THE WALKING DEAD Building Block Sets from Todd McFarlane Could Be the Year’s Hottest Collector’s Item

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Todd McFarlane might be best known for his work in the comic book world, from drawing the Spider-Man villain Venom, to forming the independent publisher Image Comics, to creating the iconic anti-hero Spawn.  But in more recent years, McFarlane’s been known for his toy production company, which produces highly detailed action figures from comics, movies, and television.  One such property the company handles is AMC’s hit drama, The Walking Dead, but you’ve never seen Rick and Co. quite like this.  Coming this fall exclusively to Toys “R” Us, McFarlane Toys will release new building block sets and characters pulled directly from The Walking Dead, allowing collectors and fans alike to recreate their favorite scenes on their very own shelves.  Hit the jump to get an early look at the sets and to hear more from McFarlane.

15 New DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES Toy Images Show off Caesar, Maurice, and Koba

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes toy images

We’ve got 15 new Dawn of the Planet of the Apes toy images to share with you today.  These articulated Neca Series 1 action figures show off great looks at Caesar, Maurice, and Koba in action.  Fans of the Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie should recognize those monkey monikers, since the characters played pivotal roles in defeating the initial human force.  Now it appears as if they’re once again ready for battle in the Matt Reeves sequel, due out July 11th.

Andy Serkis, Karin Konoval, and Toby Kebbell play Caesar, Maurice, and Koba respectively, with Jason ClarkeKeri RussellGary OldmanKodi Smit-McPheeKirk Acevedo, and Enrique Murciano also starring.  Be sure to check out Steve’s set visit report and interviews with Serkis, and Clarke.  Then, hit the jump to check out the new toy images.

Geek Gifts: Own a Life-Size Figure of Han Solo in Carbonite

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So you own the Han Solo in carbonite desk.  It’s cool, but it’s starting to feel a little too small, and it’s entirely too practical.  You’d like a Han in carbonite that’s truly life-size, one that takes up a massive amount of space with no secondary purpose.  Great news!  You can now own a life-size figure of Han in carbonite for just $7000 (some assembly required).

Click here to pre-order on the Sideshow Collectibles website.  Product summary and images after the break.

New Images from TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Movie Toys Give a Closer Look at the Title Characters

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We should be getting our first look at Jonathan Liebesman’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles soon, as the film’s first trailer is expected to play in front of Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, in theaters April 4th.  If you just can’t wait that long to get a look at the reinvented title characters, perhaps these new TMNT toys will hold you over.  There are some notable changes to the familiar animated turtles of the 80s, such as their steroid-enhanced musculature, their edgy urban outfits complete with waist drapery to obscure their turtle crotches, and Mikey’s weaponry trade up from nunchaku to a three-section staff.

Alan RitchsonPete PloszekJeremy Howard, and Noel Fisher are assuming the physical roles of the mo-capped heroes.  The cast also includes Megan Fox as April O’Neil and Will Arnett as her cameraman, William Fichtner as Shredder, and Danny Woodburn (Seinfeld) as Splinter.  Sounds pretty nuts, right?  Produced by Michael Bay, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles opens August 8th.  Hit the jump to check out the images.

First Look at TRANSFORMERS 4 Optimus Prime Toy. Plus More from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2, CAPTAIN AMERICA 2, STAR WARS: REBELS at NYCC Hasbro Party

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optimus prime toy transformers 4 slice

Hasbro threw a party tonight in advance of New York Comic-Con, and they brought out all the toys.  The first Transformers: Age of Extinction images focused on cars, humans, and explosions over Autobots.  So first up is the Optimus Prime toy—we are told this is a good representation of what Optimus will look like in the sequel.

A bunch of villains were on display at the Amazing Spider-Man 2 table including Electro, the primary bad guy in the sequel.  The toy version of The Winter Soldier from Captain America: The Winter Soldier notably comes with Precision Strike.  And Lucasfilm released an image of the packaging they’ll use for Star Wars: Rebels.  See it all after the jump.

Super7′s ALIEN ReAction Figures to Be Sold Exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con

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San Diego Comic-Con is a must-attend event for toy collectors.  This year, one of the hottest toys will be Super7′s Alien “ReAction Figures”.  As we previously, the 1979 Alien action figures were canceled, and these 3 3/4″ figures are based on the prototypes.  Now, under supervision from 20th Century Fox, Super7 will sell these limited edition figures at SDCC.  Per the press release, “Each is stylized exactly as items from the ‘golden age’ of action figures with approximately five points of articulation, accessories, and period-authentic blister card packaging.”

There will be four different exclusives related to this line at San Diego Comic Con.  Hit the jump for details and images.  The 2013 San Diego Comic-Con runs from July 18 – 21st.

WonderCon: MAN OF STEEL Action Figure Images Featuring Superman, General Zod, Jor-El, and Faora

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WonderCon 2013 is in full swing, and Steve and Dave are currently in Anaheim covering all the convention goodness here on Collider for those that are unable to make the trek.  Steve walked the floor earlier today and managed to snap images of some of the cool things he spotted, which includes some great looks at the Man of Steel action figures.  While we’ve seen images of these figures before, Steve’s photos give us a close-up, detailed look at a number of characters from one of the year’s biggest movies.

