Weekend Box Office: TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION Brings in $100 Million for 2014′s Highest Opening

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It’s official.  Transformers: Age of Extinction is 2014’s undisputed box office champion… at least in terms of its opening weekend.  The sequel earned an estimated $100 million from 4,233 locations, making it the first film of the year to hit triple digits in its debut and replacing Captain America: The Winter Soldier as this year’s highest opener.  As expected, Transformers 4 is also a big hit overseas, earning a reported total of $201 million worldwide in its first three days.

 Title Weekend Total
1.  Transformers 4 $100,000,000 $100
2.  22 Jump Street $15,400,000 $139.8
3.  How to Train Your Dragon 2 $13,100,000 $121.8
4.  Think Like A Man Too $10,400,000 $48.1
5.  Maleficent $8,237,000 $201.8
6.  Jersey Boys $7,610,000 $27.3
7.  Edge of Tomorrow $5,210,000 $84.1
8.  The Fault in Our Stars $4,800,000 $109.5
9.  X-Men: Days of Future Past $3,300,000 $223.3
10.  Chef $1,694,000 $19.4


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Friday Box Office: TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION Collects $41.6 Million on Opening Day

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Three years after their last box office bow, the Transformers are back.  The fourth installment in Paramount’s giant robot franchise took in an estimated $41.6 million at Friday’s box office, including $8.75 million from Thursday pm previews.  That puts the bots on track for about $98 million through Sunday: the same range that Transformers: Dark of the Moon landed on this weekend in 2011.  Of course, Transformers 3 opened on a Wednesday, so by the time it locked in its $97.8 million debut weekend it had also collected $65 million from its first two days in theatres.  Even without the head start, Transformers 4 should deliver this year’s biggest opening weekend – stripping Captain America: The Winter Soldier of the title it has held since April.

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Weekend Box Office: MAN OF STEEL Soars to New June Record with $113 Million

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After months of speculation, we have an answer: on its first weekend in theatres Man of Steel earned an estimated $113 million from 4,207 locations. That does not include the $12 million from its Thursday evening previews, but the number was still big enough to give Superman the new record for June.

 Title Weekend Total
1.  Man of Steel $113,080,000 $125
2.  This Is The End $20,500,000 $32.8
3.  Now You See Me $10,320,000 $80
4.  Fast & Furious 6 $9,400,000 $219.5
5.  The Purge $8,200,000 $51.8
6.  The Internship $7,000,000 $30.9
7.  Epic $6,000,000 $95.4
8.  Star Trek Into Darkness $5,660,000 $210.4
9.  After Earth $3,750,000 $54.2
10.  Iron Man 3 $2,908,000 $399.6

Weekend Box Office – END OF WATCH, HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET Tie for First; TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE a Close Second while DREDD 3D Stumbles

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With less than $300,000 separating the top three films this weekend, the final order of the domestic top ten has been difficult to call. Sunday’s estimates have End of Watch and House at the End of the Street tied for first with $13 million each. Warner Brother’s Trouble with the Curve is not far behind, however, so more definitive results will have to wait until Monday. One thing we can say for sure? Dredd 3D is off to a rough start.

Title Weekend Total
1. End of Watch $13,000,000 $13.0
2. House at the End of the Street $13,000,000 $13.0
3. Trouble with the Curve $12,720,000 $12.7
4. Finding Nemo 3D $9,446,000 $29.9
5. Resident Evil: Retribution $6,700,000 $33.4
6. Dredd 3D $6,300,000 $6.3
7. The Master $5,000,000 $6.0
8. The Possession $2,630,000 $45.2
9. Lawless $2,321,000 $34.5
10. ParaNorman $2,297,000 $55.5

Cinemath: Good Movies Do Better at the Box Office; Also Helps to Be Expensive, PG-13, and a Sequel

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It is common to argue that there is a divide between critics and audiences. Critics prefer arthouse dramas, preferably in black-and-white; audiences like things that go boom. Thanks to countless explosions and few positive reviews, the Transformers sequels became a lightning rod for this argument. Compare the 35s of Transformers: Dark of the Moon: 35% on Rotten Tomatoes, $350 million at the domestic box office. Later in the year, a critical darling like Warrior (83% on RT) managed just over $13 million. Is this the general pattern, or are these exceptions to the rule?

For the latest entry of Cinemath, I crunched the numbers to answer this very question. Thankfully the answer is that good movies statistically do better at the box office. After the jump, I try to quantify this effect with an equation that predicts box office using the Rotten Tomatoes score, budget, theater count, plus whether the movie is a sequel and/or rated PG-13.

