WHITEOUT Blu-ray Review

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Immediately, the premise of Whiteout, the 2009 thriller based upon Greg Rucka’s graphic novel of the same name, is both intriguing and exciting; a U.S. Marshal hiding from her personal demons in the most isolated place on Earth, Antarctica, stumbles upon a dead body out in the middle of the frozen wilderness, becoming embroiled in the first homicide investigation in the history of the continent. While the promise of the concept is in many ways delivered upon, the resulting film leaves some things to be desired. Read the rest of my review of the Kate Beckinsale vehicle after the jump.


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Whiteout refers to a weather condition in which snow and clouds produce a uniform whiteness, making visibility and objects difficult to see.  A lack of vision is also aptly suited in describing this far-fetched murder mystery starring Kate Beckinsale.  My review after the jump:

Weekend Box Office – Tyler Perry’s I CAN DO BAD ALL BY MYSELF Leads a Slow Weekend with $24 Million

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I admit it: I never see Tyler Perry coming.  The writer/director who has watched six of his eight feature films open at number one at the domestic box office always sneaks up on me somehow.  So while I was busy watching “Inglourious Basterds” crawl past $100 million this week, Perry’s latest Madea-melodrama had an unchallenged run at the top spot once again.  Meanwhile, other new releases like the Kate Beckinsale thriller “Whiteout” had less success finding a fanbase, leaving “I Can Do Bad” to rack up $24 million for Perry’s third-highest opening to date.

Title Weekend Total
1 I Can Do Bad $24,000,000 $24,000,000
2 9 $10,900,000 $15,264,000
3 Inglourious Basterds $6,546,000 $104,309,000
4 All About Steve $5,800,000 $21,812,000
5 Final Destination $5,500,000 $58,258,000
6 Sorority Row $5,268,000 $5,268,000
7 Whiteout $5,100,000 $5,100,000
8 District 9 $3,600,000 $108,517,000
9 Julie & Julia $3,300,000 $85,360,000
10 Gamer $3,150,000 $16,120,000

Kate Beckinsale Exclusive Video Interview – Kate talks WHITEOUT, UNDERWORLD, LAST DAYS OF DISCO

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When you sit down to do an on camera interview, you never know what’s going to happen. You can walk in with great questions and leave with the worst interview. Or, sometimes, you can get a fantastic interview when you least expect it. And that’s what happened when I sat down with Kate Beckinsale for her new movie “Whiteout”. For some reason, I got a lot of extra time with her, so not only did we talk about making “Whiteout”, we also talked about her last film “Nothing But the Truth”, “The Last Days of Disco”, “Underworld”, and a lot more. It’s a great interview that’s absolutely worth watching. Take a look after the jump:

Alex O’Loughlin and Gabriel Macht Exclusive Video Interview WHITEOUT

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Interviewing two people at the same time is hard. The reason is, when you’re interviewing just one person, you can focus all your energy and questions on that individual. But when you have two people ready and willing to answer questions, you’ve got to come up with stuff they both can talk about and you never know if they’re going to play off each other. Sometimes you only have the time to ask one question because they’ll keep going on and on. Trust me, it’s a challenge. Thankfully, when I sat down to speak with Alex O’Loughlin and Gabriel Macht for their new movie “Whiteout”, not only did they play off each other quite well, we had enough time to ask some individual questions. So if you’re curious what making “Whiteout” was like and what they have coming up, take a look at the interview after the jump.

Also, since it’s not online, Gabriel revealed that he’s been cast in Edward Zwick’s new film “Love and Other Drugs” opposite Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Kate Beckinsale talks UNDERWORLD 4

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Just an hour ago I participated in a press conference with part of the cast of “Whiteout” and producer Joel Silver. Since Kate Beckinsale is the lead in “Whiteout”, it was the perfect time to ask Kate about returning to the popular “Underworld” franchise. But according to Kate, reports of her returning for a 4th film are premature as she told us, “as far as I’m concerned it’s just a rumor.” More after the jump:

Producer Joel Silver is Developing SWAMP THING in 3D!

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Just an hour ago I participated in a press conference with producer Joel Silver for his new movie “Whiteout”. While Joel has a ton of projects in development on his IMDB page, he talked about a new one today. When he was asked about his thoughts on 3D and would he want to make any of his movies in the format he said, “I’m developing a picture now that I’d like to do…I’ll hopefully do Swamp Thing, which is a movie we’ve had for a long time. We think that would be great to do in 3D. There are a couple of projects I’m thinking about (for the format) but not everything.”

When the press conference ended, I managed to get another question in and I asked him if there was any truth to the Wachowski Brothers being involved in “Superman”. It’s after the jump:


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Warner Bros. has released a preview of their upcoming 2009 movies. In the preview, they’ve got updated synopsis’ along with new images from “Whiteout”, “Ninja Assassin”, “The Invention of Lying”, “The Informant!” and a few others. So if you’d like to see the new images and read what’s coming later this year (it’s a lot of great stuff), it’s all after the jump:

WHITEOUT Movie Trailer

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kate_beckinsale_whiteout_movie_image.jpgAfter an eternity of waiting, director Dominic Sena’s “Whiteout” finally has a trailer. If “Whiteout” sounds familiar, it’s because the film was promoted at Comic-Con a long time ago and it was supposed to be out last year. It’s one of those films that magically disappeared from the schedule and all of a sudden, it’s back on.

That’s never a good thing.

Saying that, I love the voice over in this trailer. It’s like it was made in the 70′s. And while the film might not win any awards for Best Picture, with Kate Beckinsale as the lead, I’m curious. Take a look at the trailer after the jump.

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