Hit the jump to take a look at the DC Collectible action figures for Superman (Henry Cavill), General Zod (Michael Shannon), Jor-El (Russell Crowe), and Faora (Antje Traue).  Man of Steel opens in 3D on June 14th.

Toy Fair 2013: Over 100 Images from Convention Floor Including BATMAN, STAR WARS, REAL STEEL, SUPERMAN, Marvel, GODZILLA, IRON MAN, and More

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If you’re a toy collector, you’ve likely had a great past few days.  That’s because every February at Toy Fair in NYC, all the toy manufactures  show off tons of upcoming toys and many are being revealed for the first time.  Over the past 24 hours we’ve posted a ton of them broken down by manufacturer, and we’re not close to being done.  However, due to how many we’ve yet to post, I’m going to take a group approach to this article.

As you can see after the jump, we’ve got over 100 pictures from the convention floor and you can check out some of the new toys for Iron Man (and Iron Man 3), The Walking DeadBatmanThe Dark KnightStar Wars, DC Justice, Real Steel, Marvel Selects, Resident Evil, Arkham City, Star TrekSupermanThorWonder Woman, Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible, and much more.

PACIFIC RIM Toy Images Preview the Film’s Impending Merchandise Blitz

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When your movie is about massive robots fighting giant monsters, like Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rimof course you’re going to crank out related merchandise!  Get ready for toys and action figures, books, video games, clothes and Halloween costumes.  For starters, we have new images that preview two of the Jaeger toys to be released. You can check out new images and early reactions to the film here, plus the most recent trailer from CES 2013.  Starring Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Ron Perlman and Charlie DayPacific Rim opens July 12th.  Hit the jump to check out some preview images of the toys.

23 New Images from Mezco Toyz MAN OF STEEL, BREAKING BAD, THE DARK KNIGHT, THUNDERCATS and More Toys from the 2013 Toy Fair

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Yesterday, Mezco Toyz invited 50 reporters to their international world headquarters for an exclusive preview of the items set to be revealed at Toy Fair next week. We’ve got a bunch of preview images that are sure to please collectors.  On display were new models from such properties as Man of Steel, Breaking BadAxe CopThundercatsThe Dark Knight and more. Hit the jump to check out the images.

Action Figure Round-Up: MAN OF STEEL’s General Zod, Jor-El, and Superman, Plus IRON MAN 3 Toys Reveal Six Types of Armor

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Some images of action figures from a few highly anticipated upcoming superhero movies have made their way online, and today we’ve got a peek at some of the characters.

  • Man of Steel – Action figures for Michael Shannon’s villain General Zod, Russell Crowe’s spacesuit-laden Jor-El, and Henry Cavill‘s Superman give us a look at their characters in costume.
  • Iron Man 3 – Hasbro’s action figures for the upcoming Marvel movie tease six different kinds of armor for, Iron Man, Iron Patriot, and War Machine.

Hit the jump for the images and info.

Geek Gifts: Hot Toys IRON MAN 3 Tony Stark Figure

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In anticipation of the release of Iron Man 3 in a couple of months, the folks over at Hot Toys are cooking up some fine-looking collectible figurines.  They recently unveiled a nifty Sixth Scale collectible version of Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark.  The collectible comes complete with various pieces of armor, a workbench, a light up stand, and even a mechanical arm.   It’s a bit pricey at $279.99, but hardcore fans shouldn’t have trouble mining their savings for the latest Hot Toys piece.

Hit the jump for images and specs.  Click here to pre-order on Sideshow Collectibles.

New IRON MAN 3 Toys Show Off Iron Man, Iron Patriot, War Machine and Interchangeable Armor

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Apparently superhero movie news goes into hibernation during the winter, but we’ve dug up some new looks at some Iron Man 3 toys that feature some different armors.  First up are some atmospheric looks at Iron Man, War Machine and Iron Patriot.  The figures don’t look quite as impressive as the more costly Hot Toys models, but these guys come with the option of interchangeability.  Each of Hasbro’s eventual 16 figures will be able to wield up to 25 different armor configurations for 400 unique permutations hours of fun!  Hit the jump to check them out.

Geek Gifts: Hot Toys IRON MAN 2 Hall of Armor Includes Mark I – VII

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We’ve got a ridiculously impressive Geek Gift to share today.  Hot Toys is known for their highly detailed collectibles, but now they’re gearing up to release Tony Stark’s entire Hall of Armor from Iron Man 2.  This thing comes in two different versions, one with seven sets, and one with four, including Stark’s Mark I – VII.  It’s a beaut, but it’s not cheap.  The full set of seven will run you $799.99, the set of four is $469.99, and if you just want one it’s $129.99.

Hit the jump to check out the images and specs for the Iron Man 2 Hot Toys figures.


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Yesterday, we reported that toymaker NECA was planning to release action figures based on Aliens as well as a replica of the gravity gun from Half-Life.  Now they have even more good stuff on the ways: Django Unchained dolls!  Yes, you can play in your very own Big House with dolls for Django (Jamie Foxx), Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz), Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio), Butch (James Remar), Stephen (Samuel L. Jackson), and Broomhilda (Kerry Washington).  While NECA are calling these “action figures”, these toys are dolls.  Dolls have cloth clothing.  The only thing missing is a pull string that makes the dolls utter racial epithets.

Hit the jump see images of these toys and find out where you can buy them.

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