New to Blu-ray: HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2, BATMAN: The Complete TV Series, STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS – The Lost Missions, and More

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This week’s new Blu-ray releases include one of the best animated films of the year, a wrap-up for a recently cancelled TV series, a classic TV show on Blu-ray for the first time ever, a musical from Clint Eastwood, and more.  Briefly:

TRUE BLOOD Series Finale Recap: “Thank You”

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True Blood‘s final season was a long goodbye, and its finale was an opportunity to craft its legacy regarding what, exactly, we were ultimately saying goodbye to.  To judge True Blood on “Thank You” is, like I mentioned last week, to parallel the fan experience with the relationship between Sookie and Bill.  True Blood had to end for us to live with ourselves.  As Sookie said, “You’re choosing to die because I have no self respect?”  And we couldn’t be more grateful.  Hit the jump for the end.

TRUE BLOOD Recap: “Love Is To Die”

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Bill and Sookie’s story in this final season of True Blood has, in many ways, mirrored that of the show and its fans.  It started out sweet and fun, and a little sexy, but then became a mess of Billith proportions.  “I have almost killed her and almost raped her … yet she still keeps running back for more,” Bill confides in Eric about the reasons behind his big decision.  Doesn’t that sound familiar, Trubies?  The show has done unspeakable things to its characters and its narrative, but every summer we just keep coming back for more, hoping it will be different.  Well finally, it is.  Hit the jump for why “if your crying ruins my jacket, you’re paying for it.”

TRUE BLOOD Recap: “Almost Home”

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The episode title “Almost Home” speaks to the marathon that True Blood has felt like in this final season.  Even though many of these later episodes have featured good character moments (even going so far as to right many past wrongs), the balance between chaotic and boring can seesaw a little too violently.  Still, though the path True Blood is on with some characters may feel well-worn, there’s something — like the eggs Big John made for Jason — that is deliciously familiar.  Hit the jump for why “even as the cure, you’re still the fucking problem.”

Anne Rice Talks PRINCE LESTAT, Returning to THE VAMPIRE CHRONICLES, the Domestication of Vampires, Supernatural Fiction’s Popularity, and More

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On October 28th, author Anne Rice makes her highly-anticipated return to vampire fiction with the novel Prince Lestat.  For the first time since 2003′s Blood Canticle, Rice is inviting fans back into the world of the elegant undead, offering an opportunity to catch up with old favorites Louis, Armand, and of course, Lestat.  Rice and Lestat have been together since the beginning, starting with Interview with a Vampire in 1976 – her debut novel and the first entry in her beloved Vampire Chronicles, so it’s only fitting that she would resurrect the fan-favorite series in the namesake of the “Brat Prince”.

While at Comic-Con I spoke with Rice at length about Prince Lestat and coming back to the world of The Vampire Chronicles.  We talked about what compelled her return to vampire literature, which fan-favorite characters made it into the book, how her vampires survive in the modern world, writing characters that feel like friends, and her research process.  We also discussed why the vampire genre is evergreen, the popularization of supernatural fiction, the domestication of vampires in pop culture, and a lot more.  Check out what she had to say after the jump.

TRUE BLOOD Recap: “May Be the Last Time”

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No recent episode has felt like old times like “May Be The Last Time,” which featured such True Blood classics as Sookie running through the night in a white dress to Bill, and Jason horndoggin’ on women he shouldn’t be checking out.  There was also the continued parade of old characters from the show, appearing in hallucinations, or being conjured.  And of course, there were a lot of things that just didn’t make a lick of sense, but then again, would it really be True Blood without that?  Hit the jump for why “my word is oak.”

Nelsan Ellis Talks GET ON UP, Learning About Bobby Byrd, Doing Some Serious Sweating Alongside Chadwick Boseman, the End of TRUE BLOOD and More

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Whether you’re into True Blood or not, it’s about time that show comes to an end; Nelsan Ellis needs more time for movies now!  He stars in Get On Up as Bobby Byrd, James Brown’s (Chadwick Boseman) best friend, collaborator and steadfast supporter.  Back when they were just kids, Bobby convinced his family to take James in after he got out of prison and, ever since, even when things got especially tough, Bobby stood by his side no matter what.

With Get On Up due in theaters on Friday, August 1st, Ellis took the time to sit down and discuss how he went in to audition for the role of James Brown and came out playing Bobby Byrd, what made this film especially challenging, what he thinks about Bobby’s choice to stick with James despite his poor attitude, how he feels about the end of True Blood and more.  Hit the jump for the full video interview.

TRUE BLOOD Recap: “Karma”

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In “Karma,” True Blood has kept its final season ship afloat — after it took on so much water to start things off — by keeping a balance between the supernatural and the homespun.  Scores are settled by the Yakuza and the Hep V vamps, while back in Bon Temps, a family has to explain to their kids why they aren’t allowed to have sex with each other, even if they aren’t related by blood.  So, you know, the best of both worlds.  Hit the jump, after you go and buy some anti-glamour contacts from Walgreens, of course.

