Bill Hader Talks about Writing for SOUTH PARK

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Anyone who has seen Bill Hader on Saturday Night Live or his supporting work in films like Superbad and Adventureland knows he’s hilarious.  But did you know that Hader also writes for South Park?  I did not and now I do and I think we’re all better for the experience.

Steve recently interviewed Hader (who’s doing press for Paul) and asked how he came to be credited as a creative consultant on season 12.  Hader explains how the writing behind the show works and that he’s still on board as a consulting writer and will be going on a three-week retreat in April where showrunners Trey Parker and Matt Stone hash out their ideas.  For those curious as to how the South Park machine works, hit the jump.  The 15th season of South Park premieres Wednesday, April 27th at 10pm on Comedy Central.  You can expect Steve’s full interview with Hader this week.

Bill Hader Talks about His Slasher Comedy with Judd Apatow, HENCHMAN with Akiva Schaffer, VAUGHN MEADER, and the Difficulties of Financing Smaller-Budget Films

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Steve recently spoke with Bill Hader about his upcoming projects and there’s plenty of good stuff to go around.  Hader provided updates on his slasher comedy with Judd Apatow, the comedy Henchman with Akiva Schaffer (Hot Rod), the cool-sounding biopic Vaughn Meader with Robert Siegel (Big Fan) scripting, and an untitled project with Vernon Chatman (Wonder Showzen) for producer Scott Rudin (The Social Network).

Hit the jump for what Hader had to say about these projects as well as his thoughts on the difficulties of getting smaller movies financed.  Click here for Hader talking about his other projects, The Skeleton Twins and The Hand Job, and click here for what he had to say about his popular SNL character “Stefon”.

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