Obviously: Ryan Reynolds Closing Deal to Star in DEADPOOL

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For nearly as long as there’s been talk of a Deadpool movie, Ryan Reynolds has been attached to star.  The actor has a genuine love of the Marvel Comics antihero character, and he’s remained committed to the film for years despite 20th Century Fox’s continual refusal to delve into that kind of comic book movie territory.  But Fox finally came around earlier this year, setting a February 2016 release date for the picture after Deadpool test footage “leaked” online to positive response.  Reynolds provided the voice for the character in that footage, and now things are being made official as the actor is finalizing his deal to star in the film.  More after the jump. 

Rumor: DEADPOOL Movie Gunning for a PG-13 Rating?

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Not only is the Deadpool movie finally happening, but 20th Century Fox also gave it a February 12th, 2016 release date, too.  Why now all of sudden?  Perhaps it’s got something to do with the fact that the filmmakers apparently figured out a way to make Deadpool a PG-13 film.

Even though the character may deserve an R-rated movie, going the PG-13 route still seemed inevitable.  The quality of the content should always be top priority, but moviemaking is still a business and when you’ve got a business to run, dishing out a product that cuts off a significant amount of the target audience isn’t the smartest approach.  Hit the jump for more on the Deadpool movie rating rumor.

DEADPOOL Movie Finally Happening With Ryan Reynolds, Release Date Set For 2016

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Today 20th Century Fox announced that Deadpool would finally be happening.  That’s right, the Ryan Reynolds spinoff vehicle that has been on and off for years is going ahead with director Tim Miller at the helm (fun fact – he did the awesome credits sequence for Girl With the Dragon Tattoo).  The script by Rhett Rheese and Paul Wernick (Zombieland) – assuming they’re still using that draft – is apparently in great shape.

Not all of the ink is dry, it’s taken as a given that Reynolds will appear in the film but his deal apparently isn’t completely done yet.  Still, this X-Men spinoff has the potential to be one of the more interesting Marvel films in some time, especially if they do it at the $50 Million price point that was once rumored.  Maybe the response to that test footage “leak” was what was needed to push the needle along a bit.  Deadpool hits theaters on February 12th, 2016.  Hit the jump for more.

Watch: DEADPOOL Test Footage Featuring Ryan Reynolds

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The R-rated superhero movie is kind of the Holy Grail nowadays, with the superhero genre at the height of its popularity.  As studios aim to find new ways of adapting the various comic book properties, fans are eager to see one of the big dogs—Marvel Studios, Warner Bros./DC, and 20th Century Fox—take a leap of faith and greenlight a more adult-geared adaptation.  One such property that was essentially made to break down this barrier is Deadpool, and Fox has been developing an adaptation of the comic for some time with Ryan Reynolds attached to star.  The key is finding the right budget to justify an R-rating, which excludes a hefty portion of the traditional target demo for comic book movies.  Tim Miller was most recently attached to direct, and he put together a reel of test footage to show executives what a Deadpool movie look like.  That footage has leaked online, and it’s kind of fantastic.  Reynolds feels perfect for the role, and the tone is spot on.

Hit the jump to watch the Deadpool test footage before it’s taken down.

DRAGON TATTOO VFX Artist Tim Miller to Direct Space-Set Action Thriller ARTEMIS for 20th Century Fox

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You may not know visual effects artist Tim Miller by name, but you’ve surely seen his work.  Miller frequently collaborates with David Fincher, and he was responsible for the fantastic opening credits sequence for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and he helmed the Fincher-produced launch trailer for Halo 4 late last year.  He’s also attached to co-direct Fincher’s CG adaptation of The Goon, but now 20th Century Fox has tapped Miller to take the helm of a sci-fi feature film of his own as Variety reports that Miller will helm the action thriller Artemis, with John Davis onboard to produce.

Andrew Lobel (Tunnels) has been tapped to write the script for Artemis, which is described as a contained action thriller set in outer space.  No further details are known, but Miller is also attached to direct a couple of other interesting properties including Fox’s long-in-development Deadpool movie and the graphic novel adaptation Gravel.  Here’s hoping one of these films finally gets off the ground soon, as Miller’s work in the past year has been very promising.  Hit the jump to check out some of Miller’s stuff.

Watch: Launch Trailer for HALO 4 Produced by David Fincher

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The launch trailer for the highly anticipated video game sequel Halo 4 has been released.  The clip was produced by David Fincher and directed by visual effects vet Tim Miller—the guy responsible for that fantastic opening credits sequence in Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  The Halo 4 trailer is a pretty impressive piece of work, showing off some great effects and intriguing visual cues.  The piece briefly explores the backstory of Master Chief and provides a glimpse of the new threat he/gamers will face in Halo 4.

This doesn’t mark the end of the collaboration between Miller and Fincher, as Miller is also set to co-direct the Fincher-produced CG animated adaptation of The Goon.  Fincher, Miller, and co-director Jeff Fowler recently launched a kickstarter campaign for the project accompanied by a humorous video from the trio.  For now, hit the jump to check out the latest Miller/Fincher creation by way of the launch trailer for Halo 4.  The game hits stores on November 6th, at which point it will make an insane amount of money.

