production quality mazes (The Walking Dead, Alien vs. Predator, From Dusk Till Dawn, An American Werewolf in London, Syfy’s Face Off, Dracula Untold and Clowns 3D with music by Slash), five frightful scare zones (The Purge: Anarchy, The Walking Dead, Mask-A-Raid, Dark Christmas and Skullz) and the fully re-imagined Terror Tram: Invaded by The Walking Dead experience, it will be more chilling, more terrorizing and more extreme than ever.

Collider was recently given the opportunity to tour The Walking Dead: The End of the Line maze, which brings many of the shows key visual moments to life.  As the only property they’ve brought back three years in a row, thanks to the huge popularity of the show, this time around, they’re focusing on the events and stand-out Walkers of Season 4.  Hit the jump to learn more about what to expect from the highly detailed maze.

AMC Orders THE WALKING DEAD Companion Series Pilot Episode

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We first told you about AMC’s plan to develop a Walking Dead companion series about a year ago and now the network is finally moving forward with it.  It didn’t get a straight-to-series order like Better Call Saul, but AMC did give the show’s pilot episode the go-ahead.  It’s said to be set in the same zombie apocalypse environment as the original show, but this iteration will focus on brand new characters in an entirely different area.

We’ve seen spinoff series before, but the idea of a “companion” show could put an interesting spin on the scenario.  I know I’ve often wondered what other survivors are up to and, according to AMC President Charlie Collier, so do many other viewers.  Hit the jump for more on The Walking Dead companion series.

THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 Poster: Hunt or Be Hunted

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AMC has released the first official The Walking Dead Season 5 poster, which boasts the ominous tagline “Hunt or Be Hunted.”  Given that this new season may or may not feature a showdown between Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) gang and a group of people that may or may not be cannibals, the moniker seems appropriate.  Despite the fact that The Walking Dead airs on a cable network, it stands as the most watched drama series on all of television in the coveted 18-49 demo, which is kind of a big deal.  While the actual quality of the show varies depending on who you talk to, there’s no denying that a lot of people are watching.  Will the ratings rise continue in Season 5 or will the series finally plateau?

Hit the jump to take a look at the Walking Dead Season 5 poster, and click here to peruse a gallery of teaser trailers and images from the new season.  The series also stars Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs, Danai Gurira, Melissa McBride, Michael Cudlitz, Emily Kinney, Chad L. Coleman, Sonequa-Martin Green, and Lawrence Gilliard Jr.  The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres on AMC Sunday, October 12th at 9pm ET/PT.

THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 Teaser Trailers and Images Highlight Monsters Both Living and Dead

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Halloween is just around the corner, which means a new season of The Walking Dead is upon us.  While the show has gone through a number of creative changes behind the scenes, it appears that current showrunner Scott M. Gimple is poised to eclipse original showrunner Frank Darabont’s length of time in that position (assuming he makes it through Season 5 unscathed), as Gimple has held the role since he took over at the beginning of Season 4.  With a new batch of episodes on the horizon, AMC has unveiled a couple of The Walking Dead Season 5 teaser trailers as well as some high-resolution images to tide fans over until the show returns.  I bailed on the series midway through Season 3, but it remains one of the highest rated dramas across all networks and TWD fandom is as intense as ever, so I imagine these new teasers and images will be of interest to many.

Take a look at the new The Walking Dead teaser trailers and images after the jump.  The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres on AMC October 12th.

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