Weekend Box Office – TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON Tops $250 Million to Become 2011′s Biggest Hit

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As expected, neither of this week’s new comedies came close to catching Transformers 3 on its second weekend.  While Horrible Bosses became the latest R-rated comedy to top expectations this summer, Zookeeper became the latest potential tentpole to fall flat.  Meanwhile, both films combined barely topped this weekend’s estimate for Dark of the Moon, which became the US’s highest-grossing release of 2011 as of Sunday.

Title Weekend Total
1 Transformers 3 $47,000,000 $261
2 Horrible Bosses $28,100,000 $28.1
3 Zookeeper $21,000,000 $21
4 Cars 2 $15,209,000 $148.8
5 Bad Teacher $9,000,000 $78.7
6 Larry Crowne $6,264,000 $26.5
7 Super 8 $4,825,000 $118
8 Monte Carlo $3,800,000 $16.1
9 Green lantern $3,125,000 $109.7
10 Mr. Popper’s Penguins $2,850,000 $57.7

Friday Box Office – TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON Primed for Second Weekend on Top

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In 2009, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen barely eked out a victory in its second weekend at the domestic box office.  Two years later, its follow-up looks much better situated.  On Friday Transformers: Dark of the Moon took in an estimated $15 million, bringing its domestic total up to $228.9 million in ten days.  Though it still trails the $269 million Fallen had earned at its ten day point here in the US, worldwide Tf3 passed the $500 million mark on Thursday and should pass $600 million sometime today.  In second place, Warner Brothers’ Horrible Bosses brought in an estimated $9.9 million from 3,062 locations for what looks like a weekend total of $26 million.  Meanwhile, Sony’s Zookeeper looks like 2011’s latest disappointment with a first day estimate of $7.4 million and a weekend projection of just $20 million.  Details and analysis tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 Transformers 3 $15,000,000 $228.9
2 Horrible Bosses $9,920,000 $9.9
3 Zookeeper $7,400,000 $7.4
4 Cars 2 $4,825,000 $138.4
5 Bad Teacher $3,000,000 $72.7

Holiday Box Office – TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON Dominates Worldwide with $379 Million in Six Days

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We have reached the end of Paramount’s long, long seven-day launch of Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  So, on this no-news day, let’s take a look at some of the more salient figures regarding Michael Bay’s third installment in his blockbusting franchise. Yesterday, Tf3 broke the all-time record for the Fourth of July weekend at $97.5 million.  With Monday’s estimate of $18.9 million included, the record for the four-day holiday weekend has also fallen. The previous winner was 2004’s Spider-Man 2 with $115.8 million. The holiday take for Transformers 3 now stands at $116.4 million. So, that’s more.

Title Weekend Holiday Total Worldwide
Transformers 3 $97.5 $116.4 $181.1 $379

Friday Box Office – TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON Earns Another $32 Million For New Domestic Total of $97 Million

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Friday is premiere day at the box office, a chance to see how major movies open and to gauge how they might perform over their initial three-day weekends.  Trouble is, the movies that opened this Friday are the ones that nobody cares about.  Larry Crowne, the romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, began with an inauspicious bow of $4 million from 2,972 locations.  That portends a 3-day take of just $15 million.  Fox’s Monte Carlo placed fifth with a debut of $3.1 million from its 2,473 venues.  But let’s get to the Bots.  Friday marked day four of Transformers 3’s super-extended, six day holiday weekend (seven, if you throw in Monday).  The sequel took in an estimated $32 million from 4,013 locations for a current domestic total just shy of $100 million.  Clearly, that is a huge number by 2011 standards.  It is only diminished when Transformers 2’s record-breaking 2009 debut (without the latest film’s higher 3D prices) is taken into account.  But, throw in international grosses and Dark of the Moon is still the cash cow we all knew it would it would be. Details and analysis tomorrow.

Title Friday Total
1 Transformers 3 $32,000,000 $97
2 Cars 2 $7,670,000 $98.5
3 Bad Teacher $4,500,000 $49.9
4 Larry Crowne $4,000,000 $4
5 Monte Carlo $3,125,000 $3.1

Watch This: Every Michael Bay Movie in under a Minute

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Transformers: Dark of the Moon is 154 minutes long but did you know you could condense every Michael Bay movie in under a minute?  It’s true and the folks at CollegeHumor have done exactly that!  While I think some Bay movies are better than others, he certainly has a formula that earns both massive box office and massive scorn from critics.

Hit the jump to check out the video.

Michael Bay Will Bet You $25,000 That the Twins Aren’t in TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON

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A little over a year ago, we reported that “The Twins” Skids and Mudflap, the horrible racist caricatures from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, wouldn’t be shucking and jiving their way through Transformers 3.  There was much rejoicing.  However, an early review (which has since been edited) claimed that the Twins had found their way into the upcoming sequel.  Bay has now roundly rebuked that claim on his website [via TFormers.com] by stating:

After the internet posting of a nice review by someone who saw Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the writer had not been clear on one thing. He misstated that the Twins are in the film. They are not.  So I am offering a $25,000 REWARD to anyone who can find them performing in Transformers 3, on July 1, when the movie opens.

