Over 100 Images From the iam8bit Entertainment System Gallery Show; Features New Work From 80 Artists Including Mark Englert and Olly Moss

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Do you like video games?  What about cool art?  If you answered “yes” to either question and live in Los Angeles, I know what you should be doing tonight.  iam8bit is opening their newest gallery show, and it’s a videogame-themed art extravaganza featuring the work of a variety of returning and first-time artists inspired by classic 1980’s videogames.

Last night iam8bit held a small preview, and I stopped by as the doors were closing to take pictures of everything on display.  As you’ll see after the jump, the show is loaded with some great stuff from 80 artists like Mark Englert, Olly Moss, Aled Lewis, DKNG, JC Richard, Phantom City Creative, We Buy Your Kids and many, many more.

Limited Paper: Mondo Drops Their Latest Vinyl Soundtrack, POLTERGEIST, on the 22nd

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For awhile now, Mondo’s been keen to get into the vinyl game.  Over the past year, they released soundtracks for The Beyond and The Deadly Spawn, and last March they announced that a vinyl version of the glorious Drive soundtrack (overseen by Cliff Martinez) was in the cards (we expect that one any minute now).  Well, the time’s come for their latest vinyl release, this time a soundtrack for the classic 80’s haunted-house flick Poltergeist.   Featuring new artwork from the Australian super-duo known as We Buy Your Kids,  you’ll be free to pick up your very own copy tomorrow afternoon.  See pictures and learn more after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper: Mondo Releases Another Round of Posters from We Buy Your Kids’ TINA’S MOM’S BOYFRIEND

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A few weeks back, Mondo opened up Tina’s Mom’s Boyfriend (and that, my friends, is the best ten-word opening to an article ever), the last Mondo Gallery show of 2012.  The event was a WTF-explosion designed entirely by the Australian duo known as  We Buy Your Kids, and—as expected—the reaction to the prints that debuted at that show has run the gamut from “unconditional love” to “this poster has given me nightmares”.  A few days after that opening, Mondo released a few of the show’s prints online…and tomorrow, they’ll release a few more.  See ‘em after the break, folks.

Limited Paper: Several Prints from the WE BUY YOUR KIDS Show at the Mondo Gallery Dropping Tomorrow

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Over the weekend, we brought you some exclusive video from Tina’s Mom’s Boyfriend, the latest (and, for 2012, the last) show at the Mondo Gallery in downtown Austin, TX.  The event—composed entirely of prints and wall-murals painted by the Australian duo known as We Buy Your Kids—was the strangest, most divisive show to hit the Mondo Gallery yet, an explosion of bizarro posters that’s been the subject of debate amongst poster collectors ever since.

And now it appears that Mondo isn’t wasting any time putting some of these prints into the hands of interested buyers:  tomorrow morning, a select number of prints from that show will be dropping online via the Mondo store.  Wanna find out which posters are dropping, how much they’ll set ya back, and which one can be purchased in t-shirt form?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper: Mondo and WE BUY YOUR KIDS Team Up for TINA’S MOM’S BOYFRIEND; Awesome Weirdness Ensues

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Last night, the Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas threw open the doors on their final gallery show for 2012, and—as expected—it was about as fitting an end to the Mondo Gallery’s first year in operation as anyone could have imagined.  Tina’s Mom’s Boyfriend—a show composed entirely of creations from the mighty Australian-based team known as We Buy Your Kids—was a celebration of the bizarre, a colorful explosion of “WTF?!” that (from where Limited Paper’s standing) courageously refused to offer up anything even remotely obvious, safe, or easily-digested.

Infinitely stranger than this summer’s Adventure Time showcase and twice as inexplicably disturbing as Jay Shaw’s Don’t Go Out Tonight, Tina’s Mom’s Boyfriend is certain to be remembered for being the Mondo Gallery’s most divisive show (in 2012, anyway).  Wanna know what we thought, hear a few interesting tidbits about a few of the featured prints, and see a video walking tour of the entire show?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper: Mondo Announces TINA’S MOM’S BOYFRIEND, Fernando Reza’s MYTHIC BEASTS TRAVEL POSTERS, Justin White’s RATED G, and More!

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We’ve got a ton of stuff to get through in Limited Paper today, including a look at Mondo’s next big gallery show (featuring artwork from Australian duo We Buy Your Kids), FroDesignCo’s series of Mythic Beasts Travel Posters (featuring Limited Paper’s spirit animal, the Chupacabra), Gallery1988’s Rated G (featuring work from Justin White), and—because why the hell not—we also need to provide an update on our latest contest/giveaway while teasing the next one.  Phew.  Bring a bookmark and meet me on the other side of the jump, my fellow poster junkies.

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