TEEN WOLF Comic-Con Panel Recap: Jeff Davis and the Cast Discuss the Influence of Steven Spielberg and the Upcoming Season 5

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Fans of MTV’s cult hit Teen Wolf were no doubt thrilled by showrunner Jeff Davis’ panel-opening announcement that the show has been renewed for a twenty-episode fifth season. Davis and his cast – Holland Roden, Tyler Hoechlin, Shelley Hennig, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Posey, and Dylan Sprayberry – filled up Ballroom 20 with screaming fans, many of whom camped out overnight for the chance to get teased about upcoming episodes and to ask the actors questions (or, in many cases, to declare their love).

Hit the jump for our full Teen Wolf Comic-Con panel recap.

Tyler Posey Talks TEEN WOLF, His Favorite Scenes from This Half of the Season, Getting a Tease for the Direction of Season 4, and More

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In the remaining episodes of Season 3 of the MTV drama series Teen Wolf, Scott (Tyler Posey) is struggling to find his place as an Alpha, while he, Allison (Crystal Reed) and his best friend Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) are experiencing strange side effects after reigniting the power within Beacon Hills. And in the heightened world these teenagers live in, all of their lives are in danger and everything has extreme consequences.

During this recent exclusive interview with Collider, actor Tyler Posey talked about how everyone is dealing with some crazy stuff in the second half of this season, how nice it is for them to be able to get some help from Scott’s mom and Stiles’ dad now, how Kira (Arden Cho) fits in, where things are at for Scott and Allison, his favorite scenes from this half of the season, that he’s already gotten a tease for where Season 4 will go, what he heard about most from fans, and how much he’s learned about himself, as an actor and as a person, since he started doing this show.  Check out what he had to say after the jump, and be aware that there are some spoilers.

Comic-Con: TEEN WOLF Video Interviews with Creator Jeff Davis and Stars Tyler Posey, Max Carver, Charlie Carver, Crystal Reed, Dylan O’Brien, & Tyler Hoechlin

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The day after the hugely entertaining Comic-Con panel for MTV’s Teen Wolf (here’s our recap), we had the chance to sit down for roundtable interviews with creator/executive producer Jeff Davis and stars Tyler Posey, Max Carver, Charlie Carver, Crystal Reed, Dylan O’Brien, and Tyler Hoechlin.  We discussed everything from character motivation and background, to the kitsune mythology of the second half of this season, to Posey’s very recent engagement.  Hit the jump for the videos and highlights.

Comic-Con: TEEN WOLF Panel Recap: New Trailer, Cast and Creator Discuss Characters, Drop Hints, and More

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teen wolf comic con

MTV’s Teen Wolf has been pulling no punches lately, growing more intense and more complex with every episode.  Now halfway through the first part of its super-sized third season, cast and creator took to the stage at Comic-Con to exuberant cheers, screams, and shouted declarations of love.

Creator and executive producer Jeff Davis joined the eight Teen Wolf stars in attendance, Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, Dylan O’Brien, Crystal Reed, Tyler Hoechlin, Daniel Sharman, Max Carver, and Charlie Carver.  The panel included a trailer for upcoming episodes, a release date and some plot hints for the second part of season three, a surprise guest star, what the cast would call spin-off shows starring their characters, favorite comedic scenes, and much more.  Beware of spoilers within.  Hit the jump for all the details.

Comic-Con 2013 Schedule for Wednesday’s Preview Night and Thursday, July 18th Includes SHERLOCK, ENDER’S GAME, DIVERGENT, and More

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Comic-Con has released their schedule for Wednesday’s preview night and for Thursday, July 18th.  For those who haven’t attended Comic-Con before, “Preview Night” is when the Exhibitor’s Floor is opened, and collectors fight tooth and nail for exclusives.  Studios also screen pilots for TV shows that are set to premiere in the fall.  Then on Thursday, we have one of the strangest Hall H line-ups I’ve ever seen.  It begins with a line-up of animated shorts followed by the sci-fi indie Europa Report, and I have no problem with that, but Hall H is usually reserved for stuff that will pack the house.  Granted, that will come later in the day, especially with what’s sure to be an amazing panel: Entertainment Weekly’s The Visionaries, which will be an hour-long conversation between Edgar Wright, Marc Webb, and Alfonso Cuaron.  As for Ballroom 20, the powerhouse of the day is Sherlock, although I would have switched that with Dexter, which is finishing out the day in Hall H.

Hit the jump to check out everything from Hall H, Ballroom 20, and other highlights from the Comic-Con 2013 schedule for Wednesday, July 17th and Thursday, July 18th.

Tyler Posey Talks Surprising Storylines, New Love Interests, Getting Instant Feedback on Social Media, and More on the Set of TEEN WOLF Season 3

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Developed by Jeff Davis, the hit MTV drama series Teen Wolf returns for a super-sized, 24-episode third season that debuts on June 3rd.  Picking up four months after the events that nearly ended Jackson’s (Colton Haynes) life and resurrected Peter Hale (Ian Bohen), Season 3 finds teen werewolf Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) and his friends Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), Lydia (Holland Roden) and Allison (Crystal Reed) beginning their junior year of high school unaware that a new threat has arrived in Beacon Hills – a deadly pack of Alpha werewolves intent on bringing Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) into their fold.

With the filming relocated to Los Angeles, Collider was invited to check out the set and chat with the cast for a series of exclusive interviews.  While hanging out in his trailer on a break from shooting, actor Tyler Posey talked about where things are at for Scott now, what it’s been like to be on a show that really shakes things up every season, the most unexpected and surprising storylines, Scott’s relationship to the new characters, the possibility of new love interests for Scott, how the friendship with Stiles has evolved, where Scott and Derek are at this season, and how much he loves getting instant feedback from fans through social media.  Check out what he had to say after the jump, and be aware that there are some spoilers.

