Neil Marshall to Rewrite and Direct TROLL HUNTER Remake; Confirmed to Helm Large-Scale GAME OF THRONES Season 4 Episode

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The Descent filmmaker Neil Marshall hasn’t directed a feature film since 2010’s Centurion, but it looks like that may finally change very soon.  Marshall earned high praise for helming the “Blackwater” episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones, and now Deadline reports that he has signed on to rewrite and direct a remake of the 2010 Norwegian film Troll Hunter.  Production is looking to get underway in early 2014 while there’s still snow on the ground, which means that things are going to move very quickly on the project.  The original pic centered on a group of students investigating mysterious bear killings who come across a troll hunter and, subsequently, a giant troll.

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André Øvredal Exclusive Interview TROLL HUNTER

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From Norwegian writer/director André Øvredal, Troll Hunter is a hugely entertaining film that makes use of documentary style filmmaking to bring a unique and suspenseful story to life that features beasts known only to Norwegians in stories from their childhood. When the government says that there is a problem with bears in the mountains and forests of Norway, a trio of college students sets out to find the truth. With a video camera always on, they trail a mysterious man (Otto Jespersen) who they are determined to get answers from, not knowing that they will risk their lives on a quest to capture trolls on film. The film is both original and darkly humorous, making use of the stunningly beautiful countryside of Norway to bring this horrific story to life.

During a recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, filmmaker André Øvredal, who has made the transition from being one of Norway’s most successful commercial directors, talked about taking on a very Norwegian subject for his first feature, hiring a very famous Norwegian comedian to take on the role of the very serious Troll Hunter, all of the extra footage they have for the DVD release (they shot 50 hours of footage), and how unbelievable the overwhelmingly positive reaction for the film has been. He also talked about the American remake he is currently finalizing a deal for, possible sequel ideas, and his desire to work in the Hollywood system. Check out what he had to say after the jump:

2011 Sundance Film Festival Announces Lineup for NEXT (<=>), SPOTLIGHT, NEW FRONTIER, NATIVE SHOWCASE, and PARK CITY AT MIDNIGHT

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Yesterday, we reported the films playing in-competition at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.  Today, Sundance has announced the films playing in the out-of-competition lineups for “NEXT(<=>)”, Spotlight, Native Showcase, and Park City at Midnight.  Among the films playing are Hobo with a Shotgun, the critically-acclaimed Submarine, Lucky McKee’s new horror film The Woman, and Meek’s Cutoff starring Michelle Williams and Paul Dano. Each lineup has its own mission statement that relates to the films selected.  The festival will also be showing Richard Linklater’s Slacker at part of its “From the Collection” lineup.

Hit the jump to check out the new films announced.  The 2011 Sundance Film Festival runs from January 20 – 30th.

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