Adam Predicts the Oscar Nominees

     January 14, 2015

Boy, this one snuck up on me.  It’s already time for the Oscar nominations to be announced, which means it’s time to settle on some predictions.  This has been an odd year in many ways, especially with regards to Best …

Wes Anderson Says His Next Film Might Be Stop-Motion

     November 10, 2014

Filmmaker Wes Anderson has solidified himself as a director with a very distinct style, which is not something that many directors can say.  He continues to evolve for sure, but as evidenced by Moonrise Kingdom and The Grand Budapest Hotel, …

FANTASTIC MR. FOX Criterion Blu-ray Review

     March 30, 2014

Few filmmakers are better suited to the world of stop-motion animation than Wes Anderson.  The director has fine-tuned his visual aesthetic over the course of his career, bringing quick and stable camera movements, gorgeous set designs, and specific yet vibrant …

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