Natalie Portman Talks THOR: THE DARK WORLD, the Humor, Deleted Scenes, What She Collects, THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, and More

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With director Alan Taylor’s Thor: The Dark World opening around the world next week and in North America on November 8th, I was able to interview the cast and filmmakers in London this past weekend.  As most of you know, Chris Hemsworth returns as Thor, who reluctantly teams up with Loki (Tom Hiddleston) to fight off the villainous dark elf Malekith the Accursed (Christopher Eccleston).  The film also stars Stellan Skarsgård, Idris Elba, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Kat Dennings, Ray Stevenson, Zachary Levi, Tadanobu Asano, Jaimie Alexander, Rene Russo, and Anthony Hopkins.

During my interview with Natalie Portman, she talked about how the sequel is very funny, when she learned her character would have so much to do and also be involved in the action, deleted scenes, what she collects, and if she’s been asked to appear in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Hit the jump to watch.

Limited Paper: Mondo Announces New V FOR VENDETTA Poster, BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW on VHS

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All day long we’ve been seeing the same question popping up all over the place:  “Is Mondo announcing a drop today?”  A fair question for a Wednesday afternoon, to be sure, and now it looks like all that idle chatter was justified:  not only has Mondo just announced a brand-new V For Vendetta poster from artist Cesar Moreno (and lemme tell ya, it’s a doozy), but they’ve also made a surprise VHS-related announcement concerning Beyond The Black Rainbow.  Would you like to know more?  Find out everything we know after the jump, Princess.

Limited Paper: Mondo and WE BUY YOUR KIDS Team Up for TINA’S MOM’S BOYFRIEND; Awesome Weirdness Ensues

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Last night, the Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas threw open the doors on their final gallery show for 2012, and—as expected—it was about as fitting an end to the Mondo Gallery’s first year in operation as anyone could have imagined.  Tina’s Mom’s Boyfriend—a show composed entirely of creations from the mighty Australian-based team known as We Buy Your Kids—was a celebration of the bizarre, a colorful explosion of “WTF?!” that (from where Limited Paper’s standing) courageously refused to offer up anything even remotely obvious, safe, or easily-digested.

Infinitely stranger than this summer’s Adventure Time showcase and twice as inexplicably disturbing as Jay Shaw’s Don’t Go Out Tonight, Tina’s Mom’s Boyfriend is certain to be remembered for being the Mondo Gallery’s most divisive show (in 2012, anyway).  Wanna know what we thought, hear a few interesting tidbits about a few of the featured prints, and see a video walking tour of the entire show?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Hugo Weaving Exclusive Video Interview; Talks THE WOLFMAN and THE HOBBIT

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Hugo Weaving slice Lord of the Rings, The Matrix.jpg

Agent Smith in The Matrix.  Elrond in Lord of the Rings.  V in V for Vendetta.  And the voice of Megatron in the Transformers movies.

To say I’m a huge fan of Hugo Weaving would be a gigantic understatement.  Since I first saw The Matrix and heard him say “Mr. Anderson”, I’ve thought Hugo Weaving needs to be in more movies.  Thankfully, directors like Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings) and Joe Johnston (The Wolfman) noticed his work and since The Matrix, Weaving has made both small indies and big budget blockbusters.

And speaking of big budget blockbusters, with Universal’s The Wolfman in theaters this weekend, I was able to speak with this great actor as a reporter for our partners at Omelete.  Weaving plays a Scotland Yard inspector investigating the murders.

While you never know how an interview will turn out, I’m extremely happy to say this was a great one.  Not only did we talk about Wolfman, he gave me some very interesting info on why The Hobbit should be a lot different than Lord of the Rings.  If you’re a fan of this great actor, it’s an interview not to be missed:

Exclusive: Director James McTeigue on the Wachowskis, SUPERMAN, Edgar Allen Poe, NINJA ASSASSIN, MAGNETO, and a Lot More!

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James McTeigue image_slice.jpg

A few days ago I attended the Los Angeles press junket for director James McTeigue’s Ninja Assassin.  While I already posted my four minute video interview with McTeigue and Rain (the lead in Ninja Assassin), I was able to get some extra time with McTeigue the following day.  Since I’m a huge fan of V for Vendetta and his work with the Wachowskis on Speed Racer, I decided to use my extended interview to ask about his other projects and home video questions.

So after the jump I try and get James McTeigue to tell me what the Wachowskis are working on, his next project on Edgar Allen Poe (The Raven), the Superman and Magneto rumors, what’s on the Ninja Assassin DVD/Blu-ray, could Hugo Weaving be in his Edgar Allen Poe movie, his thoughts on Star Wars (he was second unit director on Episode Two), extended edition DVDs, and a whole lot more!  It’s a great interview so take a look:

Exclusive: Rain and James McTeigue Video Interview NINJA ASSASSIN

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Rain and James McTeigue .jpg

Opening this Wednesday is director James McTeigue’s (V for Vendetta) Ninja Assassin.  The film stars Asian superstar Rain in the title role and as you can put together from the title, it’s about Ninja’s.  And assassin’s.  The film is loaded with ninja action and blood, so if you’re into either of those things, this is pretty much a must see movie.  Finally, it’s produced by the Wachowski Brothers and Joel Silver (The Matrix Trilogy, V for Vendetta), and they’ve done a few things you might have liked…

A few days ago I sat down with Rain and James McTeigue to discuss making the movie, filming in Berlin, Comic-Con, and a lot more.  Check out what they had to say after the jump:

Secret Screening Revealed! Warner Bros. is Showing NINJA ASSASSIN at Comic-Con

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When Warner Bros. announced their Comic-Con schedule, the first film I looked for was “Ninja Assassin”. After all, the film arrives in theaters November 25th, so it’s a perfect movie to promote at the convention. Also, as a big fan of “V for Vendetta” (which was the last pairing of the Wachowski Brothers and director James McTeigue), “Ninja Assassin” is on my must see list. So when it wasn’t on the list of films being promoted, I was a bit concerned.

But thanks to an extremely reliable source, I can report the reason they weren’t promoting the film during their panel is because they are showing the entire film at Comic-Con. And the best part for all of you, it’s open to the public! Want to know how to go, it’s after the jump:

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