TRUE BLOOD Recap: “Lost Cause”

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“Lost Cause” finally gave True Blood fans what we’ve been wanting for years from this show, but most particularly, were hoping to get from this season.  After the promise of a return to the calmer side of things, True Blood did almost anything but that in its first few episodes back.  And even in those few moments when it did slow down, it went all wrong: extended time spent with characters we didn’t know was dull, while favorites were killed off unceremoniously and without much comment.  “Lost Cause” did a lot to right that, making it one of the best episodes the show has had in a very long time.

TRUE BLOOD Recap: “Death Is Not The End”

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True Blood‘s long goodbye continued in “Dead Is Not The End,” this time allowing an extended look back at the origins of Fangtasia.  That reverie, unlike some of the others the show has had this year, actually had some bearing on the rest of the episode (at least, the part about the Underground Railroad).  But it also was a nice reward for fans who have been around since the beginning, because it showed how Pam and Eric ended up running the club in the first place, where so much of True Blood originally happened.  Hit the jump for why “almost every I’ve ever known or loved is dead. I don’t give a fuck about you or your problems.”

Comic-Con 2014 Schedule for Saturday, July 26th Includes MAD MAX, THE HOBBIT and Marvel Studios Presentations

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san diego comic-con saturday schedule

The Saturday schedule for San Diego Comic-Con 2014 has been announced.  Warner Bros. is bringing an eclectic presentation with appearances made by the recently pushed Jupiter Ascending, the highly anticipated Mad Max: Fury Road and Peter Jackson’s (likely) last foray into Middle Earth with The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.  Legendary Pictures also has a presentation scheduled, but have declined to disclose which projects they’ll be presenting.  LAIKA Animation’s The Boxtrolls will also be making an appearance in the big hall followed by Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.   That’s all capped off by Marvel’s presentation later in the day followed by the big Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment Television panel which will feature a look at Constantine and the world premiere of Gotham among other shows.

Outside of Hall H there’s cool TV stuff like The Blacklist and what’s probably the final True Blood Panel.  Hit the jump to take a look at some highlights from Saturday’s schedule, and click here if you missed the Wednesday/Thursday or Friday schedules. Comic-Con 2014 runs from July 23rd to July 27th.

TRUE BLOOD Recap: “Fire In the Hole”

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In “Fire in the Hole,” True Blood made clear that in addition to seeing old faces and spending nostalgic time with the main characters, it also plans to kill off a bunch of people.  This house cleaning should have been done years ago — the show added villains just to kill them off each season, but meanwhile, also expanded its arsenal of supernaturals to unwieldy proportions.  It’s not that the sprucing is a bad idea, it’s just poorly timed.  Now, it just feels like a way to create some drama in a season that is ping-ponging around too much to create any depth on its own.  Will it turn out that the entire series is just LaFayette’s drug-induced dream?  It would make more sense.  Hit the jump for why “we can’t be biting, fucking and sucking in the moonlight.”

TRUE BLOOD Recap: “I Found You”

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In this second episode of True Blood‘s final season, Arlene says something to the effect of: “I did not survive four husbands, including a psycho murderer and the loss of my beloved Terry, to die in the basement of a vampire bar!”  This is surely how many fans felt after the season premiere: whatever, we’ve come this far — let’s press on.  And there was a reward.  Sure enough, “I Found You” settled down and did exactly what had been promised: less supernaturals, more focus on Bon Temps, and the beginning of a long farewell.  Hit the jump if you’ve been blaming the Nyquil.

TRUE BLOOD Season 7 Premiere Recap: “Jesus Gonna Be Here”

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Oh, True Blood.  What would your season premieres be without unintelligible chaos that takes viewers until the opening credits to discern the who and the what? (But never the why).  Last year, the series seemed to be in free fall after creator Alan Ball left (which was also kind of a good thing), but then the new showrunner left, too.  Eventually, one stayed, and the show’s sixth season actually went far in righting the ship after Season Five’s disastrous Billith situation.  For this final run, viewers were promised a return to a focus on Bon Temps, and the humans (like Season One), but did “Jesus Gonna Be Here” deliver?  Hit the jump for more.

Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Joe Manganiello, Deborah Ann Woll, and Carrie Preston Talk TRUE BLOOD Season 7 (the Final Season)

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The hit HBO series True Blood is back for its seventh and final season, with major deaths, new hook-ups, plenty of naked bodies, life-threatening dilemmas, and all of the characters you’ve grown to love.  To celebrate the show’s return, the cast and creative team turned out for the bit Hollywood premiere, and Collider was invited to chat with some of the cast and see how they’re all feeling about saying goodbye to their much-loved characters.

During the interviews, Anna Paquin (“Sookie Stackhouse”), Stephen Moyer (“Bill Compton”), Joe Manganiello (“Alcide Herveaux”), Deborah Ann Woll (“Jessica Hamby”) and Carrie Preston (“Arlene Fowler”) talked about what it was like to shoot Season 7, knowing that it was their last, gaining perspective on what it’s like to have been a part of this show, when they knew the show was really special, where their characters are headed this season, their most fun storyline, the emotional final table read, and how they feel about where it will all end up.  Check out what they had to say after the jump.

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