Over 80 Things to Know About GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY from our Set Visit; Plus Video Blog Recap and New Images

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Last September, when director James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy was filming outside London, I got to visit the set with a few other reporters.  While I knew a bit about the diverse characters starring in Marvel’s latest franchise before I arrived, I definitely wasn’t prepared for the size and scope of the movie, or how Gunn and his filmmaking team were preparing to blow open the doors of the Marvel Cosmic universe by introducing tons of new characters and worlds.  Trust me, Guardians of the Galaxy is telling a huge story on the other side of the universe and it’s going to enable Marvel to bring in numerous new elements to their already expanding universe.

During the set visit I got to watch filming, participate in group interviews with James Gunn, Dave BatistaChris PrattKaren GillanZoe Saldana, and many others, and walk through the art department, weapons room, costumes, SFX, and many other behind-the-scenes locations.  From all this I put together a huge list of things to know, recorded a video blog when I got back from set, and have five new images from the prison sequence provided by Marvel/Disney.  Hit the jump for more.


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This is one of those times I wish Peter and I had a chance to re-record our video blog prior to posting.  About two weeks ago, we were able to view an almost finished version of director Matt Reeves‘ Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.  When I walked out of the screening on the Fox lot, I knew it was a special movie.  Reeves had created a “summer blockbuster” filled with nuance, great character moments, and incredible action.  However, Michael Giacchino’s music and the visual effects weren’t finished, and some last minute tweaks still had to be done.

Cut to two weeks later.  The other night, I was lucky enough to attend the world premiere and press junket in San Francisco and got to see the finished film.  It blew me away.  The finished effects, Giacchino’s amazing score, and watching it for the second time… I left the theater stunned by what Reeves managed to accomplish in a huge budget studio film.  Dawn of the Planet of the Apes isn’t some empty spectacle designed to sell toys and popcorn, it’s a film about family and the choices you make when there is no easy decision.  It’s loaded with the kinds of things you almost never see in a summer movie.  Dawn is also the rare film that tells a complete story but also opens the door for another sequel.  As I said, Reeves has hit a massive home-run with this film and I truly hope audiences and critics embrace this special movie.  Hit the jump for more.


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With CinemaCon in full swing in Las Vegas, over the past 24 hours I’ve managed to see the first footage from a lot of upcoming movies from Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios.  Yesterday, Paramount unveiled the first teaser trailers for Hercules and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and a lot of footage from Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction.  Today, Universal showed attendees footage from Luc Besson’s Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken (which looks like it’s going to be an awards contender), Fifty Shades of Grey, Fast & Furious 7, Minions, Dumb and Dumber To, a CGI-only trailer with voice over for Jurassic World, and a lot more.  Like previous years, Universal’s presentation really impressed me with the wide variety of great looking movies.  Hit the jump for more.

40 Things to Know About JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT From Our Set Visit; Plus Video Blog Recap

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Director Kenneth Branagh’s Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit opens January 17th.  Based on the Tom Clancy character, the original story follows Jack Ryan (played by Chris Pine) as he uncovers a financial terrorist plot.  Starring alongside Pine is Kevin Costner and Keira Knightley with Branagh as the film’s antagonist. 

When the production was filming in London in October of 2012, I got to visit the set along with a few other reporters.  While there, we spoke to the cast, Branagh, and producers David Barron, Mace Neufeld, and Lorenzo di Bonaventura.  While everyone was careful not to reveal the twists and turns, I was still able to learn a lot about the movie and how the project came together.  Hit the jump for my five major takeaways from the set visit, forty things to know, and a video blog recap.

47 RONIN Set Visit with Video Blog Recap and New Images

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I feel like I’ve been transported back hundreds of years to medieval Japan.  In front of me are over a hundred samurai warriors with each group in its own color (red, gold and purple) and we’re standing inside an ancient warlord’s castle.  As I stand near a cherry blossom tree, I watch as the visiting Shogun Warrior dressed in Gold, with his own group of golden Samurai, inform the kneeling Samurai of Ako Castle they are now all Ronin.  As he says this, I look at the 3D cameras and the large crew standing nearby, and can’t believe everything is make believe.

Let me back up a second.

It’s June 8, 2011 and I’m flying back to Los Angeles from London.  Yesterday I spend most of the day on director Carl Rinsch’s first feature, 47 Ronin, with a few other online reporters.  While I knew going in the movie would be based on the very famous Japanese story of the 47 Ronin, I wasn’t sure how much would be fact, and how much Hollywood fiction they would mix in.  However, what I saw on set tells me that the filmmaking team might have figured out a great way to tell this well-known story.  Hit the jump for so much more.