And what about their presence in the trailer?  “Trailer houses sometimes use shots that are not in the movie! End [of] story[.] I’m don’t [sic] wasting my time [on] this!”  Bay doesn’t say how you can claim your twenty five grand if you spot the Twins, but I’m willing to take him at his word.

Weekend Box Office – TRON LEGACY Races to the Top with $43.6 Million; HOW DO YOU KNOW Races to Obscurity

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Five, count ‘em, five releases went wide this weekend, including the much anticipated Tron Legacy from Disney.  The 3D spectacle ran circles around the competition – bringing in an estimated $43.6 million in first place, or 62% more than Yogi Bear managed in second.  Meanwhile, How Do You Know could not even live up to the very modest expectations of Sony Pictures, placing eighth for the weekend with just $7.6 million.

Title Weekend Total
1 Tron Legacy $43,600,000 $43.6
2 Yogi Bear $16,700,000 $16.7
3 Narnia 3 $12,400,000 $42.7
4 The Fighter $12,200,000 $12.6
5 The Tourist $8,700,000 $29.5
6 Tangled $8,670,000 $127.8
7 Black Swan $8,300,000 $15.7
8 How Do You Know $7,600,000 $7.6
9 Harry Potter 7A $4,645,000 $265.5
10 Unstoppable $1,800,000 $77.3

Friday Box Office – HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS – PART 1 Conjures $61.2 Million Opening

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Warner Brothers was expected to collect a pile of galleons with the launch of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 and that is precisely what happened.  It’s, like, MAGIC!  After posting a franchise high of $24 million with its Thursday midnight debuts, the penultimate Potter took in an estimated $61.2 million on Friday from its 4,125 locations.  If that number holds, it would put Deathly Hallows 1 at number five on the list of all-time opening days; just shy of the $62 million of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.  Weekend projections for The Deathly Hallows 1 are currently in the $140 million range, which would put the film fourth in terms of all-time weekend records.  Oddly enough, there was another movie foolish enough to launch this weekend. Lionsgate’s The Next Three Days opened in fifth place on Friday with an estimated $2.2 million from its 2,564 locations.  I would say that Harry Potter had ‘cursed’ the chances of this Russell Crowe thriller but, honestly, you would first have to know that something existed before you cared enough to curse it.  We’ll have full details on the Harry Potter box office tomorrow.

Tile Friday Total
1 Harry Potter 7A $61,200,000 $61.2
2 Unstoppable $4,000,000 $32.8
3 Megamind $4,200,000 $97
4 Due Date $2,900,000 $66.4
5 The Next Three Days $2,200,000 $2.2

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE Sets Wednesday Opening Record With $68.5 Million

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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse finished out its first day in theatres by grabbing the record for the single best Wednesday debut of all-time with $68.5 million. That estimate includes the $30 million brought in from the film’s midnight and early morning screenings (a record) at 4,416 domestic locations (yep, that’s a record too). Though that figure tops Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’s previous Wednesday record as well as the $67.2 million debut of The Dark Knight, Eclipse’s total ultimately fell short of the $72.7 million all-around single day record set by New Moon last November. So, OK. One record got away from them. Eclipse still has the next five days of holiday goodness ahead of it and lots more money to make. So no one needs to feel disappointed here.

TRANSFORMERS 3 News: Will be in 3D, Shockwave is the Villain, Has ‘Killer Ending’

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michael_bay_fios_commercial_imageWhile plot details have been under wraps on Transformers 3, Michael Bay and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura have just spoken with USA Today on the set of the film and revealed a lot of new info on the production.  Here are some highlights:

  • Transformers 3 will be in 3D
  • Characters that die stay dead
  • Bay says “This one really builds to a final crescendo. It’s not three multiple endings.” He goes on to say, “As a trilogy, it really ends.  It could be rebooted again, but I think it has a really killer ending.”
  • The villain is Shockwave
  • “Shia has this great line: ‘You know, I’ve saved the world twice, but I can’t get a job,’ ” di Bonaventura says.
  • The movie features a  space race between the U.S.S.R. and the USA
  • They aim to upgrade the franchise with a more coherent story and less goofball humor
  • Regarding the criticism of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Bay says, “I’ll take some of the criticism.  It was very hard to put (the sequel) together that quickly after the writers’ strike (of 2007-08).”

While some might not be excited for Transformers 3, I’ve spoken to someone who knows a lot about the movie and they told me the script is infinitely better than the second film.  But that shouldn’t be hard, as the second film’s script was not good.  At all.  Either way, I’m excited for TF3 as no one makes movies like Michael Bay.

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