David Fincher Launches Kickstarter to Gain Funding for THE GOON; Releases Humorous Video Asking for Your Money

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A feature film adaptation of Eric Powell’s Dark Horse Comics series The Goon has been in development for many, many years, but it’s had a lot of trouble getting off the ground despite the fact that talent like David Fincher and Paul Giamatti are attached.  An impressive “proof of concept” trailer was put together to show off the tone and visuals of what the proposed animated film would be like, but studios still weren’t biting given the decidedly un-PG material.

Now Fincher (who is producing the film) has decided to start a Kickstarter fund for the film alongside Tim Miller and Jeff Fowler, who will co-direct.  Miller was responsible for creating the fantastic opening title sequence for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and recently helmed the Halo 4 launch trailer that Fincher produced, so The Goon looks to be in great hands. Hit the jump for more, including a really, really, funny video from Fincher, Miller, and Fowler.

David Fincher-Produced Launch Trailer for HALO 4 to Debut October 18

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While we eagerly await solid word on what project director David Fincher will tackle as his next film, it appears that we’ll be getting our first new Fincher material since The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in just eight short days.  Fincher produced the launch trailer for the highly anticipated video game sequel Halo 4, and the spot is set to debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on October 18th.  Hit the jump for more details on the trailer including who Fincher tapped to direct the spot.

VFX Artist Tim Miller Signs on to Direct Graphic Novel Adaptation GRAVEL

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As his planned directorial debut, the hotly anticipated (by me, at least) Deadpool, seemingly toils in development hell, Tim Miller has been tapped for another comic-book adaptation. The visual effects savant has agreed to helm Legendary Pictures’ adaptation of Gravel, based on Warren Ellis’ graphic novel series. An intriguing mash-up of horror and hard-boiled detective story, the Gravel comics centre on William Gravel, a British soldier who plays magic-wielding mercenary on the side, doing battle with the forces of darkness to pay off his ominous personal debts.

Miller’s name may not ring any bells, but he’s the guy who, via his own CG animation-house Blur Studio, put together that jaw-dropping sequence at the start of David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo remake. You know, the one with all the oil and the writhing and the Led Zeppelin (via Karen O);  I like to imagine that Miller just walked into his first meeting with Legendary, popped that thing in the Blu-ray player and said “Call me with the details,” over his shoulder as he made his way back to the elevator. Hit the jump for more on Gravel.

Tim Miller Set to Direct DEADPOOL

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The long-gestating film version of the comic-book Deadpool finally has a director in place. Deadline reports that visual effects guru Tim Miller has been tapped by 20th Century Fox to direct X-Men Origins: Deadpool. Miller will make his directorial debut on the film, having previously done visual-effects work on films like X-Men, X2 and Daredevil.

Ryan Reynolds has long been set to play the lead in the film, having portrayed the “Merc with a Mouth” in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. However, producer Lauren Shuler Donner recently stated that the Deadpool film will be a reboot and won’t acknowledge the events that took place in Wolverine. Hit the jump for more on Deadpool.

SDCC 2010: THE GOON Panel

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I’ll be honest: I am not familiar with Eric Powell’s popular comic book series The Goon.  However, people I trust not only say the comic is terrific, but they told me that the panel for the film adaptation for the past several years has been hilarious.  After going to this year’s panel and listening to actor Robert Ben Garant (Reno 911!) banter with Powell, Tim Miller and Jeff Fowler of Blur Studio (who are animating the film), voice actor Paul Giamatti, and producer David Fincher, I will tell you this: I’m going to make sure I’m damn familiar with The Goon.  Not only did it deliver on this promised hilarity, but even more than the panel for Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, this one relies on the fans in a big way.  You see, The Goon doesn’t have a green light.  It has a teaser that’s trying to raise interest for a movie that doesn’t have studio backing yet.  That means the fans need to go online and let people know they love it.  Needless to say, they loved it and they’re going to go online and let people know that.

Hit the jump for my thoughts on the panel and why I’m not leaving Comic-Con without at least the first volume of the series in my suitcase.

David Fincher to Re-Build HEAVY METAL in 3D with James Cameron and Zack Snyder

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david_fincher_image__1_.jpgDavid Fincher’s attempt to remake the 1981 rock sci-fi/fantasy Heavy Metal (which was based on the 70s dark sci-fi/fantasy erotic magazine of the same name) hit a serious roadbump when Paramount Pictures decided to drop the project, but now the film is starting to regain some steam.  Deadline confirms a report from last June that James Cameron has come on board to direct one of the films segments as will Watchmen director Zack Snyder.  Their involvement is noteworthy because ever since Paramount dropped the project, its status and contributors have been unknown.  However, there’s currently no word if Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator and Heavy Metal magazine publisher Kevin Eastman, Blur Studios’ Tim Miller, or any of the other names previously associated with the project will return.

Deadline also notes, to the surprise of no one, that all the segments will be in 3D.

Hit the jump for a brief history on the Heavy Metal remake.

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