Video Blog: Steve’s Thoughts on Ben Stiller’s THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY

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Earlier today I got to check out Ben Stiller‘s latest directorial effort The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  In the film, Stiller stars as the eponymous LIFE Magazine negative asset manager who, incapable of standing up for himself in the real world, retreats to a fantasy where he becomes his poised, confident opposite.  On his quest, he seeks to find a missing image taken by a photographer played by Sean Penn.  The movie stars Kristen Wiig as his love interest, and Adam ScottShirley MacLainePatton Oswalt, and Kathryn Hahn.  While Stiller is known for his great work behind the camera on Tropic Thunder and ZoolanderWalter Mitty is definitely his most adult effort to date and the film is a beautiful look at life.  I loved it.

Shortly after getting out of the screening, I recorded a spoiler free video blog with Peter from /film.  Hit the jump to watch and here’s the trailer if you missed it.  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty opens December 25th.

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Spoiler Free Video Blog Review

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I see a lot of movies. All too often, as I’m watching something in a darkened theater, I can’t help but think about real life.  What email am I missing?  Is anything going on with the site that I should be dealing with? Why didn’t I grab that awesome looking slice of pizza in the food court before walking into the theater?  Real life follows us around like a shadow.

But for two hours at the AMC Century City, I forgot about everything outside the theater.  I was transported to another time and place, and I loved every second of the adventure.  The only time I felt anything but enjoyment was the second I realized the movie was ending…because it hit me that I’m going to have to wait at least 2 years before I see another mission.  While everyone is going to compare J.J. AbramsStar Trek Into Darkness to the first film and every other Star Trek adventure before it, I truly believe everyone involved in the follow-up should be congratulated for creating a worthy sequel and a fantastic movie.  I can’t wait to see it again.  Hit the jump for a spoiler free video blog review.

35 Things to Know About NOW YOU SEE ME From Our Set Visit; Plus Video Blog Recap

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About a year ago, I got to visit the set of director Louis Leterrier’s Now You See Me with a few other online reporters when the production was  filming a key 3rd act scene in New York City.  The film centers on a group of magicians who pull off bank heists during their death-defying acts, and the FBI squad tasked with catching them.  Leterrier put together a great ensemble cast that includes Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Caine, Melanie Laurent and Morgan Freeman.  If you haven’t seen the trailer, watch it here.

While on set, I got to participate in roundtable interviews with most of the cast, Leterrier, and the producers, and I walked away having learned a lot about the film.  I also got a good vibe from the filming and the footage they showed us, and really think Now You See Me is going to be a fun ride when it gets released May 31st.  Hit the jump for more.

Sony Shows the New Trailer from Neill Blomkamp’s ELYSIUM Plus 10 Minutes of Footage; Watch Our Spoiler-Free Video Blog Recap

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Did you like District 9?  Imagine if writer-director Neill Blomkamp had 100 million more dollars to play with and access to huge movie stars like Matt Damon and Jodie Foster to help tell his next story.  You’d then have Elysium.

Ever since the movie was first announced, we’ve been covering it here on Collider, including its presence at last year’s Comic-Con.  Since it’s the follow up to a great movie, we’ve definitely had high expectations.  If the ten minutes of footage and the new trailer that I watched today at the Arclight in Hollywood are any indications, not only will our lofty expectations be met, they’ll be exceeded by far.  We might be talking about the film of the summer.  Continued after the jump.

Marvel Shows Us 15 Minutes of IRON MAN 3; Watch a Spoiler Free Video Blog Recap

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If you were somehow nervous Shane Black (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang) couldn’t handle directing Iron Man 3, it’s time to relax.  Right before the Super Bowl, Marvel invited a number of domestic and international reporters to a special screening of footage from the highly-anticipated sequel.  Normally when they do footage screenings, it’s a sizzle reel, meaning you see brief moments from a number of scenes.  However, for Iron Man 3, the presentation started with Kevin Feige (the President of Production at Marvel Studios) telling us what happens in the first 20 minutes of the film, and then he showed us what happens in the following 15 minutes.  We saw a ton of action, heard some fantastic Shane Black dialogue, learned what kind of impact The Avengers had on Tony Stark, and witnessed the power of the Mandarin.  When the lights finally came up, I was smiling ear to ear and desperately wanting to see more.

Continued after the jump.