Tyler Posey Talks TEEN WOLF Season 3, New Characters, the Development of His Character, and More at WonderCon

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With MTV’s Teen Wolf returning with new episodes June 3rd, the cast stopped by WonderCon for a first look at what’s to come in its third season.  Before the panel started, we were able to participate in a roundtable interview with Tyler Posey.  He talked about the new cast members, his relationship with his mother on the show, how his character has matured over the last few seasons and a lot more.  Hit the jump to either read or watch the interview.   And if you missed it, click here for our Teen Wolf WonderCon panel recap.

WonderCon: MTV’s TEEN WOLF Panel Recap Featuring Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien and Creator Jeff Davis

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MTV’s hit series Teen Wolf, originally based on the 1985 movie about high school student-turned-werewolf, has moved beyond its roots over its first two seasons to develop fascinating characters and an ever-growing mythology. Teen Wolf stars Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien and creator/executive producer Jeff Davis took the stage at WonderCon to give fans a closer look at the show’s third season.

Some highlights from the panel include a clip from an upcoming episode, details about the alpha pack, Stiles’ potential future as an FBI agent, and more.  Check out the full panel recap after the jump.  The new season of Teen Wolf premieres Monday, June 3rd on MTV.

Casting: Tyler Posey Opens TACO SHOP; Thomas Middleditch on ROAD TO NARDO; Roy Dotrice and Hannah Murray Join GAME OF THRONES

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Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf) has reached a deal with Maya Entertainment to star in the indie comedy Taco Shop.  According to Variety, Posey will play “a young man who quits his taco shop job to open his own shop — but finds himself in an all-out war when a gourmet taco truck parks across the street.”  The low-key premise sounds promising in the right hands.  Those hands: director Joaquin Perea and screenwriters Rick Najera (MADtv) and Oskar Toruno.  Production begins later this month with Carlos Alazraqui, Eric Roberts, Felipe Esparza, Laura Harring, Paula Jai Parker, and Parvesh Cheena filling out the supporting cast.

Hit the jump for details on Thomas Middleditch’s role in Road to Nardo, plus casting for new characters in season 2 of Game of Thrones.

Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed Exclusive Interview TEEN WOLF

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In the new sexy, suspenseful MTV drama series Teen Wolf, a re-imagining of the classic ‘80s movie starring Michael J. Fox, Tyler Posey plays Scott McCall, an ordinary teenage boy until one night that changing his life forever. When he goes out in the woods one night and is bitten by a werewolf, Scott becomes stronger, faster and more appealing. Meanwhile, the new girl in town, Allison Argent (played by Crystal Reed), has a family secret of her own that directly threatens her developing romance with Scott.

At the show’s press day, co-stars Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed talked to Collider for this exclusive interview about how they got involved with the series, what they related to most about their characters, what makes these werewolves different, the progression of their characters throughout Season 1, their excitement over going to Comic-Con in San Diego, and the comic book adaptation of the series that will be released. Check out what they had to say after the jump:

Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed Exclusive Interview TEEN WOLF (MTV’s Reboot Airing in 2011)

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The new MTV original series Teen Wolf, from Criminal Minds creator Jeff Davis, is a darker more dramatic version of the cult classic 80′s film, starring Michael J. Fox. The reboot combines friendship and love in the context of horror and high school, over 12 one-hour episodes, shooting in Atlanta, Georgia, that will air in 2011.

The story follows the life of often unnoticed lacrosse player Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), who wishes he could just be popular. One night, when his best friend Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) convinces him to go out into the woods to join a police search for a dead body, Scott encounters a creature in the darkness and narrowly escapes an attack with a vicious bite in his side. When strange things start to happen, and Scott realizes that he has new powers and abilities, he quickly learns that his life will never be the same.

During this exclusive interview with Collider, co-stars Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed, who plays the mysterious new girl in town, talked about how much they identify with their characters, working with filmmaker Russell Mulcahy (Resident Evil: Extinction, Highlander) on the pilot, and that they think people will be surprised with how much edgier this version of the Teen Wolf story is. Crystal also discussed the experience of making the sci-fi feature Skyline, which started out as an independent film that is now being distributed by Universal Pictures on November 12th. Check out what they had to say after the jump:


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Both MTV and TNT teased eager Comic-Con attendees with glimpses at new television programs Teen Wolf (MTV) and Falling Skies (TNT).  Ironically both panels were back to back and both either draw from familiar source material, Teen Wolf being a re-envisioning of the Michael J. Fox movie, and Falling Skies using themes akin to War of the Worlds and other comparable alien invasion epics. Did the sneak peeks serve anything fresh to audiences with their bite size snippets, or were they awkward rehashes of contrived stories? Hit the jump to find out.

Four Actors Howl at MTV’s TV Remake of TEEN WOLF

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Teen Wolf image MTV.jpg

THR reports that MTV is taking the 1985 Michael J. Fox comedy Teen Wolf and turning it into a “dramatic thriller with a buddy-comedy element at the center and a romantic plot line,”  and four actors have been cast in the lead roles.  Tyler Posey (Brothers & Sisters) will play Scott McCall, a dorky high-school student who gets a rush of new powers, including the ability to attract girls, after a wolf attack; Dylan O’Brien plays Scott’s best friend, “who is initially dismissive of Scott’s theory that he was bitten by a wolf but then begins research on human-werewolf transformation.”  Crystal Reed is the love interest and Tyler Hoechlin (7th Heaven) is, “a handsome local boy who in fact is a vicious and predatory werewolf capable of great harm.  I have very little hope for this project because nowhere in THR’s article did I read any mention of a werewolf playing basketball.

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