TOP 5: First Trailer and Poster for GRAVITY, NINJA TURTLES Set Pics Galore, Kevin Feige Interview, ENDER’S GAME Trailer, IRON MAN by the Numbers

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Last night I turned to Xbox Live to check out Shane Carruth‘s Upstream Color for the first time. While not quite as impenetrable after one viewing as its predecessor, 2004′s Primer, Upstream still demands the utmost attention of its viewers in exchange for the slightest hint of clarity. The dialogue is sparse, the setting is ever-changing, the editing is heavily dependent on juxtaposition as a way of creating meaning, and the sound design/foley work is turned up to “11″ at times. Whereas Primer played more to the intellect behind making time travel a reality, Upstream is an extremely visceral experience that is more interested, or at least more successful, in eliciting an emotional response than explaining how a rare organism can be harvested, used as a method of mind control, and ultimately link humans to pigs. The exact degree to which it succeeds will vary from viewer to viewer but it’s ultimately an experience I recommend taking in.

Of course a movie like Upstream lends itself to more than a few lines of my humble analysis, but that’s not actually why we’re here. In this week’s Top 5 you can check out the first trailer and poster for Alfonso Cuaron‘s Gravity, a generous number of set pics from director Jonathan Liebesman‘s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot, Steve’s exclusive phone interview with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, the first trailer for Ender’s Game, and a look at Iron Man by the Numbers. A brief recap and link to each will greet you after the jump.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Talks Choosing Directors, THE AVENGERS 2, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, DOCTOR STRANGE, and Much, Much More

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When you get to talk to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, you never have enough time.  After all, he knows everything that’s going on behind-the-scenes at the studio, including which projects are getting ready to be announced.   So when I recently landed an exclusive phone interview with him for Iron Man 3, I tried to use the time to find out about a million different things.

During the wide ranging conversation, we talked about how long he’ll be staying at Marvel, how the studio goes about choosing directors, whether The Avengers sequel be called The Avengers 2 or if it will have a subtitle, whether they have considered casting Dwayne Johnson in a Marvel movie, the status of the Doctor Strange movie, if anyone is currently working on a Falcon or War Machine spinoff movie, whether they have cast Thanos yet, if they be at Comic-Con, D23, or both, and so much more.  If you’re a Marvel fan I promise you’ll enjoy reading this interview.

Kevin Feige Says Marvel Is Not Currently Developing War Machine or Falcon Spinoff Films

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The release of Iron Man 3 kicked off Marvel’s Phase Two with a bang, as the Shane Black-directed film opened to the second highest grossing opening weekend of all time—second only to Marvel’s The Avengers.  Now the studio looks ahead to the future, and while we have a number of sequels headed our way in the immediate future (Thor 2, Captain America 2, The Avengers 2), the studio is also planning to branch out with new feature film adaptations of Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man.  As the Marvel Cinematic Universe becomes more widely populated, fans have been wondering whether supporting characters from the previous films will get their day in the sun with their own spinoffs.

Steve recently spoke with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige for an extended interview, and during the course of their conversation Steve asked Feige if anyone at Marvel was currently developing any spinoff films for War Machine or Falcon.  Somewhat surprisingly, Feige answered in the negative.  Hit the jump for more.

New IRON MAN 3 Toys Show Off Iron Man, Iron Patriot, War Machine and Interchangeable Armor

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Apparently superhero movie news goes into hibernation during the winter, but we’ve dug up some new looks at some Iron Man 3 toys that feature some different armors.  First up are some atmospheric looks at Iron Man, War Machine and Iron Patriot.  The figures don’t look quite as impressive as the more costly Hot Toys models, but these guys come with the option of interchangeability.  Each of Hasbro’s eventual 16 figures will be able to wield up to 25 different armor configurations for 400 unique permutations hours of fun!  Hit the jump to check them out.

WAR MACHINE Spin-Off Film Moving Forward

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For those hoping to see more of James Rhodes (a.k.a War Machine), we have some good news and some bad news.  First, the good news: in a recent interview, the man responsible for the most recent cinematic turn as War Machine, Mr. Don Cheadle, confirmed that a spin-off film revolving around his heavily armed counterpart is currently in the works.  In said interview, Cheadle explained:

“They’re developing it now, they’re working on that. I think they’ve hired a writer, so we’ll see how it goes. It would be a lot of fun.”

To check out the bad news, and to hear the actor briefly discuss Jon Favreau’s Iron Man departure, hit the jump for the video interview.

All the New IRON MAN 2 Toys in High Resolution Including the Mark I-IV and Whiplash

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Iron Man 2 movie toy slice.jpg

With Toy Fair starting tomorrow in New York City, tons of upcoming toys will be shown for the first time to the general public and the media.  With Hollywood tie-in’s a huge part of what helps to sell a toy line, you can expect tons of images from this summer’s big movies to hit the net tomorrow afternoon.

Thankfully, I’ve already landed a bunch of high resolution images from the Iron Man 2 toy line and you can check out the Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV, Iron Monger, War Machine, the Mark VI Red Vortex Racecar, Whiplash, and a bunch of other Iron Man related toys after the jump.  Just know not all the toys are related to the movie.  Some are based on the comic books.

Also, you’ll notice if you look at any of the images in high res, you’ll see a mention of  As of right now, it takes you to Marvel’s website.  But I’m sure that will change once the figures ship in a few months.

Look for a lot more new images from upcoming movie related toy lines very soon.

IRON MAN 2 War Machine Video Game Trailer

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Iron Man 2 War Machine image video game (2).jpg

Sega has released a new “War Machine” trailer for the upcoming Iron Man 2 video game.  While Marvel has limited the images of War Machine from the upcoming Jon Favreau movie, in this new trailer he’s front and center.  Also, while I don’t know how close the game plot is to the movie,  if it does follow the movie, this trailer could be categorized as a minor spoiler.

Hit the jump to get a better look at War Machine.

IRON MAN 2 Toys Reveal Crimson Dynamo and War Machine

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Let me start off by saying I have absolutely no idea if Crimson Dynamo is in Iron Man 2.  While I visited the set and learned a lot of things about the movie, who knows what surprises are still in store when the film comes out next summer.  But even though Crimson Dynamo might not be in the movie, that isn’t stopping Hasbro/Marvel from releasing a toy based on the character.  And thanks to a reader named Doug, after the jump you can see what the figure looks like.  He also provided us with a look at the War Machine figure.

Since some of you might not want to see the images as you’re trying to stay spoiler free, I’m only posting them after the jump.

UPDATE: A number of people have emailed me to say these toys are based on the comic book and not the movie.

War Machine in High Resolution! Plus New IRON MAN 2 Photos

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Paramount has sent over a super high resolution version of the new Iron Man 2 poster featuring our first look at War Machine and you can check it out after the jump.  And while that would be awesome on its own, they’ve also sent over a few new images and they’re also in high res!  And while most images reveal almost nothing about a movie, one of the images features Mickey Rourke with a lot of interesting items in the background…

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