JACK RYAN Set Visit Preview; Plus a Short Video Blog

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In late October, somewhere in central London, I got to visit the set of director Kenneth Branagh’s Jack Ryan franchise reboot, aptly named “Jack Ryan” along with a few other online reporters.  The film relaunches the famous Tom Clancy character that has previously been portrayed onscreen by Alec Baldwin (The Hunt for Red October), Harrison Ford (Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger), and Ben Affleck (The Sum of All Fears).  This film finds Chris Pine’s ex-Marine Jack Ryan working as a Moscow-based financial analyst who uncovers a plot by his employer to finance a terrorist attack designed to collapse the U.S. economy.  Branagh also plays the film’s villain, Keira Knightley is on board as the female lead, and Kevin Costner plays a CIA liaison.

While on set, I got to participate in some great interviews with the cast and filmmakers (the one with Costner was one of the best on set interviews I’ve ever done), and I learned a ton about the movie.  Hit the jump for more.

Steve Has Seen DreamWorks Animation’s RISE OF THE GUARDIANS; Watch a Video Blog Recap

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With Rise of the Guardians opening November 21, last week I got to see the finished film at DreamWorks Animation and it’s really well done.  Not only is the animation great to look at, it’s got a strong story that’s character driven and it doesn’t rely on stupid jokes.  In addition, unlike most superhero films that spend half the time introducing characters by explaining their origin and showing off their powers, what’s fantastic about Rise of the Guardians is we join almost everyone in the middle of the story.  I wish more “origin” stories would do this.

If you’re not familiar with the story, it  revolves around the rebellious Jack Frost (Chris Pine) teaming up with other mythical figures North aka Santa Claus (Alec Baldwin), E. Aster Bunnyman aka Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman), Tooth aka The Tooth Fairy (Isla Fisher), and the Sandman to battle the evil Pitch (Jude Law).  Hit the jump for more.

Latest Video Blog for THE HOBBIT Focuses on Comic-Con and the Final Days of Principal Photography

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The latest video blog for director Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has gone up, and it’s quite the treat.  At the film’s Comic-Con panel (you can read my recap right here), Jackson debuted a new video blog that focuses on the final days of principal photography.  A portion of that blog is now available to the general public, along with some new footage at the beginning that documents Jackson’s trip to Comic-Con and the cast’s experience at Nerd Fest 2012.  It’s a nice watch for those that were unable to make the trek to San Diego, and it gives a sort of “behind-the-scenes” look at what filmmakers go through when attending The Con.

The Hobbit portion of the blog gives us some great looks at the city of Dale, the Goblin sets, Beorn’s house, as well as our first peeks at actors Sylvester McCoy as Radagast the Brown and Barry Humphries as Gorkin the Goblin King.  Hit the jump to watch for yourself.

20 Things to Know About the TOTAL RECALL Remake from Our Set Visit; Plus Video Blog Recap and New Images

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Colin Farrell is holding a futuristic black gun that fires energy rather than bullets.  He’s standing behind a sliding white door inside a capsule that travels through the center of the Earth.  Inside the room he’s trying to enter, armed Federal soldiers are guarding a valuable prisoner: Melina (Jessica Biel), one of the leaders of the underground resistance, and she’s trying to get rid of Vilos Cohaagen (the leader of the United Federation of Britain, who’s being played by Bryan Cranston).  An assistant director calls action, the door slides open and Farrell comes barreling in, firing his weapon and killing three soldiers.  After freeing Biel, Farrell explains that Cohaagen is lying and he’s not with him. As he pleads with her, it’s clear Biel is not sure what to believe, but she eventually embraces him with watery eyes.  After a long kiss, they race out of the capsule and someone calls cut.

Let me back up a second.

As I type these words, it’s August 11, 2011 and I’m at the Toronto International Airport on my way back home.  Yesterday, I spent all day on the Toronto set of director Len Wiseman‘s Total Recall remake.  While some set visits might be a few hours, we arrived on set around 10:30am and didn’t leave until 10:30pm.  It was a crazy day where we got to see tons of cool production art, interview the cast and filmmakers, and we saw huge practical sets that are going to look amazing on screen.  For my full recap and video blog, hit the jump.

35 Things to Know About PARANORMAN From Our Set Visit; Plus Video Blog Recap and 30 Behind-the-Scenes Images

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In the middle of February, I was able to visit LAIKA Studios in Hillsboro, Oregon to get an early look at their upcoming 3D stop-motion movie ParaNorman.  As a big stop-motion fan, it was incredibly cool to get a behind-the-scenes look at how it all comes together, and to see where they made their last film, Coraline.  While I assumed the process of making a stop-motion movie doesn’t change, when I visited LAIKA I learned that new technology is helping to make ParaNorman one of the most technically advanced stop-motion movies ever made, and some of what they’re using is straight out of an episode of Star Trek.  And the best part: the technology will soon be in everyone’s homes!  Hit the jump for more.

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