Colin Trevorrow Shares JURASSIC WORLD Image Recalling Dennis Nedry’s East Dock Nightmare

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Colin Trevorrow may have wrapped Jurassic World at the beginning of August, but that’s not stopping him from sharing more images from set, and this latest one is a fun throwback to the original film.  Remember when Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight) tries to ditch Jurassic Park before all hell breaks loose and accidently knocks down the sign pointing to the East Dock in the process?  It looks as though that same sign made it into the fourth installment.

Hit the jump to check out that new Jurassic World image for yourself.  The film stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas HowardNick RobinsonTy SimpkinsVincent D’OnofrioIrrfan KhanJake JohnsonJudy Greer, and Omar Sy, and will hit theaters on June 12, 2015.

First Trailer for JURASSIC PARK 3D

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The first trailer for the 3D re-release of Steven Spielberg‘s 1993 classic Jurassic Park has been released.  The trailer makes great, playful use of John Williams‘ iconic score and drums up a major dose of nostalgia.  Whether 3D is your thing or not, it’s gonna be incredibly hard to pass up seeing Jurassic Park on the big screen again once this thing returns to theaters.  Even though it’s been 20 years, the effects actually look like they hold up pretty well (thank you, Stan Winston), and Jeff Goldblum‘s dry delivery remains spot-on.  Hold on to your butts.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  The film stars Sam NeillRichard AttenboroughLaura DernJoseph MazzelloAriana RichardsWayne Knight, and Samuel L. Jackson.  Jurassic Park 3D hits theaters on April 5th, 2013.

TOY STORY and TOY STORY 2 Blu-ray Reviews

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It was less than fifteen years ago that Toy Story debuted for the Holiday season of 1995. At the time Disney was taking a chance with an entirely computer animated film, especially after their amazing resurgence and recent run of cel animated films – they were only a year off of The Lion King. Now, Pixar essentially runs Disney animation and cel animation is the experiment – completely out of fashion in part due to Disney ruining the brand name (and to some extent DreamWorks making equally mediocre films). But you can’t blame Pixar for being good, and it was the wild success of the Toy Story films that helped cement their legacy. They tell the story of Woody (Tom Hanks), a cowboy doll who is ousted from his position as the sole favorite toy by Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), and how the two go on an adventure in the real world. The sequel has the duo facing a toy kidnapper (Wayne Knight), who wants to send Woody to Japan with the toy line he originally came from while Woody confronts his own mortality. My review of Toy Story and Toy Story 2 on Blu-ray after the jump.

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